What Do You Need To Know About Refrigerators For A Common User?

What do you need to know about refrigerators for a common user?

The refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment in any kitchen. After all, it helps to preserve food for a long time. Who else, if not him, is best able to cope with such a task. But what does an ordinary user need to know about refrigerators? Let’s talk about this in this article.

Refrigerators will help out when it’s hot outside, quickly chilling drinks. The freezer, which is available in almost all models, allows you to significantly save time when preparing delicious dishes. So, having returned home after a working day without the energy and desire to cook dinner, you can take out the frozen semi-finished product and get the finished dish in a short time. In addition, with its help, you can peel the gum from clothes and solve other everyday issues.

Today in stores there are different models of refrigerators, the number of which is huge. They all differ from each other in appearance, functionality, form factor and many different technical characteristics. For each, the priority of this or that characteristic is different. For some, the energy consumption indicator is more important, for some, reliability and functionality are more important, but for others, when choosing, they are guided by the aesthetics and design of the refrigerator.

Surely many people from childhood had a question: how do refrigerators produce cold? If in childhood this question gave rise to simple curiosity, then at a more conscious age to know at least briefly the principle of the refrigerator will be able to help in its choice. The compressor located behind the rear wall of the refrigerator does all the cooling work. It is controlled by a thermostat, maintaining the required temperature inside.

What Do You Need To Know About Refrigerators For A Common User

How long does a fridge need to settle for after delivery?

Let’s move on to more pressing questions: on the forums, they often ask whether the refrigerator needs to settle after it is brought from the store? Nobody says that the refrigerator will break down if after transportation you immediately connect it to the network. But many manufacturers advise waiting at least 3-4 hours, especially if the unit was transported horizontally.

The “heart” of the refrigerator is the compressor (or, to put it simply, a motor with a pump). It pumps the refrigerant fluid with oil throughout the system. If, after transportation, the unit is immediately switched on, then some of the oil will not have time to drain through the pipes, and the compressor will operate without a sufficient amount of lubrication. Which will later lead to rapid wear. Therefore, it is better to let the refrigerator stand overnight and then connect it.

How do I choose the right refrigerator?

What Do You Need To Know About Refrigerators For A Common UserSeveral factors influence the choice of a particular model. A large family who loves to make preparations for the winter needs a voluminous and large-sized refrigerator in which there is an impressive number of various drawers and shelves. When choosing, you can also consider multi-chamber models in which there is a place for all the blanks.

Large models of refrigerators are often additionally equipped with special sections, for example, for storing wine, cheese, vegetables. For true wine connoisseurs, special refrigerators are even produced for the proper storage of wine, which will help to preserve all the taste of the drink.

Refrigerators can be either freestanding (familiar to everyone) or built into the kitchen set, which is very convenient and practical. For small kitchens, mini-refrigerators that are built under the surface of the kitchen countertop without taking up much space would be a good option, that is, ideal for a small kitchen. Additionally, we recommend that you read the tips for choosing a refrigerator for your home.

The energy efficiency of refrigerators

Previously, class A refrigerators were considered good models in terms of energy efficiency. Their energy consumption was the lowest, not at the expense of efficiency. But already now they are not so good in this indicator, since new standards have appeared. At the moment, the lowest electricity consumption is inherent in the A + and A ++ class models. The temperature indicators inside the room in which the refrigerator is installed, and of course on the frequency of opening the doors and the volume of its filling, are also important in the amount of electricity consumed. Energy-efficient refrigerators are more expensive, but they can save you money in the future.

To find out how much kW a refrigerator spends, an international classification of economic consumption classes has been developed. The highest level is “G”, less than F, E, D, C, but it is better to avoid them. The lowest consumption indicator is A +++, A ++, A +, A, B. More often, modern refrigerators spend from 200 to 600 kilowatts per year. From here, you can calculate how much the refrigerator consumes per day – 0.55-1.64 kW.

The energy efficiency of refrigerators

Also, the efficiency of the refrigeration device is affected by:

  • how loaded the refrigerator is with food – the more clogged it is, the more efforts the device will apply and wind up kW to cool them;
  • the temperature in the room – the higher it is, the more energy will be consumed;
  • is there ventilation and doors in the room;
  • the size of the refrigerator – a large appliance with two doors will draw more electricity than a small one;
  • conditions of use – proper care and adherence to the rules of use will not only extend the life of the device but also affect its economy;

Experts give some more tips on how in a few simple steps you can reduce the electricity consumption of the refrigerator and save kW in payment:

  • do not put liquid food and drinks open, try to cover everything with a lid (lemonades, compotes, soups): the evaporator will deteriorate;
  • do not display food on one or two shelves, leaving doors and bottom shelves empty. Uneven laying of food affects air circulation, and if it is disturbed, the refrigerator will start to work more intensively;
  • Leave a distance between the wall of the refrigerator and the wall of the house. The same applies to nearby equipment and furniture;
  • do not set the temperature too low, it is enough from 4 to 6 degrees above zero;
  • do not put hot or warm food;
  • remember to check gaskets, loops, and elastic bands that can pass cold;

If you are an adherent of innovative approaches, the developers come up with more and more technologies every year to make the main advantage of the refrigerator “economy”. Among them:

  • improve the system that regulates the operation of the compressor;
  • introduce new reflective properties of refrigerator coatings;
  • experimenting with internal construction;
  • make the self-defrosting function more economical;

But everything innovative is often expensive, so it is better to try to be more careful with the device that you already have.

What else do you need to know about refrigerators?

It is useful to understand and distinguish the climatic class of these devices. These classes, coupled with energy consumption classes, will help you choose the optimal model based on the upcoming operating conditions of the equipment. By correctly choosing the right classes for the home, you can save money on the purchase and with the further use of the unit.

Defrosting: what, how, and why?

Defrosting the refrigerator is necessary as well as a sleep for us and reboot for the computer. There are two types of refrigerator for defrosting systems: “no frost” and drip. The first is based on the principle of uniform air circulation. At the same time, moisture comes out and does not remain in the refrigerator to freeze with a block of ice. The fan stops occasionally, the heating element comes into operation and the frost melts. Over time, water simply evaporates from the sump, in which it accumulates.

Such refrigerators do not need defrosting, but you should periodically unplug them and carry out general cleaning of all shelves, trays, and boxes. Do not forget to wipe the walls of the refrigerator from moisture. Make sure the device is dry before switching on.

Never leave the refrigerator open for a long time while plugged in. Do you think that leaving it open will somehow change the temperature? No no, and one more time no! The refrigerator will only heat up the room, because it will start to work harder, as a result of which it may simply burn out.

How to properly defrost a drip defrost refrigerator?

  1. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply, remove everything from the refrigerator: food, drinks, boxes, trays, shelves. If there is a problem with the fact that they are frozen, leave it for a while.
  2. Prepare a basin that will fit on the bottom of the refrigerator – it will perform the most important function. Make sure it is stable.
  3. When defrosting, open the refrigerator door as wide as possible, fix the position. This will speed up the defrosting time.
  4. Find the gutter through which the meltwater will flow. Most likely it is located under the bezel. Place the container. To be sure, spread a rag, remove nearby objects and furniture that may get wet if leaked.
  5. At this time, wash all the drawers and leave them to dry. Wipe the walls of the refrigerator too.


How long does it take to defrost the refrigerator?

The natural course of the case will take up to 4 hours. But there are proven (but not desirable!!!) ways to speed up this process.

  1. Scrape off the ice and frost with a knife. Dangerous for both you and the refrigerator. There is a good chance that the tubes will be punctured;
  2. Boiling water. Pour hot water into a saucepan, place it on the bottom or shelf, and close the door. Defrosting time will take up to half an hour.
  3. If you have time to sweat it is necessary to defrost – use a hairdryer. Just point it inward, but not at the cooling tubes;

After drip defrosting, make sure the refrigerator is dry and clean. Turn it on and let it work for 10 minutes, and only then display the products.

Freezing Capacity

This characteristic is often indicated on the door of the freezer compartment or, if the refrigerator is a single compartment, next to the operation indicators. Two snowflakes indicate that the maximum temperature in the freezer is – 12 ° С, three indicate that this value reaches -18 ° С, and when depicting four snowflakes, you can safely count on everything -24 ° С.

The SuperFrost mode (Frostmatic, Fast Freeze, turbo cooling, quick freezing, super freezing) will allow you to quickly freeze a large amount of food at a temperature of -32 … -38 ° С. This will preserve the taste and ensure longer storage. The mode is turned off automatically, as the entire volume of food is frozen.

Additional Functions of refrigerator

In addition to the No Frost system, which prevents the formation of ice in the refrigerator compartment, many models of modern refrigerators have several additional functions.

Air Shower ensures the creation and maintenance of a low-temperature regime and air circulation, due to which a kind of ventilation of the refrigerating chamber occurs.

Additional Functions of refrigerator

BioFresh is a function that allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity level in the chamber, thereby ensuring the creation of all the necessary conditions for storing various types of food. High humidity contributes to the long-term preservation of the freshness of vegetables, fruits, herbs.

The MagicEye multifunctional display, located on the door, displays information about the operation of the refrigerator.

Coolmatic provides fast forced cooling with fan-directed air currents. After 6 hours have elapsed after activating this function, the normal temperature is restored.

Antibacterial protection is provided by coating the walls and the inner surface of the refrigerator compartment door with a polymer-based on silver ions. This feature is available in several models from Bosch, Siemens, and some other manufacturers.

Crisp Fresh is a filter built into the shelf for storing vegetables and allowing them to stay fresh for a long time.

The GlassLight system is an LED lighting built into the shelves that allow you to quickly find your way around the shelf system and product placement.

A cooler is a device built into the refrigerator door for cooling and heating drinking water, consisting of a tank, one or two taps, and an inverted water bottle attached to the top. In the tank, water, depending on the task, is heated or cooled, after which it is supplied through the tap.

Sound signal – the possibility of signaling about an open refrigerator door.

The SilverClean antibacterial system, created by the manufacturers of Neff refrigerators, prevents harmful bacteria from settling and growing. It is based on the action of silver ions, which are part of the material for the walls and the inner surface of the door of the refrigerating chamber. Refrigerators equipped with the SilverClean system will never have an unpleasant odor and food will last longer.

The presence of a removable partition between the boxes, which allows storing large-sized products, is called differently in refrigerators of different brands. Miele has VarioRoom, Liebherr has VarioSpace, AEG has VarioBox.

Manufacturers have equipped freezers with glass shelves and pull-out containers for more convenient food storage. All these elements can be simply removed if necessary, thus creating enough space for placing large products.

The SuperCool function provides fast and high-quality air cooling using a special fan. Multidirectional air currents cool the contents of the chamber from all sides, which is especially important for products that have just been placed in the refrigerator. LG has this same feature called Multi Air Flow.

The SuperFrost mode allows you to quickly freeze a large amount of food at a temperature of -32 … -38 ° C, which preserves their taste and ensures longer storage. The mode is turned off automatically, as the entire volume of food is frozen.

The FrostControl function, developed by Liebherr, monitors the temperature in the freezer and, if it rises, activates an audible and visual alarm. The FrostControl indicator will allow you to take action in time and use the SuperFrost mode if, as a result of a power outage, food begins to defrost.



Electromechanical control

The most familiar and simple way: turning on and off occurs by pressing the buttons, and the desired mode is set by turning the thermostat knobs.

Electronic control

This method uses an electronic panel with a digital display and a control panel. With their help, you can set the desired temperature with an accuracy of a degree, which cannot be done with manual regulation, but if you have a display, you will have to attend to the purchase of a good voltage stabilizer.

Considering that the main functions of refrigerators with different control methods are almost the same, the choice of a model for this parameter is completely at your discretion.

What do you need to know about refrigerators for a common user?

The above tips will help you quickly decide which type of technology is better and what to choose for your home. Using these tips, it is quite possible to choose a high-quality refrigerator that will meet all the conditions present in a particular room. And of course, it will help you to take care of it properly so that it will serve you enough time before the desire to purchase new models appears. We found out everything important about refrigerators – now it remains to make a choice.

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