Wide Possibilities Of The Dual Gas And Induction Cooktop: Models, Functions, Material

Wide Possibilities Of The Dual Gas And Induction Cooktop: Models, Functions, Material.

The combined hob allows you to simultaneously use economical gas and reliable electricity in your kitchen. In addition, the extended functionality of such stoves is ideal for culinary experiments.

Modern kitchens have long been using built-in appliances in their interior. It has many advantages over free-standing devices. Firstly, the space looks more organic with it, and secondly, the built-in appliances make the kitchen more functional and much more convenient, and also greatly simplifies daily work.

The hob is an integral part of the kitchen. It can be gas, electric, or induction and come in a variety of surface materials, designs, colors, and functions. However, there is another type of surface – a combined hob. It is not as widespread as the others, but it has no less positive qualities.

A feature of the combined panel is the presence of both gas and electric burners in one device. It is convenient for homes with frequent power outages, as well as where there is a gas pipeline. Some models have electric and induction cooking zones for faster cooking. The installation of combined panels in the worktop does not present any particular difficulties and it happens like a conventional hob.

Wide Possibilities Of The Dual Gas And Induction Cooktop: Models, Functions, Material

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Advantages of the dual gas and induction cooktop

In terms of functionality, the combined hob practically does not differ from the usual one, powered by gas or electricity. When choosing it, you must rely on the following characteristics:

  • Surface material. A wide selection of combo panels is presented both in the usual metal version and in glass-ceramic.
  • Functions. The panels have many useful programs: from gas control to electric ignition.
  • Hotplates. Possibility to select the types and number of burners.
  • Convenience of management.
  • Connection type. Combopanels, like ordinary ones, can be dependent and independent. That is, it can be installed only together with the oven or separately from it.

Are mixed fuel hobs any good

The main advantage is the ability to cook on both gas and electric burners. Gas is suitable for quick cooking, and for the dish to “come through” it is enough to leave it on the cooling electric burner. This technique is very convenient in everyday life and economical. Almost every well-known manufacturer of household appliances has such models in stock.

The surface material of the dual gas and induction cooktop

The combined hob can have three types of surfaces, which differ in material:

  1. Enamel coating. The most familiar and economical model of the hob is made of metal with an enamel coating. Such products are durable and safe if properly cared for. Unfortunately, the enamel is not very easy to clean, if you use abrasive detergents and powders on the surface, scratches will quickly appear, which will make the appearance unattractive. In addition, such panels are afraid of strong impacts and fall of heavy objects, which will inevitably lead to chips and cracks on the surface.
  2. Stainless steel. Combined stainless steel panels are not as whimsical as enameled ones, but they also require some personal care. For example, to keep the hob appealing, you need to regularly wipe it free from splashes of grease, water, and fingerprints. If you use metal brushes and aggressive cleaning agents, then scratches will remain on the panel, into which dirt will subsequently clog.
  3. Glass-ceramics. Such panels are considered the most modern, stylish, and attractive, moreover, easy to use. The glass-ceramic combination panel is reliable and durable. It is not easy to scratch and is durable enough if not subject to drops and strong shocks. When using special detergents for the care of glass ceramics, the combined hob will serve for a long time and retain its attractive appearance.

Gas models of the dual gas and induction cooktop

Popular among buyers is the combined hob, which has gas and electric burners in the design. Thanks to her, you cannot worry that households will be left without food if, for some reason, there is an interruption in one of the types of supplies. At the same time, cooking will be quick and easy, since the burners complement each other.

Gas models of the dual gas and induction cooktop

Also, the dependent type of gas panels and electric ovens is in no less demand. This is due to ease of use since electric ovens are more suitable for baking, and stewing, cooking and frying is easier, more comfortable, and faster on gas.

The most modern solution is glass-ceramic models, which combine both gas and electric burners. These products can be found on many brands, for example, Kaiser, Electrolux, Hotpoint-Ariston, etc.

Electrical panels of the dual gas and induction cooktop

Such panels can be combined not only with gas but also with many other solutions. The modern home appliance market offers models of various configurations, convenient to use and highly functional. For example, models with a combination of electric and induction hobs are popular hobs. Similar models are found in the brands Bosch, Zanussi, Hotpoint-Ariston, etc.

This combination hob has the following advantages:

  • super-fast heating of induction burners;
  • the presence of timers;
  • heat preservation mode;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • child protection and other functions.

Functional of the dual gas and induction cooktop

If the choice is made in favor of the combined model, you should take into account some of its features, and also know what advantages its appearance in the kitchen will bring:

  1. When purchasing a combo panel, you will have to replace the existing cooking utensils. Pots and pans should have a fairly thick bottom.
  2. Gas burners should be equipped with a special cast-iron grid for cookware, which is more robust and durable. In addition to gas burners, induction burners can be preferred. Although they are more expensive, they are much more convenient to use, since they consume less electricity and do not allow getting burned on the surface. This is true for any family, but especially where there are small children.
  3. The combined hob can have both mechanical and touch control. The first is considered more reliable in conditions of frequent power surges. And the second is more modern and easier to maintain since such a panel is easier to wash.

When choosing a hob, you should also pay attention to the location of the power switches. They should not be too close to the burners, so as not to heat up during operation and quickly fail.

 Among the useful programs of the combined hob are the following:

  • Many models have a Stop & Go function, thanks to which it is possible to set all the operating zones to keep warm.
  • If boil-off protection is present, the burner will shut off when milk and other liquid escape.
  • For gas models, the gas control function is relevant, which will turn off the device if for any reason the fire goes out.
  • Do not forget about the child lock function, timer, clock, and electric ignition. All of them will be very useful in the kitchen.

Features of the operation of the combined hob

Once you have a combination model, you will have to get used to the nature of each type of burner and discover its possibilities. But these chores are pleasant rather than burdensome. If you have already dealt with each type of stove, then you can easily figure out the control panel. By the way, the designers try to preserve the characteristic control option for each type of heating: sliders or a touch panel for induction, rotary switches for gas, and traditional electric burners.

Features of the operation of the combined hob

Experienced housewives rarely have the question of how to care for the hob, because it is quite obvious that the equipment must be kept clean. When cleaning, the type of surface must be taken into account. Glass-ceramics and tempered glass do not tolerate the use of abrasives. They can only be wiped down with soft cloths to which a liquid or creamy product has been applied that easily dissolves grease and other contaminants. Glass ceramic surfaces only look good when they are regularly cared for. If you have chosen a glass-ceramic hob, it is best to wipe it down after each use. It will take a couple of minutes, but the working area will not have to be washed for a long time during general cleaning.

Enamel and stainless steel are more durable, but wire mesh is not for them. Of course, the stainless steel can be polished, but it is much easier not to scratch the shiny surface. Special products are available for the maintenance of stainless steel and enamel surfaces. It is very simple to use them: apply, wait a few minutes, and then wash them off with a cloth or sponge along with dirt.

For enameled hobs of the combined type, you can also apply grandmother’s methods. A heavily soiled surface is sprinkled with soda and poured with boiling water. After the water has cooled, the films from the fat easily come off.

Most buyers never think about how to cook on a hob with different types of burners. Meanwhile, there are some tips that you might find helpful. It is convenient to use residual heat on traditional “pancakes” – this way you can save a lot since the hob will consume less energy. After spending a few minutes, you can determine how long it takes for the hotplate to cool down completely, and turn it off a little earlier. The second rule is not to turn on both electric burners at full power, so as not to create excessive load on the network.

Another rule is to try to use pans of the diameter for which the burner is designed. The exception is hi-light heating elements with an expansion zone: two- and three-circuit ones are capable of independently adjusting to the diameter of the dishes. Sometimes this parameter can be set using the control panel.

Wide Possibilities Of The Dual Gas And Induction Cooktop: Models, Functions, Material

Wide Possibilities Of The Dual Gas And Induction Cooktop: Models, Functions, Material.

The combined hob, with all the complexity of the design, is quite easy to use and can bring undoubted benefits to the daily cooking process. Such products are made in a variety of designs, have a variety of programs, different surface materials, etc. Thanks to the ability to combine burners of different types in one model, the hob will fit into any interior and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer.

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