What Is A Small Microwave?

What Is A Small Microwave?

A mini microwave oven is the most common microwave oven and differs from its counterparts in only a few basic parameters: dimensions, power, and energy consumption. Most often, small microwaves are chosen when it is necessary to fit the device into a small space in the kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at what this type of kitchen equipment is.

The principle of operation of small-sized microwave ovens is no different from the traditional one. This is the release of microwaves and their injection using a fan located in a special section (next to the food chamber). As the name suggests, in mini microwaves the emphasis is on the dimensions of the device with the maximum preservation of basic functionality. So, this type of device is conventionally divided into two types.

What Is A Small Microwave?

Microwaves solo

Everything is simple here: solo microwave ovens can only be used to heat food to a predetermined temperature since they have no other hardware features. This design simplification allows devices to be produced in a really small size. The use of such small-sized devices is relevant in office premises or if there are children (when it is necessary to warm up something very quickly, for example, drinks, juices, mixtures, etc.). For obvious reasons, for the sake of size, we had to sacrifice the pallet rotation system, however, to warm up a mug of coffee or a bottle of juice, it is not required.

Fully functional small microwave

This is a small microwave oven with a full range of functions. Such devices, in addition to the classic heating of food, can defrost food and bake dishes with a crust (grill function). Whether it will be convenient to use a tiny camera for defrosting, for example, meat, is a separate question, we will talk about it a little below. For small dimensions you will have to “fork out”, as a rule, devices with full functionality are much more expensive than their solo counterparts.

The rest of the differences will, one way or another, fall into one of these two types. Solo microwave ovens are cheaper, easier to maintain, and break less often due to their simple technological equipment. A variant with a more advanced filling is suitable for wider use, but it costs significantly more. In addition, its functionality is not always advisable due to some design constraints.

How to choose small microwave?

How to choose small microwave?So, having figured out what a small microwave is, let’s take a closer look at the features of choosing this kind of device. What should you pay attention to first of all when buying this device?

  1. It is necessary to determine what type of mini-microwave is needed for you: a solo microwave oven or a full-fledged device with additional functions. In many ways, the further purchase will depend on this.
  2. You need to understand that due to the limited dimensions, you will have to put up with certain design features. For example, the “defrosting” function in such devices may require a little more time, therefore, when choosing a mini microwave for yourself, you should consider this option rather as an additional one, and not as a basic one.
  3. A very important point, which in no case should be discounted, is the power of the device. The principle is simple: the more, the better, but due to the small size, you will have to pay more for such an increase in performance. If you are not embarrassed by the additional payment for compact dimensions, then you should choose a powerful device, this will save time spent on cooking.
  4. The volume of the chamber for products. As mentioned above, the smallest microwave oven has a volume of just over 8 liters. This is only enough to warm up a mug of coffee or brew a small bag of instant soup. If you plan to use the device only for preparing (heating) drinks, then 8.5 liters will be enough. If it is planned to cook dishes in the microwave (albeit the simplest ones), then the volume of the chamber for products should be much larger, 10-15 liters. However, the larger the volume, the larger the fan compartment will be, and accordingly, the dimensions of the entire device will grow, and this will reduce the overall advantages to almost a minimum. It is important to remember the appropriateness and balance of convenience and functionality.
  5. Length of the power cord. The smaller it is, the better. A mini microwave with a long cord will take up more space, moreover, due to insufficient weight, it may not fit snugly against the surface of the table (or shelf) on which it will stand. The shorter the cord, the better. If necessary, you can always use an extension cord.

What else to look for when choosing a small microwave?

The mini-format microwave oven is convenient to use, but it has several features, not knowing which you can greatly overshadow the joy of buying. When purchasing the device, pay special attention to the tightness of the door to the body. Due to their small size, the doors of some models may not close tightly enough, it will be better if this is found out before buying, so as not to resort to returning a faulty device.

As a rule, in addition to the protective screen, plastic from the most modern components is used in the doors of mini microwave ovens, which provide a sufficient level of protection. In budget solutions, the quality of plastic can be significantly lower. However, all devices entering the market undergo appropriate certification, therefore, purchasing a device, the buyer has the right to count on the required minimum. The malfunction can only be in the insufficient tightness of the door.

What Is A Small Microwave?

If the device has more than just a warm-up function, it is worth trying all the features in the first days of use to make sure they work.

Even if the “defrost” function does not cope with its task the first time, you should not immediately carry the device back to the store. In the case of mini microwaves, a banal setting of a higher temperature can help. However, one should not expect any culinary delights from a compact microwave oven, nevertheless, its main function is to quickly heat food.

What’s the smallest microwave made?

Perhaps the smallest microwave oven is the Beanzawave.

What's the smallest microwave made?

This miniature microwave oven can only heat a cup of coffee or tea, as its dimensions are only 188 x 157 x 150 mm. You can take the “baby” with you on hikes, trips. The model is simply irreplaceable for office workers.

It is connected to:

  • USB port;
  • 220 V adapter;
  • batteries.

She is also very stylish. What makes it so is the unusual rounded shape and beautiful bright turquoise color. Two of its technological advantages can be noted. The first is a protective screen, thanks to which the device turns off automatically when the door is opened. Second – this oven can select the level of microwave radiation for a specific product.

The Iwavecube Personal Microwave

What's the smallest microwave made?

Is another small microwave oven. Dimensions 25x26x30 cm. This personal portable stove weighs about 5 kg. It holds a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Maybe you shouldn’t take one on a hike, but it won’t hurt in a car.

What capacity is a small microwave?

The main criterion that should be followed when choosing a microwave of a small size is power. It determines the efficiency of heating food and the presence of many useful functions. The best examples of miniature microwave ovens reach 0.9 kW – this is enough for the full functioning of the grill and preparation of a dinner of three servings.

The exact dimensions of small microwave ovens

So, what can you say about the size of the microwave more specifically? What are they like? Words in words, but to determine the dimensions of the devices and whether it is worth filling an already cramped kitchen with them, clearer data is needed, even if we are talking about the smallest microwave ovens.

Most devices are on average 50 centimeters long and 50 centimeters long, and about 40 centimeters deep. The smallest of all devices with dimensions of 30 centimeters – are the most compact and lightweight. The volume of the inner chamber for this type of microwave oven rarely exceeds 16 liters, the diameter of the rotating saucer is 24 centimeters. In principle, such a device can even fit in a kitchen cabinet, not to mention a small area set aside specifically for a microwave on the table or the refrigerator.

What problems can there be with a mini microwave?

One of the most common operating problems is a malfunction in the control unit. The reason stems from the compact design: because space is saved, the parts are arranged more closely than in the conventional version. Due to close contact, a short circuit or burnout of some elements may occur.

It can also be caused by food pieces or moisture getting inside the case. But it cannot be said that this feature often appears in small microwave ovens. If this happens, then during the warranty period, and the device can be returned.

What Is A Small Microwave?

The reader only has to weigh all the pros and cons of buying a new compact-sized microwave oven and go to the store for it. And don’t forget the tape measure!

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