What You Need To Know About Choppers For The Kitchen

What You Need To Know About Choppers For The Kitchen

For the workflow in the kitchen not to be a burden, many types of various household appliances have been developed. Thanks to such devices, cutting, shredding, and grinding products are carried out in a matter of minutes. One such modern kitchen device is the chopper. It can quickly grind vegetables, fruits, meat, and other ingredients.

We list the main advantages of using such devices:

  • it takes less time to prepare meals;
  • the device does not take up much space on the table;
  • all components are crushed more qualitatively;
  • food particles are not scattered around the kitchen, they remain in a closed bowl, which can be easily washed underwater.

What You Need To Know About Choppers For The Kitchen

Chopper and grinder – what is it?

The chopper is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. The device is a construction of several components: a top cover, a base with an electric motor (it is not available in all models), a plastic or glass bowl with a central axis, and a knife with two or four blades. Some models of choppers have a neck for adding products during chopping – this is a huge plus.

Everything works very simply: a knife is installed in the bowl, products are laid, after which all this is tightly closed with a lid. By turning rapidly, the blades cut the food into pieces, the size of which may vary, as they are cut randomly. The knife simply cuts everything that falls into its trajectory of rotation. As a result, some pieces are larger, while others are smaller. It should be noted that the longer the chopper runs, the smaller the pieces will be.

Clear Benefits of the chopper

Any hostess can give several reasons why it is desirable to have a chopper in the kitchen:

  1. Saving time and effort. The use of such a device greatly facilitates the work. In addition, it reduces the time required to process the selected products by several times.
  2. The quality of grinding. Due to the rhythmic rotation and the use of sharp steel knives, the chopper can easily handle a wide variety of food products. It equally evenly grinds, for example, frozen berries and nuts, garlic, and herbs.
  3. Compactness. The size of the chopper is so small that it doesn’t take much space to store it. This is especially true for modern small-sized apartments, in which the kitchen occupies just over six square meters. It can be put on a shelf or even in a drying cabinet. Yes, and while working on the table, it does not take up much free space.
  4. Easy to care for. The little helper is very easy to clean. To clean it, you just need to hold it under running water. In addition, it is made of modern sufficiently durable materials, which makes it possible to simply put it in the dishwasher.
  5. Sanitary condition of the premises. When manually cutting products, as a rule, they scatter in different directions. In the case of the chopper, all particles, without exception, remain inside the bowl.
  6. Nutritional value. During the cutting process, the products retain all the useful substances.

All these qualities once again emphasize the advantages of a smart miniature device.

Clear Benefits of the chopper

Are choppers suitable for making cocktails?

Some models of choppers have an additional emulsifier nozzle, which is perfect for making cocktails. But to get a more homogeneous and evenly chopped mass, it is still better to use a blender. He is perfect for this task.

Can you cook minced meat?

You can and even need to cook minced meat in a chopper. You will get chopped minced meat, which holds up much better when frying cutlets than what is obtained after a meat grinder. Before mincing the meat, it is important to remove all veins and cartilage so that they do not damage the mechanism and jam the shaft. The product itself must be cut into small pieces, otherwise, they will be crushed only partially.

Can a chopper grind coffee and sugar?

The chopper can be used to grind coffee beans if you don’t have a coffee grinder. There are models of grinders, which include an additional nozzle: a grinder specifically for grinding coffee and cereals.

But a chopper is not a coffee grinder, the result may not meet your expectations, and it is still preferable to use a device specially designed for this. The same goes for sugar. To get perfectly ground coffee or powdered sugar without large particles, it is better to use a coffee grinder.

How can you crush frozen foods and ice?

Powerful choppers with a pulse mode that allows you to grind products in batches with control of their uniformity, can chop frozen products and even ice. For this, it is better to choose models with four blades of knives.

Ordinary knives will quickly become dull, and ice pieces will be sharp. I recommend using a special additional nozzle, which is designed for crushing ice.

Where can I buy additional accessories?

In the event of a breakdown of any of the parts of the device, you must contact an authorized service center of the manufacturer’s brand. You can first consult about the purchase of components or their replacement in the support service or directly on the manufacturer’s website.

Which chopper to choose

Which chopper to choose?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the volume of the bowl and the material of which it consists. We select the displacement, taking into account what volumes of work we plan to perform.

For one or two people, compact chopper models with a bowl with a capacity of 0.5 liters or more are quite suitable. For a family of three or more, the best option would be a container with a volume of more than 1 liter.

At the same time, it should be remembered and taken into account that the nominal volume of the bowl is much less than the real one. This is since we do not load the products to the top, filling the bowl, but only to the maximum allowable level to ensure sufficient circulation of the knives to process the entire volume of products.

The bowls themselves are better to choose glass, not plastic. Of course, this increases the cost of the device, but the glass retains its smoothness and transparency and is more suitable for grinding solid products. Plastic is covered with small scratches over time, in which grease can accumulate.

An important nuance is the declared power of the device, the range of which can vary from 50 to 700 W, depending on the model. Low-power choppers up to 500 W are suitable for chopping boiled vegetables and fresh herbs, and devices with a power of 500–700 W are capable of processing solid foods, including frozen berries, raw meat, nuts. The highest performance is in shredders with high power.

What features are most useful

When choosing a multi-cut, you need to pay attention to the additional functions that the model is equipped with. Instruments typically have the following options:

Pulse mode. Intermittent grinding allows you to control the uniformity of grinding products. This mode is especially relevant for crushing ice or other solid ingredients. Expensive models have a separate pulse grinding control button, in cheaper ones it is done manually.

Overload protection. Two types of protection can be provided in electrical appliances: mechanical and electronic. The first type is a simple plastic gear that connects the motor and nozzle. When an overload occurs, it is destroyed and the motor stops. Electronic protection is triggered by a special fuse that cuts off the power to the motor when overloaded.

For fast grinding, the devices are equipped with a turbo mode, which allows you to process products at high speed.

Can the chopper be washed in the dishwasher?

As a rule, manufacturers do not recommend washing components in a dishwasher, especially if they are made of plastic. Even if the bowl of the chopper is glass, it is not always resistant to heat. Such details must be checked with the manufacturer and carefully read the instructions for use.

Maintenance of the device does not require any superhuman energy consumption. After use, it is enough to wipe the body with the motor with a cloth and wash the rest of the parts with water and detergent.

How to prevent burnout of the chopper?

Before using any device, it is very important to first read the instruction manual. Take this as your rule. Such a useful habit will help save not only money but also nerves.

The electric grinder is not designed to operate continuously for long periods. Usually, the instructions indicate how much the device can roughly work before it needs a short break to avoid burnout.

After several cycles of work with short pauses, it is necessary to turn off the appliance and let it cool down, after which you can continue to work.

What You Need To Know About Choppers For The Kitchen

To summarize: the chopper, despite its simplicity of design, can be very useful in the kitchen, especially if you have not yet mastered the technique of working with a real chef’s knife. In any case, this device will be an excellent assistant in preparing a variety of dishes and will greatly save your time when preparing a festive table.

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