Retro Refrigerator Hansa – A Charge Of Colors In Your Kitchen

Retro Refrigerator Hansa – A Charge Of Colors In Your Kitchen

A stylish retro refrigerator Hansa will set a bright mood in your kitchen and will give you a positive charge for the whole day. Choose your favorite from seven colors and add color to your home!

Hansa retro refrigerators are a bright and stylish solution for those who are tired of white appliances and want to add color to their interior. Due to their unique design, they look great both in the kitchen and in the living room and can act as an independent element in the interior.

  • Retro refrigerators are perfect for those who live in a studio apartment or cook little. They are compact and take up little space, but at the same time, they can hold 106 liters of food and have a freezer with a volume of 13 liters. The low noise level will also be a big plus, which will not disturb your sleep.
  • Modern functionality and technologies are hidden behind the vintage design of refrigerators – LED lighting, tempered glass shelves, drip defrosting, and autonomous preservation of cold for 11 hours.
  • In addition, all models have an A ++ energy class and consume up to 2 times less electricity than full-size refrigerators. This will save you money and keep your budget on track.

Retro Refrigerator Hansa - A Charge Of Colors In Your Kitchen

Features of the retro refrigerator Hansa

  • If you are tired of white appliances and want your interior to be bright and stylish, the Hansa refrigerator is the right solution. The unique design of the product allows it to fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen or living room.
  • The presented model will be the perfect solution for a studio apartment. It is compact and therefore requires a minimum amount of free space. Refrigerator capacity – 106 liters. In addition, the presented device also has a small thirteen-liter freezer.
  • Separately, it should be said about the low noise level of the device. This way, it can be placed near your bed and will not adversely affect your sleep.
  • Despite the vintage design of the refrigerator, it has modern functionality. Inside the refrigerator, there is LED lighting, a drip defrosting system, autonomous cold storage. Tempered glass shelves are not afraid of mechanical damage. 

Features of the retro refrigerator Hansa

Tribute to the past

The retro fridge is a definite tribute to the past with an unchanging direction for the future. Above all, it features an exterior design that recreates the rounded shapes of antique refrigeration units. As for the internal structure, it is quite modern and corresponds to the latest technologies that are used in refrigerators.

Great gift retro refrigerator Hansa

By the way, the external design of the refrigerator often allows it to be used as an excellent gift for all housewives who love vintage. A wide variety of colors – in addition to white, you can choose black, beige, red and so on.

Pros and cons of a retro fridge

  • For the last five years, retro refrigerators have been preferred to modern models. The point is not only in their non-standard appearance and colors. There are many advantages:
  • Flexibility and versatility. Dimensions and colors are presented in a variety of ways. You will have plenty to choose from. You can choose a retro refrigerator for any interior style. They also look great in living quarters, in the hallway, and on the veranda.
  • Provide reliable and comfortable operation. All the best was taken from the past years and supplemented with the latest advances in technology and technology. Antique fittings and high-quality materials also increase the level of reliability of such equipment.
  • Reliability is not even questioned. Materials for the production of all components are of the highest quality. Therefore, it serves for a very long time and rarely needs serious repairs. Such household appliances look solid and rarely cause a lot of trouble.
  • Originality. It is enough to add a retro refrigerator to an ordinary kitchen, and it will sparkle with new facets, completely transformed. Particularly interesting effects can be obtained with color models.

There are two critical drawbacks:

  • Such household appliances are much more expensive than conventional refrigerators.
  • Large dimensions, so it is difficult to integrate them into a small kitchen area.

Functional features of the retro refrigerator Hansa

All refrigerators have an A ++ energy class. Thus, it consumes little electricity. Thus, you can save on utility bills.

The retro Hansa refrigerator will be the perfect reflection of your character

It can be bright red or rich yellow. Thanks to the presented household appliances, you can give your interior a summer mood.

Retro-styled Hansa refrigerators are designed for dynamic people who are confident and want their home to reflect their vibrant temperament. In the presented refrigerator you can cool vegetables, fruits, smoothies, refreshing lemonade, ice cream. The model is perfect for home and summer cottages.

The black refrigerator is associated with New York. It will be the right solution for those who value elegance and restraint in home furnishing. It will perfectly complement a minimalistic design and a loft studio.

If your interiors are dominated by wood, glass, and stone products, a wine-colored refrigerator is perfect for it. We also recommend buying a Hansa wine cooler, it will be a great addition to the retro model.

Hansa retro refrigerators are presented in 7 colors

Bright red or rich wine retro refrigerator Hansa is a reflection of your character.

Rio de Janeiro retro refrigerator Hansa

Rio de Janeiro retro refrigerator Hansa

Bright red and juicy yellow – such a refrigerator will add color to your interior and create a summer mood in the kitchen all year round. It was created for dynamic and self-confident people who lead an active lifestyle and want technology to reflect their bright character.

This retro refrigerator will perfectly cool fruits, smoothies, refreshing lemonades, and ice cream and will look great both in the kitchen and on the veranda of a country cottage.

New York retro refrigerator Hansa

New York retro refrigerator Hansa

Retro refrigerator in rich wine or black color is imbued with the spirit of New York and created for connoisseurs of elegance and restraint in the interior. It fits perfectly into a loft studio and minimalist design spaces.

The wine shade will add a bright accent to the interior with elements of wood, stone, and glass, and black will favorably set off the parquet floor and will look harmoniously with leather furniture. This refrigerator can be complemented with a Hansa wine cabinet and turntable to unwind after a busy day with a glass of wine and light music.

Paris retro refrigerator Hansa

Paris retro refrigerator Hansa

For lovers of romanticism, we have created refrigerators in pastel colors – turquoise, pink and beige. They want to entrust them with all the most delicate – light desserts, macarons, crème Brulee.

Despite the apparent fragility, they can store up to 106 liters of food, are equipped with tempered glass shelves, spacious door shelves, and two drawers for vegetables.

Retro Refrigerator Hansa – A Charge Of Colors In Your Kitchen

First of all, people note the numerous quality characteristics and advantages that refrigerators of this brand have. Among the advantages of many models of refrigerators in retro style, one can single out their external design, as if returning the owners of refrigerators to the distant past. As for the modern advantages and disadvantages of a retro refrigerator, they can be different for each model.

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