What Is The Ideal Temperature For Refrigerator And Freezer

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Refrigerator And Freezer

For food to stay fresh and not spoil, the correct temperature in the refrigerator must be observed. We will understand the features of storage and placement of various types of products and how to correctly set and measure the temperature.

Achieving the optimal temperature in the refrigerator is important for the following reasons:

  • this will keep your products longer;
  • the correct microclimate will keep their useful and taste qualities;
  • it will prolong the life of your refrigerator;
  • reduce the frequency of the need to defrost the machine;
  • prevent unpleasant odors in the refrigerator.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Refrigerator And Freezer

How many degrees must be

Refrigerator manufacturers must adhere to technical regulations. The requirements apply to all devices, regardless of whether it is a regular refrigerator or with a No Frost system.

One of these standards is the ability to adjust the temperature regime. The consumer is allowed to set the desired values ​​​​in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments but within reasonable limits. Each model has a certain minimum and maximum.

The optimum temperature for a household refrigerator is +2 … +4 degrees Celsius. The optimum temperature for the freezer is -18 degrees.

However, the storage conditions of different products are different. To provide customers with the opportunity to store products correctly, following the requirements, refrigerators are divided into several zones, each of which maintains a certain temperature regime.

Important! That is, the temperature on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and the top will be different. Usually, manufacturers describe in detail in the instructions a list of products that are suitable for storage in a particular area.

As a rule, the instructions are very informative, accompanied by colorful pictures and images. Some brands, in an attempt to make life easier for customers, put images of products on drawers and shelves.

Distribution of cold in the refrigerator


Depending on the specific model, the temperature in this compartment can be from -6 to -28 degrees. A low value is used for blast freezing. The optimal value is -18 degrees.

Freshness zone

Such a zone is not present in all models, but only in the most expensive ones. This is a special place in the refrigerator where 0 degrees is maintained. Some manufacturers refer to this compartment as the “Zero Zone”.

Freshness zone

freshness zone

The zero zone is suitable for the short-term storage of meat, fish, sausages, cheeses, dairy products, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Other areas of the refrigerator

Top shelf

Here, the normal temperature is usually maintained in the range from +2 to +4 degrees. On the upper shelves, you can store eggs, confectionery, and convenience foods.

Middle shelf

The value in this zone is +3…+6°C. Ready meals are usually stored here: soups, sauces, borscht, main courses, etc.

Bottom shelf

According to the standards, the temperature here should be no more than +8 degrees, best of all – +6 degrees. Usually, vegetables are placed on the bottom shelf and in drawers, as well as any other products that do not need to be stored for a long time.

It must be remembered that the temperature in different places of the refrigerator may vary.

With the total temperature set to +4 degrees, it will look like this:

  • as a rule, the coldest place is near the wall in the upper part of the chamber (if you have a freezer on top). There will be from +2 to +3. Here you should store meat, fish, and semi-finished products from them, as well as other perishable products;
  • on the middle shelves will be in the region from +3 to +5 degrees. Here it is recommended to store “milk”, cold meats, sausages, cheeses, some fruits, bread, etc.;
  • At the same time, the warmest place in the refrigerator is the shelves on the door. Depending on the frequency of opening the refrigerator, the temperature in this place can vary from +5 to +10 degrees. It is best to put ketchup, mustard, sauces, and drinks in the door.
  • in the “freshness zone” the average temperature ranges from +5 to +8 degrees and has, one might say its microclimate. This creates the best conditions for storing herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

If the refrigerating chamber has not been opened for a long time, then the temperature inside it evens out as much as possible.

Product storage table

Different food products have different storage conditions. Thus, dairy products are stored at +2…+6˚С, eggs – +2…+4˚С, sausages – +2…+5˚С, vegetables – +4…+6˚С. Fish, meat, and seafood are stored in the freezer.

The temperature in the refrigerator should be as follows:


Temperature Shelf life

Meat (fresh)

+1 +3

up to 36 hours

Fish and seafood (fresh)

0+2 up to 48 hours


+2 +5

Max. 4 weeks

Ready meals

+2 +5 up to 5 days
Vegetables +4 +7

5 to 30 days

Milk optimal +4



+5 +8 (except exotic)

Many housewives know that, for example, it is better not to store bananas in the refrigerator, because. they may turn black there due to too low a temperature. The same goes for mangoes, passion fruit, pineapples and others.



up to 3 days

Cream confectionery

+1 +3

up to 72 hours

Ketchups, mayonnaise, sauces +3 +7

from 15 to 120 days

Product shelf life

In any case, we recommend double-checking the indicated expiration dates for each product on its packaging.

How to set the temperature in the refrigerator

All household models of refrigerators, depending on the control method, are of two types – electronic and mechanical.

How to properly regulate the temperature in a digital refrigerator

How to properly regulate the temperature in a digital refrigerator

Adjusting the temperature in refrigerators with a digital control type is not difficult. To do this, refer to the instructions and carefully study the buttons on the control panel.

Typically, in devices of this class, the temperature is controlled using the “+” and “-” buttons, which respectively means to add or reduce the temperature. The set parameters are displayed on a digital display. When you exit the setting mode, the display will show the actual temperature in the chambers.

How the temperature is controlled in the electromechanical refrigerator and freezer

In mechanical models, the temperature regime is set using a special wheel. By turning it in the desired direction, you can set the desired mode. As a rule, the regulator has several positions (from 1 to 7). They are marked on the regulator with numbers or dots, snowflakes (depending on the model). To find out what temperature corresponds to a particular position of the wheel, again refer to the instructions.

How the temperature is regulated in two-compressor models of refrigerators

In modern models of two-chamber refrigerators, 2 compressors can be installed, one of which is responsible for the operation of the freezer, and the other for the refrigeration. Such a device allows you to configure and control the operation of each motor separately: the temperature in the freezer and the refrigerator are set separately. Moreover, at any time you can turn off one compressor (for example, if you need to defrost the freezer), the other compartment will work normally.

The principle of setting is the same as in single compressor models, with the exception that you need to set up not one, but two regulators at once.

Features of temperature conditions in different brands of refrigerators 

Manufacturers, trying to provide even more convenience to the user, are introducing new technological solutions. In particular, according to customer reviews, the option that allows you to set the desired temperature for each shelf separately turned out to be very useful. What else did the producers please us with?


Liebherr refrigerators are renowned for their reliability and great functionality. The brand’s assortment includes many models with electronic control and separate adjustment in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Also in the technique of this brand, there are several special modes:

  • SmartFreeze – extra-fast and very high-quality freezing due to increased air circulation. In this mode, you can freeze a large amount of food very quickly.
  • CoolPlus – in this mode, the refrigerator adjusts to the ambient temperature.


This brand produces mainly models with electromechanical control. The regulator knob has a smooth switching from the “Max” to “Min” positions. The manufacturer recommends using the maximum mode if the ambient temperature is below +16 degrees. In rooms with a temperature of +25 degrees and above, it is better to use the “Min” position.


Another brand that uses predominantly mechanical adjustment. The regulator of such refrigerators has five positions, where the number five corresponds to the lowest temperature. In older models, an arrow may be applied instead of numbers. 


In Stinol refrigerators, two regulators independent of each other are usually installed. Each of them has five adjustment modes and an additional supercooling option.

Samsung и LG

In almost all models of recent years of production, the temperature in the freezer compartment and the refrigerator compartment is regulated separately. The brand mainly produces models with electronic control.

Initially, the refrigerator compartment is preset at 3 degrees. If you want to change it, press the Fridge button. Each click is one degree. The range of possible values ​​here is from 1 to 7 degrees.

Freezer control ranges from -14 to -25°C. The temperature is set in the same way.

Important! You can activate the quick freeze mode. It works for up to three days, after which the device will return to its original settings.


Refrigerators of this brand are regulated in the same way as Samsung. In these models, in addition to super-freezing, super-cooling can also be provided. In this mode, the device works for two hours, after which it returns to the original settings.

How to measure the temperature in the refrigerator freezer and the refrigerator

In refrigerators with a built-in thermometer or digital display, it is not difficult to determine the temperature in the chambers. This data is displayed directly on the screen. In the first case in the form of a scale, in the second – in numbers.

But this technique is much more expensive than conventional models with mechanical regulators. In addition, only refrigerators of the latest years of production are equipped with built-in thermometers.

Owners of refrigerators with a mechanical type of adjustment quite often do not even know what temperature is being set. After all, manufacturers usually write on regulators not temperature, but numbers or dots. It is for them that the user intuitively sets the desired value. And many don’t bother at all by setting the regulator to the middle position and using this mode throughout the entire period of operation.

They begin to sound the alarm when they notice that the products in the refrigerator freeze or, on the contrary, disappear. Of course, you can refer to the instructions to see what temperature corresponds to a particular position of the regulator.

You can measure the temperature in the refrigerator compartment yourself with the help of improvised means. To do this, take an ordinary thermometer and place it in a glass of water. After that, put it in the refrigerator.

How to measure the temperature in the refrigerator freezer and the refrigerator

Recommendations for taking measurements:

  • A refrigerator that is full to the top may show incorrect data. Therefore, before taking measurements, try to “empty” the refrigerator, leaving only the most necessary products in it.
  • Carry out measurements in a hermetically sealed compartment a few hours after turning on the household appliance. This is because after turning on the device for some time enters the operating mode. Accordingly, if you start measuring immediately, the thermometer will show overestimated values.
  • A glass of water and a thermometer should be placed on the middle shelf in the center. It is advisable not to rush and leave a glass with a thermometer for several hours. At this time, try not to open the door (this is easier to do at night or on a weekday).

Such manipulations with a thermometer are not suitable for a freezer. But unlike the refrigerator compartment, a difference in the freezer of several degrees is not critical and in most cases does not lead to food spoilage. But the temperature must be maintained at the same mark. It will also be useful to know to what indicators the temperature drops in the “super freeze” mode.

Refrigerator thermometer

As already mentioned, conventional thermometers will not work for this, but you can use outdoor ones. To get an idea of how well your refrigerator performs under extreme conditions, measure the temperature on the coldest and hottest day of the year.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Refrigerator And Freezer

The most terrible enemy of any refrigerator is a soup or roast that has not cooled down completely, for the safety of which the hostess (owner) worries more than for an expensive apparatus. The proper and careful operation, combined with the optimal temperature, will save your food, refrigerator, as well as your nerves and money.

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