Which Is The Best Pizza Maker To Buy?

Which Is The Best Pizza Maker To Buy?

The word pizza maker is usually called a kitchen electric apparatus for baking homemade pizza. This uncomplicated device simplifies the process of baking at home an Italian dish that is loved by Russians, as well as many other dough products.

Which Is The Best Pizza Maker To Buy?

The device and principle of operation of a pizza maker

It consists of two leaves, which are a lower round baking sheet and a lid of a suitable size and geometry, hinged on one side and having a latch-lock on the other.

Heating elements are built into both doors of this design, so the pizza baking process takes on a 3D format (evenly and from all sides). The outer casing of the device can be made of heat-resistant plastic (a more budget option) or stainless steel for more advanced models.

The inner surface of the trays has a non-stick coating, which makes the process of cooking and subsequent cleaning more comfortable. The quality of the device itself is determined, among other things, by the quality of this coating. The good non-stick properties of the shutters allow you to cook almost oil-free and last longer.

Most pizza makers can set the temperature and cooking time thanks to the built-in timer and thermostat. Some models have preset cooking programs for popular dishes. There is usually an indicator on the body of the device that shows whether the cooking process is in progress or not, in cooler models and residual heat.

The closed, rather tight space inside the appliance ensures the distribution of energy inside. This way, even when closed, the cakes are baked evenly and do not burn.

Are pizza makers worth it?

A pizza maker is a reliable and convenient device for baking pizza: easy and fast, everyone can do it! With its help, it will become much easier to cook everyone’s favorite dish at home. Pizza makers are produced by different manufacturers of household kitchen appliances, let’s see what kind of devices they are.

Non-stick top and bottom panels allow you to use less oil or no oil at all, significantly reducing the calorie content of homemade baked goods.

A built-in timer and indicator light make cooking easy. Also, the devices usually have a special compartment for storing the cord: the device is relatively compact, it is easy to store it when not in use. But, as practice shows, it is used constantly!

The edges of the dough at the sides of the pizza must be lifted, do it manually, otherwise, the cheese will inevitably leak and burn.

This appliance is a relatively deep electric frying pan with two-sided heating and a timer. Bakes very well and evenly. There are two heating elements, one under the bottom, the other in the lid, timer (switch). A very simple device.

The device bakes pizza great! The dough can be yeast or unleavened, the pizza will be baked in about 10-20 minutes. Very tasty, fast, convenient. Easy to clean. Cooking pizza is more convenient than in the oven. Does not burn, ready-made pizza can be easily removed from the device.

The temperature in pizza makers is far from always regulated, but this is not necessary, everything is well calculated here, it is baked as it should.

The pizza turns out really like in a pizzeria (and not “homemade”, like from the oven) – with a thin base, and the device is very simple to use, even children can cook with it.

The pizza bakes perfectly both on yeast and yeast-free dough, you don’t even need to grease it with butter. Roll out the dough, put it in the oven, add the filling … 20-25 minutes – and you’re done. And the next pizza, if you put it in a still-hot oven, the device will bake faster.

Pros: You can cook without oil, and the dough does not dry out when baking, unlike a conventional oven.

What a pizza maker can do?

From the name, it becomes clear that this miracle of technology prepares pizza. As it turned out, the functionality of the pizza maker is much wider. For the preparation of some dishes, this device can fully replace a conventional oven. It has the following advantages: it cooks faster due to the smaller internal space, it uses less energy for the same reason.

What a pizza maker can do?

The pizza maker can easily cope with the following dishes:

  • meat (steak or, for example, stuffed chicken breast);
  • omelet;
  • popular among those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle;
  • cutlets;
  • pies of all kinds;
  • biscuits and cake layers;
  • pizza and hot sandwiches;
  • baked potato.

Some models have a “fry” option. For its implementation, the upper heating element is turned off, the cooking process takes place with the lid open. The advantage of the frying pan is that heating occurs over the entire working surface.

What is the difference between a pizza maker and an oven?

The first difference is the lack of preheating. The oven must first be “unheated” to the operating temperature and only after that, the fully assembled workpiece can be placed in it.

The bottom flap of the pizza maker is the baking sheet on which the dish is going. Only then does the device close and turn on. This saves energy significantly.

The second difference is that the pizza maker consumes energy only to warm up the volume of the product, while the oven warms up more of the hot air around the pizza.

Important criteria for choosing a pizza maker for the home

The models of pizza makers presented on store counters are similar in principle, but differ in design and technical solutions, and, accordingly, in price.

  1. The depth of the models may differ, as well as the quality of the materials used. In addition to pizza, closed cakes, casseroles, and many other dough products can be baked in an appliance with metal worktops of sufficient depth. The natural stone surface is ideal for baking pizza.
  2. Models differ in terms of power: it varies within 1000 – 1800 watts.
  3. Not all models can be equipped with a temperature controller. The timer makes it easier to select suitable baking conditions.
  4. It is good when the cover of the device is pressed firmly or snaps into place. Otherwise, there may be cases of raising the upper flap, leakage of the dough onto the body of the apparatus.
  5. Pay attention to such parameters as the thermal insulation of the case, the presence of rubberized feet, a compartment, or a device for storing the network cable.

To buy a high-quality and inexpensive electrical appliance that will become a reliable assistant in the kitchen, it is useful to read customer reviews.

How to use a pizza maker?

It is not difficult to cook pizza using an electric appliance, it is enough to adhere to the following algorithm.

  1. Prepare the dough (knead yourself or defrost the store semi-finished product) and roll it into a layer.
  2. Cut pizza ingredients into slices and rings, grate hard cheese.
  3. If desired, you can grease the work surface with oil (if it is not made of natural stone).
  4. Spread a layer of dough inside a round shape, grease it with ketchup or tomato paste, then lay out the filling and cover with cheese crumbs.
  5. Close the door of the pizza maker and turn on the device.
  6. At the end of baking (15-20 minutes depending on the model), carefully remove the finished dish using a wooden spatula.

Which Is The Best Pizza Maker To Buy?

The options for the filling can be very diverse: onions, tomatoes, and pickled cucumbers, as well as mushrooms, olives, ham, smoked sausage, and bacon.

It is important to note that the taste and appearance of the finished pizza depend on the quality and quantity of the cheese, its ability to melt and brown. Accordingly, the temperature regime is selected: for mozzarella cheese, for example, the optimal temperature is 570 °F – 660 °F.

Which Is The Best Pizza Maker To Buy?

If in a family all household members love pizza, casseroles, various pies, and other pastries, then a pizza maker is a device that can become a loyal assistant for the hostess. And which device is better to choose for home – the decision is yours.

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