Multi-Cooker Benefits And Harms To Human Health, Advantages And Disadvantages

Multi-Cooker Benefits And Harms To Human Health, Advantages And Disadvantages

In a short time, multi-cooker has gained incredible popularity. Such a rapid hit in the hit parade of household appliances did not go unnoticed by manufacturers, and now on store shelves, you can find models of this kitchen assistant for every taste. But is multi-cooker food really safe? Let’s take a look at the benefits of a multi-cooker and what nutritionists have to say about this way of cooking.

A multi-cooker is a multifunctional device, and any technique with a large number of functions has advantages and, of course, disadvantages. The multi-cooker has its pros and cons. Admirers of this device cook absolutely everything in it, from compote and pastries to borscht and side dishes. But there are also opponents of the device who deny its usefulness. Some of them are even sure that the multi-cooker is harmful to human health. Who to believe?

Multi-Cooker Benefits And Harms To Human Health, Advantages And Disadvantages

The advantages of a multi-cooker

Fans of cooking in a multi-cooker are attracted by the following advantages:

  1. Saving time. During the cooking process, there is no need to make sure that the dish does not burn, you do not need to stir it and add water. It is enough to prepare the food, put them in the bowl, and select the desired mode, the multi-cooker will do the rest itself. You can easily go on business or just relax while food is being prepared, and during the holidays this appliance will take the strain off and help you prepare a wide variety of dishes.
  2. Comfortable use. Selecting a cooking mode is easy. The instructions set out the basic recipes with a clear indication of the optimal mode. In addition, the multi-cooker has a delayed start function, which allows you to cook at the right time, and keeps the dish hot for a long time.
  3. Saving space in the kitchen. All models are multifunctional and can replace many kitchen appliances: bread maker, double boiler, oven, microwave. The multi-cooker is especially convenient in small kitchens, where housewives count every centimeter of usable area. This compact device will also help out lovers of recreation in the country when there is no opportunity to buy fresh pastries, and work does not leave time for preparing a full meal.
  4. Ease of maintenance. The multi-cooker is easy to care for: just empty the bowl, wash it with gentle means without abrasive particles and dry it.
  5. Low power consumption
  6. The stove and oven heat up the kitchen and apartment very much during cooking. And the multi-cooker does not heat up the room, everyone who uses it will confirm this.
  7. The possibility of getting burned is excluded.
  8. Cooks quickly and tasty

The advantages of a multi-cooker

Disadvantages of a multi-cooker

Consumers know enough about the advantages of a multi-cooker because manufacturers do not forget to advertise new models and position this device only on the positive side. But during operation, it turns out that multi-cooker also has disadvantages:

  1. One cycle – one dish. If you cook all the dishes only in a slow cooker, then you need to start making lunch in the morning. In one cycle, you can cook only one dish, unlike the stove, where both the first and the second are cooked at the same time, and baked goods are suitable in the oven. In addition, the bowl will need to be emptied to prepare the next recipe. To simplify the task, you can purchase another bowl for the multi-cooker, but this will entail additional material costs.
  2. Functionality as a disadvantage. Like all multifunctional appliances, the multi-cooker is inferior to specialized models. For example, constant preparation of yogurt is more convenient in a yogurt maker. If the menu is dominated by steamed dishes, it is better to purchase a double boiler. Oven-baked goods are tastier. In a slow cooker, you will not get a fragrant crust, however, biscuits and casseroles will never burn.
  3. Respect for the Teflon coating. Teflon coating requires careful handling. You will have to buy special silicone spatulas, slotted spoons, and scoops so as not to scratch the surface. And in a large family, you also need to monitor the household so that they do not spoil the Teflon bowl with metal cutlery.
  4. It is impossible to learn to cook. Regular cooking in a multi-cooker does not provide an opportunity to experiment and create culinary masterpieces. In a multi-cooker, you will not be able to cook a signature dish, and over time, the skills of preparing the simplest dishes will disappear.

Multi-cooker food – good or bad?

As you can see, the multi-cooker has the same number of pros and cons. Each housewife decides for herself whether the purchase of these household appliances is advisable. But the decisive question is about the benefits and dangers of such a device as a multi-cooker for human health.

The principle of operation of the multi-cooker is built on tightness during cooking. Inside the appliance with the lid closed, the temperature rises to 750 ° F. For comparison: in a frying pan while cooking on the stove, the average temperature range is around 210–300 ° F, and the maximum temperature is 390 ° F. Teflon coating at high temperatures releases PFOS, which can cause cancer.

The health hazard of the multi-cooker increases if:

  • the bowl has been in operation for more than five years;
  • mechanical damage appeared on the Teflon coating.

To establish whether a conventional slow cooker is harmful to health, laboratory tests were carried out. They showed a direct relationship between the appearance of cancerous tumors in people who often or incorrectly use multi-cooker.

How to avoid the harmful effects of the multi-cooker?

In order for the multi-cooker to bring only benefits, you must follow the rules for using the bowl for cooking:

  • take good care of the Teflon surface: do not use metal devices for stirring food, clean only with dishwashing detergents without abrasive particles;
  • change the bowl every 5 years – this is the period allotted by manufacturers for the operation of Teflon surfaces;
  • do not use a bowl with damaged Teflon coating.

When buying, you should choose models no older than 2000, since it was from this moment that manufacturers were obliged to declare the composition of Teflon and the materials from which the multi-cooker is made. Do not buy devices by hand, as well as models for which there is no accompanying documentation and certificates.

According to professionals, not only the bowl needs care, but also other elements of the multi-cooker: the bottom, the inner surface of the lid, the moisture collector, the steam valve. Thoroughly clean the appliance after every cooking, wipe all parts dry and remember to ventilate to avoid unpleasant odors or pathogenic flora.

Dietitians on multi-cooker cooking

Basically, the opinion of nutritionists about dishes prepared in a multi-cooker is positive:

  • less fat and oil are required for cooking;
  • during cooking, the consumption of spices and table salt is minimal;
  • food warms up more evenly.

Dietitians on multi-cooker cooking

Food from a multi-cooker is healthier than dishes cooked on the stove, but nutritionists also recommend strictly monitoring the integrity of the Teflon coating and replacing it at the slightest damage.

A multi-cooker is used with caution to prepare dishes for a children’s menu, and for babies under three years old, nutritionists advise completely excluding food from this device.

You should not get carried away with food from a multi-cooker and adults. Choose recipes that do not take a long time to cook to avoid overheating the bowl. Use the multi-cooker from time to time when there is a real need for it.

The traditional way is to prepare food for the elderly on the stove. Food from the multi-cooker can be harmful, as the risk of cancer increases with age.

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How to choose a secure multi-cooker?

In order for this kitchen device to bring only benefits, it is necessary to select high-quality models. When buying, you should pay attention to the coating of the bowl. Multi-cooker bowls have two types of non-stick coatings: Teflon or ceramic. The second option is considered more environmentally friendly, has high heat resistance, but such a thicket cannot be washed in a dishwasher.

Ceramic-coated multi-cooker is more expensive.

If a decision is made to choose a budget model, then the buyer should be ready for an early replacement of the bowl, since the Teflon coating has a short service life. To prolong it, it is important to pay special attention to the care of the bowl: do not use metal cutlery, wash only with soft sponges and special detergents adapted for such coatings.

The presence of a security system will not allow opening the lid if steam has not escaped, which will protect against burns, or the pressure has not eased (refer to models with a pressure cooker function). The structure of the cover is also important. It is best to choose models with collapsible lids. They can be easily removed and rinsed under running water for easy maintenance.

Finally, you need to choose the products of leading manufacturers, not only because of the quality, but also the availability of components that may be needed in case of repair. Owners of multi-cooker often have a need to replace the bowl, handles, and sealing ring. A conscientious manufacturer always cares about an expanded range of accessories for different models of their household appliances.

Safety precautions when operating a multi-cooker

During operation, you should also follow certain rules of use:

  • use only silicone or made of high-quality plastic spoons, ladles, spatulas;
  • wash the bowl and other components of the appliance with special products after each cooking.
  • do not use abrasive sponges and detergents not intended for cleaning non-stick surfaces;
  • it is best not to store cooked food in the multi-cooker bowl, but to transfer it to another dish;
  • do not use bowls with damaged coating.

Safety precautions when operating a multi-cooker

Multi-Cooker Benefits And Harms To Human Health, Advantages And Disadvantages

Having considered the positive and negative aspects of multi-cooker, we can summarize that the benefit or harm depends to a large extent on the choice and operating conditions of the device by the users themselves.

Careful care and proper operation of kitchen appliances are the keys to human health. Take care of your assistant to avoid potential health threats and get only positive emotions from cooking in a multi-cooker.

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