Top 10 Developments Of What The Kitchen Of The Future Will Be

Top 10 Developments Of What The Kitchen Of The Future Will Be

A couple of decades ago, modern kitchen appliances would have seemed like an absurd fiction of science fiction: home grills, induction panels, smart refrigerators … Now all these are ordinary household items that almost any family can afford.

Meanwhile, young inventors do not get tired to amaze the imagination with their ideas. We have collected for you the ten most unusual developments that fully correspond to the concept of the smart kitchen of the future.

Imagine what awaits us in five years?

Top 10 Developments Of What The Kitchen Of The Future Will Be

Portable microwave electrolux onda

Do you like outdoor trips, but do not consider yourself an inspired cook? Perhaps in a couple of years, there will be no need to install a barbecue and try to find the ideal degree of roasting meat.

Simply connect a small Electrolux Onda device to a box of semi-finished products and in a few minutes fresh hot food is ready.

Portable microwave electrolux onda

True, the experimental novelty has a number of limitations – first of all, you need to purchase special containers.

Such a microwave oven is not suitable for ordinary dishes – this is due to its design.

Matthew Schwartz, the developer of the device, is sure that the limitation is temporary – perhaps many manufacturers will appreciate the benefits of such products and immediately start releasing them in special plastic packages.

Pure washer dishwasher

Not sure how to install all the necessary appliances in a small kitchen? Wait a couple more years – Electrolux has already commercialized in-sink dishwashers.

Pure washer dishwasher

Christian Moser has developed a fundamentally new type of device that does not take up much space: special mechanisms are mounted directly under the kitchen sink, ensuring a constant circulation of water. Thanks to adjustable flows, both fragile crystal, and massive pans are quickly washed.

Please note: Unlike analogs, this model is economical and environmentally friendly. You do not need to buy special products for dishwashers. It will be enough just to pour ordinary detergent into the mechanism or even put a bar of soap, pour a little soda.

In our opinion – an excellent solution for a small kitchen, isn’t it?

Refrigerator with biogel

 It is simply impossible to ignore this futuristic model in the rating of household appliances for the kitchen of the future. Agree, it looks like some kind of storage from movies about deep space?

Refrigerator with biogel

However, the purpose of the device is simpler and does not require a spacecraft. It’s… a refrigerator!

Russian developer Yuri Dmitriev decided to replace shelves and compartments with biogel. Just put food in there and watch them hang in a jelly-like mass.

However, it would not be entirely correct to call the filler jelly: it is absolutely not sticky, has no taste and smell, retains cold well, and is able to keep food fresh much more than a standard refrigerator.

Yes, and it looks very impressive. However, questions arise about the environmental friendliness of such material: will it be so safe for human health?

You can attach the device both horizontally and vertically. In addition, the refrigerator is much smaller than most of the models we are used to and will be convenient for owners of small kitchens.

Due to the lack of shelves, doors, and even a motor, the construction is very light and can be mounted well even on the wall.

And thanks to the properties of the biogel, the products do not come into contact with each other – for greater hygiene.

However, we will not be able to judge soon how convenient this new product will be – its release is not planned for the next ten years.

Kitchen heart of the home

By 2025, everyone will be able to cook at the level of professional chefs. It is enough to purchase “The Heart of the Home” – an original kitchen concept in which manufacturers have combined a work surface, an induction hob with artificial intelligence, and a bar.

Kitchen heart of the home

No need to even look for recipes – a smart device will do everything for you. Just put the ingredients on the table – you will be offered several cooking options.

Interesting: The developers promise that you will be able to set your food restrictions and preferences for the program. Convenient, isn’t it?

Choose the right recipe and start cooking. True, you will have to grind the products yourself – or use a food processor.

Then simply press your hand on the corresponding zone on the hob (directly cooking, steaming, roasting, etc.). Having formed a container of the desired depth, load the food. It remains only to set the temperature and time, according to the recommendation!

To be honest, we do not quite imagine the implementation – it looks too fantastic. Let’s check?

Modular kitchen

Another design concept for the kitchen of the future looks more realistic – a modular kitchen from Matthew Gilbride. You can assemble the blocks in any order by creating your own design.

Modular kitchen

No, we were not mistaken – this is not just prefabricated furniture, similar to that sold in the well-known IKEA chain. The designer has developed a full-fledged compact kitchen, which is well suited for private houses and apartments, as well as for restaurants.

Each module has a specific function – for example, the central compartments are equipped with induction panels. Lateral – small refrigerating offices of open type. Convenient for those who live alone and do not like large supplies.

In addition, the system is equipped with an extractor fan and a small air conditioner – a great solution for those who cannot stand hot steam when cooking.

If any of the options do not seem necessary to you, just disconnect the block so that it does not take up extra space.

Thus, the kitchens of the future are striving for minimalism – one small wall-mounted rack will completely replace a set with household appliances. Conveniently? Time will tell.

The kitchen hideaway – robot control center

Do not want to bother even with such a simplified version of cooking? Everything will be done for you by special robotics, invented by a designer from Australia. Put on your helmet and use the holographic panel to issue commands.

The kitchen hideaway - robot control center

More than 1000 recipes entered into the memory base will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.

Then smart technology will do everything on its own – it is not even necessary to be present in the kitchen. True, it is better to make blanks yourself.

The project is interesting, but it is not yet clear with the timing of its implementation – it is included in the plans, but the manufacturer finds it difficult to name even an approximate date. However, given the fact that robotics is moving forward by leaps and bounds, it is unlikely to be delayed – so that soon everyone will be able to enjoy homemade food prepared by androids.

Water Catcher

Those who care about a healthy diet know how important it is to choose the right drinking water. It is generally recognized that rain is considered better (however, in our opinion, for modern megacities, the statement is doubtful).

Water Catcher

Collecting it can be tedious – unless you want to wait until the Water Catcher goes into the mass sale. Small smart droids leave the base on command and fly out into the street through the window.

There they are collected by rainwater, simultaneously cleaning and saturating it with ozone. After that, small balls, similar to pokeballs that were fashionable a couple of years ago (admit it, who didn’t catch Pokemon on the streets of the city?), Return to the base.

At your command, they are ready to fill a glass with purified healthy water. It is not necessary to do this manually – special sensors will catch your touch and the container will fly in the specified direction.

Agree, it is unrealistic to imagine this at this stage of technology development – let’s wait a few more years?

Coocon microwave

Do not remain out of sight of the developers of advanced kitchen appliances and microwave ovens. The model we have chosen is fundamentally different from its modern analogs.

Coocon microwave

Minimum programming options, just one sensor and a couple of buttons. Return to the past? No matter how!

Just put the product that needs to be thawed or cooked, and wait – after 10 seconds, data on the composition, name, and weight of the contents will be displayed on the screen. Impressive, isn’t it?

Then specify what needs to be done – defrost, reheat or cook completely. The smart machine will handle the rest for you. Isn’t it intriguing?

This will avoid many annoying mistakes known to the owners of current microwaves – burnt on top, but raw meat inside, curdled fish.

A great gift for someone who is just starting to learn how to cook. However, we have a question – is it necessary at all, taking into account the trends in the development of culinary technology?

Universal instrument qumi

Do not want to allocate a separate room for the kitchen, but are sure that one microwave will not be enough? No problem!

Universal instrument qumi

The wireless induction wave device Qumi, developed by a Russian student, is an excellent choice in such a situation. It can act as a grill, stove, or steamer – it all depends on what kind of dish you need to cook.

Such a unit is suitable for both first and second courses. The device does not need wires but is controlled by a conventional remote control.

In addition, thanks to its appearance, it can easily be placed even in the living room – there it will look like a nice interior element. Of course, until you want to surprise your guests with a perfectly cooked lunch or dinner.

Snail compact heater

Maybe such a device will seem too cumbersome to you? Also not a problem. Working on a similar principle of scattering induction waves, the compact “Snail” does not need a separate place – just attach it to a cup, bowl, or pan. Then the device will cope on its own.

Snail compact heater

An interesting method of nutrition: the gadget works … on sugar crystals! A universal device that can be used both at home and on a hike: refined sugar, unlike sockets, can almost always be found.

By the way, it won’t take so long to wait for the “Snail” – they plan to launch it on sale in 2022.

As a separate bonus item, we decided to include in the rating an absolutely incredible project, which, however, attracted wide public attention.

It should be noted that at the international Electrolux Lub competition, where all the developments mentioned above were presented, this model was placed in the top 5 best.

Perhaps the author proposed not only a fantastic idea but also its implementation? In any case, we can only wait, but for now, we offer to evaluate the idea.

Teleport fridge – for the laziest

We have already shown you how you can cook and wash dishes without any effort. An engineer from China has expanded the list of facilitated cases – now it is not necessary to go to the store at all.

Teleport fridge - for the laziest

The teleport refrigerator concept has been the most controversial since its application. And it was he who was selected in the list of contenders for implementation!

The author argues that the process should be carried out using wireless communication with the store and special sensory waves. In his speech, he referred to studies that already confirmed the fact of the simplest atoms and even molecules.

In any case, the development seemed to the company promising and worth further research. However, the term was called a fair amount – until 2070. Everything can be?

Top 10 Developments Of What The Kitchen Of The Future Will Be

We hope you enjoyed our list of incredible tech innovations coming to the shelves. Which of them do you think we will actually wait for?

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