When The Kitchen Is Small Use A Three-burner Gas Hob Instead Of The Standard

When The Kitchen Is Small Use A Three-burner Gas Hob Instead Of The Standard.

The three-burner gas hob is a great way to save a little space in your kitchen, but at the same time lose almost nothing in functionality. Especially if your work surface is small and you cook often.

Hobs are in great demand in modern interiors. This is not surprising, because they are easy to use, have a wide selection of design solutions, materials, and structures. A gas hob of an independent type can be located separately from the oven in any convenient place in the kitchen set for the hostess.

In spacious interiors, you can experiment with its design and dimensions, choosing a model that is more convenient for you, but this option is not suitable for small areas. In this case, you should provide compact products for three burners, which do not differ in functionality from standard panels but take up much less space.

Today, gas hobs have faded into the background in popularity, giving way to electric counterparts. Based on the reviews, this can be explained by a smaller number of functions and not so convenient operation, as well as a less spectacular appearance, like a glossy glass-ceramic surface. Gas models have no less positive qualities than electric ones. You just need to thoroughly approach the issue of choice, decide on the price category, material, and design.

When The Kitchen Is Small Use A Three-burner Gas Hob Instead Of The Standard

Is three burner stove good for the home?

Gas hobs have their advantages over electric models, among which the main ones are:

  • Price. Relative to the cost of an electrical product, the price of a gas one is noticeably lower, this is due to the production technology. In addition, this option is considered more profitable in operation, since gas in our country is cheaper than electricity.
  • The convenience of use. Gas-cooked food is considered tastier and healthier. Gas hobs allow you to smoothly adjust the temperature, quickly setting and maintaining the desired flame intensity in the burner.
  • Fast cooking. Using gas, the cookware heats up much faster and to a higher temperature than in electric models. The speed of cooking depends on this.
  • Attractive design. Modern models of gas surfaces are not inferior in appearance to electric ones. Products can be selected in a variety of colors and materials, including glass-ceramics.

When The Kitchen Is Small Use A Three-burner Gas Hob Instead Of The Standard

Like other household appliances, gas panels have several disadvantages:

  • Possibility of gas leakage. With a hob or hob, you must carefully monitor the gas supply and prevent it from leaking. Otherwise, it can lead to irreversible consequences.
  • Lack of environmental friendliness. Household gas contains various impurities that, when burned, can adversely affect health and the environment. The open flame of the fire burns out oxygen in the kitchen, which also does not add advantages to the gas surface. Also, after cooking, you can often find soot on the walls and bottom of the dishes.

Materials of the three-burner gas hob

A three-burner hob is typically 450 mm wide. It is suitable for a small kitchen, thereby saving space. For a family of two or three people, this option should be fine, but if there are more people, then you should choose the standard four-burner model. The dimensions of the hob directly depend on the number of burners. The most common technique is with four burners, but even in a large family, it is rare when all of them are used at the same time. Therefore, it is quite possible to do with three.

If the gas hob has sufficient power, the cooking process will not take longer than on a four-burner hob.

When buying, you should pay attention not only to the dimensions and design of the panel but also to the material from which it is made. It affects not only the appearance of the stove and the kitchen as a whole but also the durability and wear resistance of the equipment, as well as the complexity of its cleaning.

Enamelled steel of the three-burner gas hob

Enamelled steel of the three-burner gas hob

This is the most common and popular option for gas hobs. Enamel has a wide range of colors and is quite economical in comparison with other panels. Unfortunately, surface scratches and chips are not uncommon. Therefore, to maintain the attractive appearance of the panel, it should be used carefully and regularly looked after.

For cleaning, do not use aggressive detergents with a granular structure, hard metal brushes, and sponges. It is important not to allow heavy pots and other objects to fall onto the surface, so as not to get chipped, which then cannot be hidden in any way.

Stainless steel of the three-burner gas hob

Stainless steel of the three-burner gas hob

Stainless steel panels are considered no less popular than enameled ones. They look decent and can decorate the kitchen in a modern style. Their price is slightly higher than enameled models, but their performance is much better.

The disadvantage is the potential for scratches over time if the panel is not used carefully. You will also have to regularly remove handprints and dried splashes from water, which appear constantly on a stainless, and especially a glossy surface. You should not use abrasive substances for steel; it is better to use special household chemicals or folk recipes for cleaning.

Glass-ceramics of the three-burner gas hob

Glass-ceramics of the three-burner gas hob

These are the most expensive and stylish gas hobs. They look luxurious, with them any kitchen will become more refined and attractive. The material is not only beautiful but also has high quality and good performance. Glass-ceramic panels can be made in different shades. In addition to the classic black and white, they are found in browns, beige, milky and other colors.

The material requires careful handling. He does not tolerate chiseled shocks and other mechanical damage. But since the surface is perfectly flat and smooth, it is quite easy to care for glass-ceramics. True, you will have to purchase special chemicals.

If the choice is made in favor of a glass-ceramic panel, then you should also decide with the manufacturer. Everyone uses the same materials to make these items, so don’t overpay for the brand. The price can be higher only if the equipment is equipped with additional functions.

Location and type of burners of the three-burner gas hob

The three-burner hobs are quite compact, with a width of only 450 mm. But this does not prevent them from having a variety of designs and configurations. The gas surface can be square, rectangular, round, or elongated in the middle. When purchasing this or that model, you should check whether the necessary dishes are placed on all burners at the same time.

The hob burners can be arranged in a triangle or in the same row if the product has an elongated shape.

An important factor when choosing a panel is the type and size of gas burners:

  1. Grill plate. It looks like a grate with a hotplate underneath and is intended for cooking meat and vegetables without using oil.
  2. Double crown. It has one fire divider, with the help of which two circles of flame are formed.
  3. Triple crown. These are two splitters and three circles of fire, respectively. The advantage of such burners is the ability to cook food in the shortest possible time since heating occurs quickly and efficiently. The burners with two dividers are suitable for large quantities of food.

Location and type of burners of the three-burner gas hob

When choosing a modern gas hob for three burners, it is useful to study reviews of popular models and manufacturers, and also know what functions it may have. For example:

  • Lever or button-switch that blocks the gas supply to all burners at once with one press.
  • Swivel arms for electric ignition and flame level adjustment.
  • Blocking the gas supply if, for any reason, the electric ignition has not occurred.
  • Built-in timer.

The same hob can be used to combine burners of different sizes and designs. So, for example, the stove can contain standard, ultra-high-speed, auxiliary, and even multi-level burners.

Design and location for installation of the three-burner gas hob

After you have selected the desired model of the hob for three burners, you should choose a suitable place for it in the kitchen set. Experts say that from the point of view of convenience and ergonomics, the most acceptable location will be the area between the sink and the end of the headset. There must be a distance of at least 600 mm from the sink to the panel with a free worktop.

If the hob and oven are of an independent type, then they can be located in different places. When placing appliances close to other household appliances (above or below), a special false panel should be used to reduce the heating level.

All kitchen furniture and appliances must match the style of the interior. This also applies to hobs. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a wide selection of models made in various materials and colors, so you can easily find the one that suits you best. The gas panel can be in contrast to the tabletop, apron, and headset, be close to them or the same shade.

  • Steel plates are considered the most versatile and can be used in almost any interior.
  • Light furniture and natural wood worktops harmonize well with white enameled steel appliances.
  • In a high-tech kitchen, a black or white glass-ceramic hob, as well as a stainless steel model, will serve as a stylish element.
  • In classic interiors, it is better to use enamel or steel surfaces with cast iron burners.

When The Kitchen Is Small Use A Three-burner Gas Hob Instead Of The Standard.

The choice of a gas panel is a crucial step, therefore, this issue should be approached deliberately, focusing on customer reviews. When the kitchen is small, the compact three-burner model can be used instead of the standard hob. In terms of functionality and appearance, it is in no way inferior to four-burner products, but it allows you to save precious space and use it, for example, as a work plane.

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