What Does The Blinking Light On The Freezer Compartment Of The Bosch Refrigerator Mean?

What Does The Blinking Light On The Freezer Compartment Of The Bosch Refrigerator Mean?

Bosch products are praised by many users for their reliability and unique quality. But this situation periodically occurs: a freshly unpacked and plugged-in Bosch refrigerator, which was purchased from a supermarket of similar household products, flashes the temperature indicator of the freezer compartment. What is the cause of this problem and how can I fix it?

What Does The Blinking Light On The Freezer Compartment Of The Bosch Refrigerator Mean?

Why is the Bosch freezer beeping?

All modern BOSCH models are equipped with various functions, and they are controlled by an electronic control unit. When a defect appears, the error information appears on the display, the indicator flashes, and a beep sounds. A blinking indicator and a squeak of a sound signal warn the user about the presence of some kind of malfunction in the refrigerator that interferes with the normal operation of the product:

  • a crack could appear in the cooling system, through which the neutral gas evaporates – it is necessary to eliminate the defect and fill the equipment with freon;
  • a frost coat or snow has appeared in the freezing chamber – it is necessary to defrost the device and wipe the walls dry with a clean, soft cloth;
  • the door does not close tightly – it is possible that a bulky saucepan is interfering or a sensor that informs the control unit that the door is closed is broken;
  • there are certain malfunctions in the defrosting system – it is necessary to carry out diagnostics and replace unusable parts;
  • a special board with built-in programs ordered to live a long time – a specialist is needed to install a new part;
  • an alarm is generated due to a thermostat failure, the nominal temperature in the chambers is not reached – the sensor must be replaced.

The sound signal will beep, and the indicator will blink – this is how the product complains about an abnormal situation, and sometimes tries to report more significant internal problems. In the attached instructions for operating the refrigerator, manufacturers describe in detail the error codes and their decoding, and we will analyze in detail the possible reasons for the failure of even such reliable equipment as Bosch brand products.

The temperature regime is violated

A Bosch two-compartment refrigerator can give out sound and light signals when the temperature in the chambers rises. With such news, the user should immediately make sure that it has become warmer than usual in the freezer, then it is necessary to find out the reason for such an increase.

All modern products begin to give a signal if you keep the refrigerator door open for a long time – for example, you come from the bazaar and put food on the shelves. Due to the leakage of cold air from the chamber, the device begins to beep about a malfunction: it cannot see that it is you who have not been closing the doors for so long.

A similar situation can occur if you load a lot of freshly purchased food that needs to be frozen into the freezer: this way the system informs you about an increase in temperature, and the refrigerator takes a certain time to restore the previous temperature.

There are models where in this case the door is locked: while the device is freezing food, the user will not be able to open the freezer.

First start-up

When you plug in a newly purchased Bosch refrigerator, light and sound signals are triggered, but this does not mean that a breakdown has occurred. Do not be intimidated and urgently turn off the product – the nominal temperature in the chambers has not yet been reached, so conscientious technicians are in a hurry to report a violation of the temperature regime.

Blinking of the indicator and a squeak may appear after a long period of non-use of household appliances for their intended purpose. You can turn off this concert, you just need to find the signal button, turn it off by pressing – after a while, everything will stop.

Door problems

Often, the product signals that there is a cold air leak due to a faulty door, there may be several options.

  1. The door is not tightly closed – cold air leaks through the slots, which is immediately reported by the product. It is necessary to carefully inspect the rubber of the seal around the entire perimeter, maybe the problem is due to a defect in the rubber. Check the arrangement of containers on the shelves – a protruding handle may interfere with the closure.
  2. In some cases, the direct fault of the rubber seal – over time it loses its elasticity, deformation occurs at the point of pressing against the refrigerator body. We’ll have to change the rubber seal.
  3. When closing, the button of the door close sensor is not pressed or is out of order. Long use of the button may not sink, so the system turns on all types of alarms, and there is no leakage – there is no contact. There are two options here: replace the faulty sensor or stick a small piece of rubber at the point of contact to make stable contact.

Door problems

You can fix minor defects on your own only after the warranty expires, otherwise, call the service, they will send a wizard who will quickly fix the problem, replace the broken parts.

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Cooling system

Light and sound signaling is activated if frost or a snow coat begins to grow in the chamber. To eliminate the annoying squeak, you need to remove all food from the refrigerator and unplug it.

Many models of Bosch refrigerators are equipped with the No Frost system, which allows the product to work up to 7 months without defrosting. If freezing still occurs, make sure that the temperature indicator is not at the maximum, if so, turn on the medium mode.

The quality of the freeze will not change much, and the sound and light signal will no longer disturb you. If, after such manipulations, the signals go, and the fur coat appears, urgently call the wizard to diagnose the cooling system.

Compressor breakdown

The heart of the technology is the compressor, which is periodically turned on to ensure proper operation. If it starts to turn on too often and works almost in a constant mode, there are some problems in its stable operation, which will be immediately reported by the indicator and a sound signal.

Carefully inspect the device: there may be a freon leak, in any case, you should not fix the malfunction yourself, it is better to entrust this matter to a professional. By your actions, you can harm so that you have to change this very important, very expensive part of the refrigerator.

Control Panel

The indicator may blink due to a minor malfunction in the panel itself – check the position of the temperature indicator, the settings of the entire mode depend on this. Very often, deposits of fat and moisture form on the panel, the buttons get stuck and do not work as usual. It is necessary to carefully inspect the panel, clean up fat deposits and dirt, but very carefully, without fanaticism, so as not to cause harm by your actions.

Each user should remember: the refrigerator has a very complex device, there is no need to troubleshoot the electrical circuit or electronic system on your own, there are refrigeration equipment specialists for this.

What is the Super button on the Bosch fridge?

Even the freezing temperature is not as important as the speed of transition from positive to subzero temperatures. When frozen slowly, rather large ice crystals form from the moisture contained in the food.

What is the Super button on the Bosch fridge?

These crystals, gradually increasing in size, rupture the membranes of plant cells. That is why, for example, when incorrectly frozen berries are thawed, they will float in the juice from the cells torn by ice. And the view is deplorable, and the taste of the berries will be changed, and the aroma will disappear altogether.

How can you avoid this? You should add small amounts of food to be frozen in the freezer. Load each next portion only when the previous one is frozen.

Otherwise, if you load a large amount of food at room temperature at once, they will first heat the chamber, and it will take a long time for frost to settle. Temperature fluctuations are also harmful to food that is already stored in the freezer. This is if your refrigerator does not have a super freeze mode.

To cross the border between “plus” and “minus” as quickly as possible, on the control panel in most modern refrigerators there is a special key labeled “Super” or “S”. This is a super freeze key and using it according to the rules, you can load a lot of food into the freezer compartment at once.

When this key is pressed, a mode is activated in which the cooling system operates at full capacity, and the temperature drops to 24-26 degrees. The super freeze mode provides fast freezing of food when placing a large amount of food at once.

So, if you plan to deal with large blanks and are going to load from 5 to 20 kilograms of fresh food into the freezer for long-term storage, you must turn on the super freeze button 24 hours before the start of loading.

This will allow a sufficiently large reserve of cold to accumulate in the freezer. It is quite possible to foresee such large volumes of blanks in advance because a large amount of products does not fall from the sky at once, you need to collect or buy them. And do not forget to press the “Super” key in advance.

If you are going to freeze 2 to 5 kg of fresh food, turn on the Super Freeze button for up to 4 hours before loading.

Well, if you need to freeze up to 2 kilograms of fresh food, you do not need to turn on the S key, the performance of modern refrigerators will quite cope with the rapid freezing of such a volume in normal mode.

The same rules apply to freezing meat, fish, and poultry.

But it is advisable not to keep the super freeze mode on for more than a day in a row.

In conclusion, we will consolidate the knowledge gained with the help of a laconic tablet:


If you freeze up to 2 kg of fresh food,

then the S key can be left off

If you freeze 2 to 5 kg of fresh food,

the S key must be turned on in 4 hours

If you freeze 5 to 20 kg of fresh food,

the S key must be turned on in 24 hours

You can print this decal and attach it to the inside of the freezer door. I hope that by following these rules exactly, you will be more than satisfied with the results of your seasonal harvests!

What Does The Blinking Light On The Freezer Compartment Of The Bosch Refrigerator Mean?

For the refrigerator to serve for a long time and efficiently, it is necessary to take into account several tips for its operation:

  1. Do not overload shelves and compartments with food.
  2. Monitor the temperature in the freezer compartment, avoid ice or thawing.
  3. Carry out routine cleaning of internal surfaces from contamination.
  4. Close the door securely.

Subject to these recommendations, the unit will serve for many years without repair.

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