What are the advantages of a multicooker?

What are the advantages of a multicooker?

If earlier a woman could afford to be engaged exclusively in household chores, now, with the inexorable rise in prices and incredible stability of salaries, for many it is an unaffordable luxury. In most families, a woman works on an equal basis with her husband. At the same time, no one released her from the duties of the hostess of the house and the keeper of the hearth.

Manufacturers of household appliances are not lagging behind and are releasing more and more mechanical and electrical assistants for housewives. One of these assistants is the multicooker. Now it is already in almost every home. But is this helper really that good? Each thing has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s try to take a closer look at the pros and cons of a multicooker.

What are the advantages of a multicooker?

Pros of a multicooker

There are not so few of them. The main positive features are as follows:

  1. The main advantage of a multicooker is that the hostess does not need to take part in the cooking process. You just need to prepare the food and immerse it in the bowl. And then everything is simple – select the desired program and start the process. No stirring or standing over the dish – the multicooker will do everything for you.
  2. Many modes in one device. You can cook various dishes in it. Boil soup and porridge, stew meat and vegetables, steam dishes, bake a pie, and so on. To prepare all these dishes, you do not need a lot of equipment – all these functions are performed by a multicooker.
  3. A bowl covered with Teflon will prevent food from burning and milk escaping from the porridge.
  4. Prepare breakfast in the evening? Easy thanks to the delayed start. The daily timer allows you to immerse food, for example, in the evening, and the appliance will start cooking in the morning. Or vice versa. In the morning, load everything you need into the bowl and set the time an hour before your arrival from work. When you get home, dinner is ready.
  5. Keep warm mode will not allow the food to cool down if you are not free by the end of cooking.
  6. Safety plays a big role. When cooking in a multicooker, you don’t have to worry about your hands. You will not get burned by steam and hot oil.
  7. Taking care of the device is as easy as shelling pears – you just need to wash the cup, wipe the lid and drain the condensate.
  8. Economical consumption of electricity and oil. Such little things help to save the family budget.

What are the advantages of a multicooker

Cons of multicooker

Every invention, no matter how useful and thoughtful it may be, has its own negative features. Multicooker is no exception. The disadvantages of a multifunctional device include:

  1. Requires location close to the power outlet. The multicooker’s wire is short enough, so you’ll have to free up some space on the table. The disadvantage of this item can be called for small kitchens.
  2. A multicooker can be compared to a multidisciplinary master – he can do a lot, but he has rather superficial knowledge on each subject. The multicooker, having a large number of functions, can only cook standard dishes. You won’t have to wait for culinary masterpieces from her.
  3. You can only cook one dish at a time. Maximum side dish and steamed cutlets will be ready at the same time. So to cook several dishes, you will need to use the stove or spend a lot of time.
  4. Long cooking time is another drawback. But at the same time, a minimum of your time will be spent. So, it is up to you to judge whether this is a disadvantage.
  5. Some dishes still have to be mixed. Unfortunately, such a function is not provided.
  6. When the dish is ready, the lid remains closed and condensation from it, on some models, may get into the dish. But if you open the lid, the food will cool down. In general, whether this is a plus or minus is everyone’s business.
  7. The price can also be attributed to the disadvantages. Devices with a lot of features are quite expensive. Budget models contain the minimum of features that you might need.
  8. Teflon coating is very easy to damage. When this happens, the bowl can be thrown away immediately, and it is not so easy to find a new one suitable for sale.
  9. Of course, the baking function is provided, but not everything can be baked here. And turn over the casserole and even more so.

The harm and benefits of a multicooker

As with any innovation, many myths have appeared around the multicooker.

One of them says that food cooked in it not only loses its beneficial properties but also becomes harmful. If you look at it, vitamins from products go away with almost any heat treatment. The same is true when we fry, boil, simmer, bake, and so on.

In addition, cooking in a multicooker requires much less vegetable oil or no oil at all. Thus, the amount of bad cholesterol in food is significantly reduced.

The main advantage of the multicooker is to save the time of the hostess. Perhaps this is what the idea of ​​the multicooker was aimed at.

Someone is afraid of the inner coating of the bowl – Teflon. It seems like it emits some kind of harmful substance. But the fact is that not all bowls in multicooker are Teflon-coated. There are many models with ceramic.

Its coating prevents food from burning as much as Teflon does.

Teflon coating has been shown to be harmful to health if ingested by humans during its decay. But! Teflon decomposes after 5 years of operation, and in the bowls of the multicooker, it disappears after 2 years. And the acid contained in the coating decomposes at a temperature of more than two hundred degrees. Such temperatures do not exist in a multicooker!

After the incident with the identification of violations in the production of the notorious coating, due to which harmful substances were released, control over Teflon products was significantly tightened. This does not give a reason for manufacturing firms to somehow save on quality.

When asked whether a multicooker is harmful to human health, the answer is unequivocal – there is no harm.

What can be cooked in a multicooker?

What can be cooked in a multicooker

You can cook anything from meat to fish. A delicious recipe for the latter can be found here.

  1. Any fish in a multicooker can be baked in foil. If it is large, then 1 piece will be enough, smaller you can take 2 or more fish.
  2. The foil is folded into a rectangle proportional to the size of the source. In the middle of it, we put the main “heroine”, sprinkle with spices, grease with mayonnaise, or sour cream.
  3. You can put vegetables and onions on top. Brush with mayonnaise again and cover with cheese slices.
  4. It remains only to fold the boat out of foil. Everything fits into the container and the “Baking” mode is turned on for half an hour.
  5. In this situation, the very bottom of the device will also remain clean (it does not even have to be washed).

How do you cook meat in a multi-cooker?

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to fry in a slow cooker is positive: it is both possible and necessary to do it. The fried diet is varied – from the cabbage as a filling for pies to cutlets. In any case, the dish will not burn, it will cook faster and will be much healthier than in the traditional version.

How do you cook meat in a multi-cooker

Heating occurs to the set temperature and the required time will be maintained (for meat – at least half an hour). There is another advantage – a minimum amount of oil is required, which means that there is no burning and splashing.

There is only one drawback that users name – the absence of a crispy golden crust because the temperature of the container will not rise above the set mark. And more time will have to be spent on this process, in contrast to the usual method.

Can you bake in a multicooker?

Another demanded talent of the device is a complete replacement of the oven. In addition to the usual desserts, is it possible to bake fish and meat in a multicooker? Of course, but it is better to do this in models with multi-chef settings. This advantage will allow you to set the cooking time optimal for the product.

Can you bake in a multicooker

The baking mode is also good because during its process you can open the lid and check the readiness of the baking dish. But it is better to do it for meat and fish: for example, in biscuits, it is better to do without it, because the pie can “fall off”.

Many users may have encountered the problem of the “pale” tops of pies. Everything is decided by banal baking: at the end of the process, the dish is turned over and the multicooker is once again turned on in the “Baking” mode for no more than 10 minutes.

In models with 3D heating, such difficulties are not encountered.

Is it allowed to use silicone molds in a multicooker? Without a doubt, only they should be made of quality material. Before placing the contents in it, the mold should be well greased with olive or vegetable oil (so that nothing will burn or stick to it). The bowl itself is also lubricated. If we are talking about soufflé or desserts, then they are cooked in special steamed trays.

Is it possible to bake using foil in multicooker?

Is it possible to bake using foil in multicooker

Of course, but you should follow certain rules.

  1. It is necessary to put a silicone mesh or gasket under the bottom. It is important to make sure that the foil does not touch the sides of the bowl – this can ruin them.
  2. It will be even easier to use the basket (tray) for steaming.


How to defrost food in a multicooker?

That’s not all – a multicooker can help thaw food from the freezer. You can speed up the process by placing the “ice” on the steamer basket and turning on the steam cooking mode. 8-12 minutes is enough for the piece to become soft. Each product – meat, vegetables, or poultry – will defrost depending on the degree of icing, but it is better for the user to periodically check under the lid so that they are not cooked: the capacities of the devices are different.

So, to the question of what can be done in a multicooker, we answer with confidence: “That’s it!” It is better to start with the recipes from the book attached to the model, and then feel free to experiment and move towards new culinary horizons.

Is it worth buying a multicooker?

What are the advantages of a multicooker?

Why do you need a multicooker in the house at all? Primarily to save time on cooking. In addition, cooking in it is very simple: you just need to adhere to the recipe. Even a person who has never cooked will not be able to spoil a dish by strictly following recipes. Nevertheless, this thing is useful, it takes up little space, and there are more than enough functions.

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