What is an LG Door-in-Door refrigerator and is it worth it?

What is an LG Door-in-Door refrigerator and is it worth it?

Knock twice – look inside the refrigerator without opening it. Wonders? No. Reality! It is known that LG can surprise us by releasing new household appliances that satisfy the maximum of our needs. Innovative Door-in-Door refrigerators are what the modern world needs. Let’s take a look at the merits of the new device in our article.

No civilized family can do without a refrigerator. This household appliance entered our life back in 1803, and we are not ready to give it up. The competition among manufacturers is enormous. They produce different refrigeration devices: by size, color, number of chambers, with additional functions, etc. But LG was able to surprise by presenting its new product – Door-in-Door refrigerators.

What is an LG Door-in-Door refrigerator and is it worth it

What is a Door-in-Door refrigerator?

The name is translated from English as “Door to Door”. That is, in order not to open the refrigerator completely, the Korean manufacturer LG has found an interesting, innovative solution – a double door. For more frequently used food and drinks, there is a small space with shelves behind the first door.

The main plus of this novelty is that the main refrigeration section does not open, the cold does not come out from there.

What is an LG Door-in-Door refrigerator and is it worth it

2010 was marked by the premiere of a new refrigerator from LG – Door-in-Door. As you know, this manufacturer supplies the market with products that can improve the lives of people in their daily routine. It was LG that first patented and presented the technology with Door-in-Door technology (do not confuse with many door-to-door refrigerators from Samsung, Sharp, Haier, Whirlpool, which do not have Door-to-Door technology!). At the same time, two main types of refrigeration devices can be seen on the market: with and without a transparent front panel.

The glass built into the door of the refrigeration unit has a special composition, which makes it energy efficient. And the polarization function (light absorption) allows you to darken the glass, hiding the contents of the refrigerator from prying eyes. Why then glass, if you can’t see the products? The Koreans have thought of everything here: the built-in sensor reacts to a double knock, after which the light turns on, illuminating what is inside the door.

It is not worth describing how convenient the innovation of the glass door of the kitchen unit is. After opening the door, we need some time to find the right product. With the clear glass function, the problem can be easily solved. This technology is called InstaView Door-in-Door (don’t be confused with single glass door refrigerators here!). Thus, we get the formula:

The large refrigerator door does not open ⇒ the compressor does not work “at idle” ⇒ cold is not lost ⇒ food does not deteriorate prematurely ⇒ electricity is saved.

Since Door-in-Door refrigerators are premium appliances, the dimensions are impressive, referring to the Side-By-Side type. Translated from English, this term is translated as “Side by Side”, which applies to large multi-door refrigeration units with swing doors.

Currently, Door-in-Door refrigeration equipment from LG is purchased by users in 50 countries around the world. Almost all types of refrigeration devices are equipped with the Door-to-Door function: Side-by-Side, French Door, two-compartment with a lower and upper freezer compartment.

Advantages and disadvantages of LG Door-in-Door refrigerators

Like any appliance, LG Door-to-Door refrigeration units have their pros and cons. Each new model produced by any manufacturer is being improved taking into account the shortcomings of the previous one, as well as taking into account the requirements of users. Therefore, Door-in-Door refrigerators with a double door are a complex of a large number of advantages. But, unfortunately, one cannot do without drawbacks, of which this type of technology has very few.


  • Large volume of refrigerating and freezing chambers;
  • In models with a transparent front panel – turn on the light by double knocking on it;
  • 5-stage air filtration system, which reduces the number of bacteria, fungi, and also removes odors almost completely;
  • Low noise level (below 40 dB);
  • Energy savings of more than 30% due to the operation of the linear inverter compressor – energy consumption A +, that is, 438 kWh / year;
  • The Total No Frost function does not allow frost to form, so there is no need to defrost the refrigerator;
  • Maintaining optimal humidity in the compartment for storing vegetables/fruits due to the mesh upper surface of the basket;
  • Ability to connect to the device via a Wi-Fi network;
  • Locking the display, that is, protecting the settings of refrigeration equipment from children and other accidents;
  • In some models – the presence of a dispenser (cooler) for preparing pure water and ice;
  • Hidden handle – minimalism and nothing more;
  • Interesting modern design;
  • Steel does not leave fingerprints on the surface of household appliances;
  • Good warranty period – from 10 years.


  • The cost cannot please, because such a large, convenient, modern refrigerator with a double door is estimated at hundreds of thousands of rubles (the comparative characteristics of the models, including the price, are discussed below).
  • Due to the additional door, the inner refrigerator compartment has lost a little volume.
  • In models with a dispenser, the ice-making equipment is located directly inside the refrigerator compartment, taking up a certain place.
  • The dimensions of the refrigeration device can be not only advantage. Since the width is about 91 cm, this can be a problem for a small kitchen.

Characteristics of LG Door-in-Door refrigerators

Now let’s look at the functions of Door-in-Door refrigerators with a double door in more detail:


A large volume of chambers is achieved not only due to the size of household appliances created according to the Side-by-Side type, but also due to the removal of the internal vertical partition from the structure. And with the ability to rearrange baskets, shelves, and also due to the presence of small closed containers (compartments for small products) inside the refrigerator, food storage will become as convenient as possible.

Hygiene Fresh + filter

The Hygiene Fresh + air filtration system consists of 5 filters that prevent bacteria, fungi, and bad odors from appearing and growing in your refrigerator. You will forget about unpleasant smells from spoiling vegetables or defrosted fish. Effective antibacterial air treatment, which kills up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, works continuously. Fresh air – fresh food.

Noise level

Noise is the factor from which the modern world is gradually moving away. New models of household appliances are quieter and quieter, while quality and safety are only increasing. Door-in-Door refrigerators have a noise level below 40 dB, which is a very good indicator. And this is achieved through the use of improved technology. Fewer points of friction ensure a long, trouble-free operation of the linear inverter compressor, which LG provides a 10-year warranty.

Energy saving

Since 2010, on household appliances (and not only), the manufacturer is obliged to indicate the energy efficiency class. Currently, there are 7 main classes: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, which are assigned depending on the number of kilowatts consumed by the device. The higher the class, the more economically energy resources are consumed. At the same time, class A, which means a high indicator of energy efficiency, has additional classes: A +, A ++, and even A +++. This, in turn, means higher energy savings than class A.

Door-in-Door refrigeration devices from LG have an A + energy class. We add that the reduction in energy consumption occurs due to the operation of a linear inverter compressor, which favorably affects the service life, noise level, as well as reliability of equipment in general.

  It is important not to confuse a technological and efficient inverter compressor with a conventional reciprocating compressor, the operating mode of which is controlled by an inverter board.

Total No Frost System

Thanks to the Total No Frost system, cold air circulates inside all compartments, which prevents frost from appearing on the walls of the chamber. How does it work? Cold air inside refrigeration equipment is evenly distributed, “enveloping” every corner of the space with cold.

Honeycomb top surface in fruit / vegetable compartments

Thanks to the surface of the top cover of the fruit and vegetable drawer in the form of cells, a moisture balance is established. Moisture is collected in the cells, which prevents the formation of droplets from falling on the food. The honeycomb water droplets evaporate gradually, providing optimum humidity. Therefore, “tender” and demanding storage fruits/vegetables lie as long as possible, preserving vitamins.

In a door-to-door refrigeration device, the set temperature is constantly maintained, while the deviation between the upper and lower shelves of the chamber is minimal.


Wi-Fi and touch controls

The owner receives information about the state of refrigeration equipment (for example, if the door is left unlocked) via SMS notifications to his phone. It is possible to remotely control the temperature inside the refrigerator, as well as inside the freezer.

The refrigerator functions can be controlled both from the touch panel installed on the door and from the SmartThinQ application on the phone.

In addition to diagnostics, the owner of the refrigeration device can send information about the malfunction to the service center. Thanks to the Smart Diagnosis function, you can easily transfer household appliance data over the phone. Calling the hotline, bring your phone to the special icon on the refrigerator, turning on Wi-Fi. A service center specialist will be able to advise on problems or send an engineer to your home.

Folding shelves

Door-in-Door refrigerators allow you to place products of different heights on the shelves. Now you do not need to remove the shelf to accommodate a tall open bottle that has not found its place in the door. It is enough to fold a part of the shelf, and the problem will be solved. And easily rearranged sections with baskets will allow you to arrange them as it is convenient for you.

Slim SpacePlus Ice Making System

Some models of LG refrigeration units include a dispenser for preparing pure water and ice, which is available in two types: crumbs or large chunks. At the same time, the refrigerator independently monitors the volume of water passed through the filters and promptly advises you about the need to replace them.

Hidden handle

To increase reliability, the door of the refrigerator Door-to-Door is finished with stainless steel. The door handle (with the Easy Open button – “easy opening”), hidden from prying eyes, will emphasize the style and elegance of the appearance of household appliances.


Reviews of door-in-door multi-door refrigerators

Door-to-Door double-door refrigerators are made up of solid merits. But, like any household appliance, it has drawbacks. And what do the reviews of those who became the owner of a household assistant say?

The advantage of the new refrigeration device from LG, which was appreciated by the buyer, is the presence of a transparent panel on the first door. Now you can look inside the refrigerator compartment without opening the door. Frequently used products are kept in a small chamber behind the first door, which keeps the main chamber at the set temperature.

Is the Door-in-Door refrigerator so ideal? Some users point out the following disadvantages: often they have to take products not only from a small camera but also from the main one. It turns out that it is necessary to open both doors instead of one, as in classic refrigerators.

Another significant drawback is the price of household appliances. Not every buyer will be able to purchase a product for such a price.

What is an LG Door-in-Door refrigerator and is it worth it?

Let’s continue on the merits. Most users note the capacity and convenience of the arrangement of shelves, baskets of different sizes. Despite the impressive dimensions, Door-in-Door refrigerators look stylish, neat, strict in the kitchen. Also, users noticed that this household appliance works almost silently. At the same time, electricity is significantly saved. Wine lovers will appreciate the wide, comfortable wine rack that can hold up to 4 bottles. Isn’t that a luxury?

In the family of Side-by-Side refrigerators, a pleasant addition is the multi-door refrigerators with InstaView Door-in-Door technology. Unusual design, ease of use, smart and useful additional functions – LG specialists know how to surprise their customers and they do it all the time. Now, before you open the refrigerator and start examining its contents, simply knock twice. No one will open it to you, but they will be happy to show you the products that the kitchen assistant carefully stores inside.

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