What To Do If The Hob Is Damaged?

What To Do If The Hob Is Damaged?

If you visit any home appliance store, then they will show you what kind of glass hobs. The assortment is wide. And glass panels in terms of technical characteristics are no worse than gas and electric stoves.

It must be admitted that stoves with glass-ceramic hobs have become very popular. Users appreciate the fact that they have heat indicators. They also like that they are reasonably easy to use. In addition, caring for them is not difficult if you follow the rules. They also provide an opportunity to use space rationally.

The surface of the panels is flat and smooth. She, so fragile, can be cleaned of dirt without any problems. However, defects on it are quite possible. This is due to severe mechanical damage. They also appear when there is prolonged incandescence. The result is scratches and even cracks. The amount of damage is different. That is, cracks are subtle and occupy the entire surface area.

IMPORTANT! These defects are dangerous. They cause the device to malfunction. The incandescence temperature rises. The external data of the technique deteriorates. An increase in faults is possible, which destroys the glass-ceramic layer. And when an electric current passes through the stove, it can infect a person.

What To Do If The Hob Is Damaged

Why does damage appear on the hob?

For the manufacture of hobs (gas, electric, induction), glass ceramics and tempered glass are used. Each of these materials can be damaged by mechanical stress. Glass ceramics breaks down and cracks appear on the tempered glass.

If cracks appear on the hob, then this was preceded by the following factors:

  • Someone touched the surface of any objects sharply and strongly. This is possible, for example, when you drop a heavy saucepan. By the way, this is a fairly common reason due to which glass-ceramics break. In this case, the fault looks like a hole in the very center, where the impact fell. And the branching of cracks is also formed.
  • The hob is very hot because several hotplates have been operating at full power for a long time. As a rule, the appearance of a defect is accompanied by a crackle. And then it spreads out in different directions.
  • It also happens that on an incorrectly installed hob, a powerful voltage goes to the equipment and destroys the hob. Then cracks begin to appear in the central part. Then the defects diverge and form sharp corners.

IMPORTANT! Pinpoint damage is possible, say when a knife falls.

  • When you tear off the dishes that are stuck. In particular, when you put a saucepan or pan on a hob that is sticky and uncleaned. The heated dishes are glued and can only be torn off together with a glass-ceramic fragment.
  • Jam that has escaped or sugar syrup is difficult to remove from the stove. The heated sugar comes into contact with the surface and breaks into the structure of the glass-ceramic material. And when you clean the stove, the surface is damaged. This is how chips occur. And therefore it makes sense to purchase a special scraper. With its help, it will be possible to remove sugar when it is still liquid. And this should be done as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT! Plastic, which melts on a hot surface, behaves in the same way. When the plastic has frozen, it is necessary to turn on the stove to the lowest temperature, melt it and quickly remove it, armed with a scraper

If you are going to cook food, then use only those utensils that are serviceable. It should have a flat bottom. Pots and pans will crack and dent when used. They can damage the panel so that it will be scratched.

In some cases, cracks are a manufacturing defect, which is caused, for example, by the fact that the rules for assembling the model were not followed. Often, the surface is mounted very close to the edges, and when heated, it bursts.

Why does damage appear on the hob

IMPORTANT! We draw your attention to the fact that an additional source of risk for the hob is the use of those detergents that are unsuitable for this when cleaning them. For example, abrasive materials will severely scratch the surface. You won’t notice this damage by eye, but ultimately the damage will affect your work.

Remember that faulty appliances that are powered by electricity are dangerous for any application. There are safety rules that need to be followed:

  • Do not cook food on the panels if they are burst.
  • Use the approved hob cleaner.
  • Do not touch metal utensils with wet hands, as this may result in electric shock.
  • Do not engage in complex equipment repairs yourself. This can lead to a short circuit. If the warranty period has not expired for household appliances, then go to the service center.

What to do if there are chips or scratches on the hob?

The glass hob needs special care. Improper use leads to scratches on its surface. To get rid of a large chip or crack, it is best to replace the hob with a new one. There is no point in leaving with defects. After all, the integrity of the technique is violated, and the chip will very quickly become a large fracture.

If the damage is shallow, then they can be removed with your own hands. You can glue the panel yourself. Only for this, it is necessary to prepare a material that can hold the strength of glass-ceramics. It is he who does not allow cracks to spread further. And yet he will be able to withstand high temperatures.

Tools and materials:

  • Silicate glue.
  • Rubber spatula.
  • Slices of rectangular glass, approximately 4×9 cm.
  • Epoxy resin.
  • An aluminum plate, the size of which must be selected by the dimensions of the crack.

We present a step-by-step guide on how to glue a hob that has a crack or chip on it yourself, without the help of specialists:

  • Remove the panel and wipe it with a degreasing agent.
  • Lubricate the crack along the entire length with silicate glue.
  • We glue the reinforcing elements around the perimeter in those places where there are no burners. The rigidity of the structure is given using cut pieces of glass. It is better to glue them with silicone.
  • Fragments of glass ceramics, which are missing, are restored using epoxy resin. To do this, we make a simple fill instead of a chip.
  • Under the place where the surface is cracked, glue the aluminum plates.

IMPORTANT! Most often, it is silicate glue that is in demand, that is, clerical. We apply it along the entire length of the crack and at the same time add pieces of ordinary glass. When chipping, if there is not enough fragment, we use epoxy resin. The design should turn out to be reliable, although it will look unaesthetic.

We remove small scratches from the surface of the hob

We remove small scratches from the surface of the hob

There are many ways to get rid of scratches on the surface of the hob.

A solution of soda with water. It needs to be applied to a soft textile napkin and rubbed in a circular motion.

Remains should be wiped dry using a paper towel. The mixture should not be dry, otherwise, the process of removing scratches will end with some other defects appearing on the surface. And do not forget to unplug the appliance from the outlet before starting work.

The cream, which is designed for polishing metals, can be bought at any retail outlet that sells household goods. The agent is applied to cotton wool, the entire top layer is wiped with it, and the remains are wiped dry with napkins. 

IMPORTANT! Before polishing, we advise you to test the cream on a small area. This way you can determine how the material will react. Together with the cream, a brush with soft bristles is used.

If more serious defects appear, it is better to use the help of an experienced specialist. It makes sense to check the warranty period. If it has not yet expired, you need to take a photo of the damage and contact the service center:

  • After the inspection, the foreman summoned to the house will determine whether the surface needs to be repaired. This is what a photo is for – some specialists do not believe the words.
  • If the warranty has not yet expired, the surface is sometimes taken for examination. This is necessary to determine the cause of the breakdown.
  • If there is a factory defect or other reasons beyond your control, you need to change the glass-ceramics or replace the stove with a new one.

IMPORTANT! When the warranty period expires, you can contact a private company, and not a service center. Equipment repair technicians will identify the source of the defect and relieve you of it, but for a fee.

Can you use a smashed hob?

Do not use a cracked or broken hob. Glass ceramics are not resistant to pinpoint impacts, so make sure that no hard or sharp objects fall on them, as they can damage the glass-ceramics.

What To Do If The Hob Is Damaged?

If a crack has appeared due to a blow, when you are to blame for this, you will need to fork out. There will be repair costs or a new model.

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