Thermal Mug With Heating How To Make The Right Choice

Thermal Mug With Heating How To Make The Right Choice

A cup of hot coffee will help change your mood in the morning when you get into an icy car. But this drink may cool too quickly. Faster than car warms up. What to do? Purchase a heated thermal mug!

IMPORTANT! A heated thermal mug is a very convenient device. There are many varieties of such devices. And we will talk about them in this article. We will talk about different types of thermal mugs, and also share our experience on how to choose them.

Thermal Mug With Heating How To Make The Right Choice

What is a thermal mug?

We have just that case when the name of the device speaks for itself. This mug is designed like a thermos. It is placed in a car cup holder. And the connection to the battery is carried out using the cigarette lighter socket.

This is not a kettle. Water is not boiled in a thermal mug. But it is suitable so that the drink poured inside does not cool. And for a very long time. If you do not turn on the heating, then the thermal mug will be able to keep the cold drink cold.

IMPORTANT! The purpose of a device such as a thermal mug is to keep the temperature of a drink at a high and heat it to the necessary values.

Usually, this device is characterized by a volume that is only 400-550 ml. These parameters are quite enough for 1-2 drinks.

The heating mug has a lot in common with thermoses. They also have this type of functioning. And most importantly, what makes a thermal mug different is a special heating element. It is located at the bottom of the device.

Using this component, everyone can warm up drinks without any problems. And up to the temperature that is needed. In most cases, the maximum threshold is 70-80 degrees. That is, it is enough just to pour the finished drink, connect the device and wait for a little.

IMPORTANT! Modern heated thermal mugs are connected to the mains or run on battery power. Very convenient are those mobile copies that can be powered from the cigarette lighter in the car.

Who needs a heated thermal mug

Who needs a heated thermal mug?

This mug is especially useful for those who work in the office, as well as for those who spend a lot of time on the road. For example, on business trips.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the car, of course, should have a heated thermal mug. You can’t do without it. In this particular case, we mean, for example, truckers. However, other professional drivers, say, taxi drivers, need it too.

And those who simply travel a lot by personal transport should take the thermal mug with them on the road. In short, those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel will find the opportunity to use the thermal mug when they stop to rest.

We also recommend having a thermal mug for those who are used to while away the time outside the city. These are tourists, hunters, fishermen, mushroom pickers, and others. There is no substitute for a heated thermal mug when you leave the city to become a participant in any event.

IMPORTANT! For young parents, this versatile device is also very useful. After all, you can prepare a milk mixture or hot porridge for your baby in it.

Modern models of thermal mugs, which have a heating function, are divided into many different types that have different characteristics, have their specifics of the operation. There are several basic criteria for how these devices are divided.

Materials used in the construction of the thermal mug

Heating thermal mugs and thermoses today have a lot in common. The lion’s share of modern devices has the same double walls. They are more reliable. They also have a tight and secure lid at the top.

Internal surfaces are usually made of stainless steel, which has established itself as a practical and durable material. If the mug was made of some other material, then it would not be able to effectively and safely heat the drink.

For the manufacture of external surfaces of modern thermal mugs, different materials are used. The lion’s share of such devices falls on those copies, the outer part of which is made of plastic or stainless steel.

Buying a thermal mug made of plastic is cheaper. And therefore they are chosen more often. You have to pay more for stainless steel products. But we must admit that such a product is more durable and reliable.

For the manufacture of the handle and lid of many thermal mugs, food-grade high-quality plastic is usually used. This heat-resistant material does not overheat. And therefore you can touch it without fear. You won’t burn yourself. 

IMPORTANT! Everyone has the right to choose from what material he should have a heated thermal mug. However, one must not forget that such an electrical device is in contact with liquids. And therefore, the degree of its reliability should come first.

Various purposes of thermal mugs

High-quality heated mugs are also different in their purpose.

Today, let’s say, office options with USB connectors are considered one of the most popular. Such devices often show their high functionality. There are big brands that make great gadgets that even have a clock, calendar, or extra ports.

Office varieties of thermoses-mugs – not only for offices. You can take them with you when you go to the gym, movie theater or go outdoors. Multifunctional devices are very popular. And therefore their assortment is very large.

A separate category includes automotive models of heated thermal mugs. They are specially designed so that they can be conveniently placed in the cup holder of the machine. The device is connected to the battery through the cigarette lighter socket.

IMPORTANT! A heated thermal mug is not a kettle. That is why such a device in a car cannot boil water. However, he is quite capable of maintaining the high temperature of the drink that is inside. Most car thermal mugs are sharpened for power from the cigarette lighter. They are inexpensive. They have beautiful designs.

How to choose the right thermal mug

How to choose the right thermal mug


We have already talked about all the advantages and disadvantages of models that are made of plastic and steel. And therefore, everyone must decide for himself which option to choose.

Of course, buying a thermal mug made of plastic will be cheaper. She will have little weight. However, a thermal mug made of this material can be easily scratched. And even damaged. You will pay more for a metal model. And she will have more weight. But there is no doubt that such a thermal mug will last longer.


Modern thermal mugs often have informative displays and helpful indicators. The screen is designed to display important information about temperature values, as well as information about the readiness of drinks.

IMPORTANT! Devices that have such components are more convenient and thoughtful. And therefore they are expensive.


The lion’s share of devices – with a comfortable cool grip. Such specimens are as comfortable and safe as possible. There are also thermal mugs that do not have handles. But they have hand protection. They have a beautiful design and compact size.


When choosing a mug, specify what volume it has. Models of 350-450 ml are very common, as well as more capacious copies of 500-550 ml. The choice of volume is everyone’s business.


It makes sense to buy only thermal mugs made by well-known manufacturers. After all, branded products always have a stylish design, as well as higher quality.

IMPORTANT! There is no reason to purchase second-class products from unknown manufacturers in the Celestial Empire. They are highly likely to be unreliable and unsafe.

Terms of use of the thermal mug

It is not difficult to use thermal mugs that have a heating function. Let’s say, a device that is powered by a car cigarette lighter is used like this:

  • pour tea, coffee, or some other drink into a thermal mug;
  • we connect the device to the cigarette lighter in the car;
  • Thermal mug warms up for 30-50 minutes. When the drink is warmed up, the device is disconnected from the cigarette lighter.

Now a little about the specifics of how to care for a heated thermal mug

Do not put boiling water in them. Remember that plastic products require careful handling. Avoid falling or bumping. Devices are very sensitive to them.

IMPORTANT! Do not store food or solid food with strong odors in thermal mugs, as they can be absorbed into the walls of the container for a long time. And to remove these odors, you will have to carry out processing using special cleaning agents.

Thermal Mug With Heating How To Make The Right Choice

When a deposit from coffee or tea remains in the thermal mug, it is removed by pouring boiling water. And then you still need to rinse it. When the plaque from drinks has already been absorbed into the walls of the heated thermal mug, then use soda or soap solution to remove it.

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