Should You Buy A Warming Drawer?

Should You Buy A Warming Drawer?

Home cooks who know a lot about the art of cooking can always tell the difference between just good food and restaurant food. In an expensive establishment, a hot dish will never be brought cold, but it can cool down very quickly, even if it is just cooked, but laid out on a cold plate. The chef will never allow such an oversight; he will use specially heated dishes.

Today warming cabinets have significantly expanded their habitat, so they can be found among other household appliances. Of course, they are not as in demand as refrigerators or electric kettles, such electrical appliances are classified as elite class.

The price of such equipment is quite high, so is it worth spending money on excesses? To answer this question, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the heaters, because their use is not as specific as it might seem at first glance.

Should You Buy A Warming Drawer?


What a warming drawer is capable of?

Professional restaurant equipment should be practical and have an ascetic design. Household warmers have inherited a strict design from their older brothers; these stainless steel or aluminum drawers equipped with heating elements are decorated only with a heat-resistant glass door.

Should You Buy A Warming Drawer?

Such devices in a free-standing design are rather an exception to the rule. A typical warming drawer is a type of built-in appliance, usually located under an oven or stationary coffee maker.


The principle of operation of the warming drawer

A warming drawer is a drawer that is usually located under the oven, but can be placed anywhere if desired. Models are presented for 6 or 12 sets of dishes. The options of the drawer allow you to place objects of different sizes in it – from cups and saucers to soup plates and dishes with a diameter of 24 cm.

Some time before serving food, you must put clean and dry dishes in the cabinet and turn it on. The heating element is usually located in the bottom of the drawer, under the glass. Thanks to the fan, warm air spreads faster through the interior of the drawer, ensuring fast warming up of the plates.

For those who like to drink coffee, the heater is simply irreplaceable!

Warming drawer located under the oven

Warming drawer located under the oven

The list of tasks performed by such an electrical appliance is much wider, heating plates and cups is only one of the functions. But this function is worth understanding in more detail.

Of course, true gourmets simply cannot afford to taste cooled delicacies, but eaters who are accustomed to simpler food know how quickly a fluffy omelette loses its appetizing appearance if it is removed from a hot frying pan and placed on a cold plate. And there are many such capricious dishes!

In addition to maintaining the optimum temperature for freshly cooked food, warming cabinets often perform what is considered the most popular function in microwave ovens. It is about reheating food that has just been removed from the refrigerator.

Until now, supporters of rational nutrition cannot decide whether it is so harmful to use a microwave oven. In order not to experience more doubts, you can purchase a warming cabinet instead of a microwave oven, in addition, this electrical appliance is certainly more economical to use than an oven.


Reheating food in a warming drawer

Microwaves are also trusted to defrost food. But even with this task, the warming cabinet will cope better, and all thanks to uniform heating due to thermal radiation.

If the process takes place at a constant low temperature, then the products do not dry out and retain their fresh appearance. But improper defrosting in a microwave oven sometimes brings food to half-readiness.

Some progressive housewives use dish warmers not only for heat treatment of semi-finished products, they also manage to cook delicious meals in such devices.

Stews are never done quickly, the ingredients just need to be placed in a warm place and left alone. Often they use an oven for this, but if you put a saucepan with meat and vegetables in a cupboard for warming dishes, the result will be no worse, and you will be able to significantly save electricity.

Those with a sweet tooth cannot live without baking from homemade yeast dough, and the process of making it is very laborious. It is important to knead correctly, observe the exact proportions, add the ingredients, and heat evenly at the final stage. Home cooks have already tested it in practice – yeast dough fits perfectly in a dish heater!


Can you put a pizza box in a warming drawer?

 Depending on the model, in the heater you can:

  • Reheat baked goods and other food.
  • Defrost food.
  • Warm warmer chamber is an ideal place to prepare dough, by setting the desired temperature, simply place the product inside for a few hours.
  • You can keep food warm in the warmer for some time. This is very convenient if the food is ready and the guests haven’t arrived yet.
  • Intermediate work on food preparation: languishing, heating, bringing to readiness. The device handles all of the above with exceptional delicacy.

Can you put a pizza box in a warming drawer?

Not all models have additional functions, some warmers are designed only for warming dishes.

For unforeseen situations in life, you need a warming drawer

It is very convenient to use cabinets to keep warm. It is not uncommon for home or guests to be late for a meal while food is ready to be served. After reheating, food that has cooled down is no longer so tasty. Plus, useful substances are lost in it. It is more expedient to send the dish to the warming cabinet. The food will stay warm at the right time.

Why is it impossible to preheat dishes in a conventional oven?

The minimum oven temperature is 100 degrees. Only certain dishes – steel, aluminum and ceramic – can withstand strong heat. Fine china requires delicate handling.

Imagine you want to warm up several plates for serving. Let’s do it in the oven. Not preheated, but hot burning dishes that cannot be handled without gloves – this is what you get if you use the oven.

Special technology to cope with the task of heating more efficiently than any other. A careful attitude to the dishes, the presence of special regulators and indicators – everything is aimed at a high result.


The main functions of modern warming drawer:

  • Low temperature cooking – a program for automatic cooking of all types of meat and fish.
  • Preheating dishes
  • Keeping warm
  • Programming a program stop


For comfortable work in the warming drawer , the following is provided:

  • Non-slip mat – usually made of silicone, which ensures a secure position of the dishes inside the drawer, which can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Telescopic slides for full extension and free access to the inner chamber
  • Cooling system of the device – guaranteed protection against burns – the outer surface of the heater does not heat up
  • Safety shutdown – not a drop of stress, even if you forgot to turn off the device, this function will do it for you

Should You Buy A Warming Drawer?

Modern dish warmers are ideally combined with ovens, steamers and coffee machines. Almost every appliance allows you to set the heating time and temperature, saving the settings as a favorite function.

For example, if you often insist on dough or defrost food – now you can simply save these frequently used functions as a favorite. Adjustable operating time and delayed start by 3-6-9-12 hours significantly increase the comfort of using the heater.

Heated cabinets have a right to exist not only in a restaurant, but also in an ordinary kitchen. If all of the above arguments sound convincing, it’s time to start choosing a specific model.

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