Microwave oven uses advantages (All you need to know)

Microwave oven uses advantages (All you need to know)

A microwave oven can be found in almost every kitchen – it allows you to cook, reheat, defrost food without unnecessary difficulties. The advantages of a microwave oven have provided it with considerable popularity among customers. However, many users eventually abandon this technique, claiming that its work negatively affects the body. In addition to “harmful” radiation, other minuses of the microwave oven are noted, which give reason to think: is it worth buying?

In this article, we will determine which is more: advantages or disadvantages. We will also compare several popular options, we will tell you: are microwave waves really dangerous to health.

Microwave oven uses advantages (All you need to know)


Modern stoves are equipped with the latest features and modes. If before the microwave was used for defrosting, heating, and cooking simple dishes, now a lot has changed.

To begin with, an oven, grill and a double boiler can be hidden inside at the same time. Different modes allow you to cook almost any dish: from grilled meat to hot salads and pies. Some modes can be combined, for example, grill and convection – this will provide the food with even heating, juiciness, crisp crust.

Any new model has other useful functions: automatic recipes, child protection, timer, turbo defrost, auto shutdown, even self-diagnosis.

Microwave oven uses advantages (All you need to know)


Relying on the opinion of users and the listed advantages, there are several main useful qualities:

  • Microwave ovens are compact. They do not take up much space – they are suitable even for a small kitchen.
  • Most of the functions are automated – you can cook and do other things at the same time.
  • The technique provides fast, effective defrosting without loss of vitamins and useful properties.
  • Microwaved cooking without adding oil – a big plus for healthy food lovers.
  • During cooking, food is not overcooked, does not burn.
  • Due to the lack of open fire, the device does not heat the air, unlike gas stoves.

Functions, controls, coverage affect the quality and convenience of the microwave. We will describe in detail everything that makes a microwave oven versatile, convenient, and irreplaceable.

Auto menu

The automatic menu is designed for quick preparation of dishes, the recipes of which have already been stored in memory. Most manufacturers offer recipes from Eastern, French, Russian and other cuisines. Auto cooking consists in selecting the power and cooking mode, you just need to put the necessary products inside, select the volume or number of servings and press the start button. After the completion of the process, the technician will stop working by itself, notifying about this with a sound signal.

Child protection

This supplement helps to keep curious babies safe and to keep the equipment from possible breakdowns. Its job is to block the door or control panel. The function is very useful for users with young children who are just getting to know the world of electrical engineering and are in a hurry to try everything around.

Automatic modes

Automatic shutdown and defrosting allow the technician to work without human assistance. The appliance will select the power itself and set the time it will take for defrosting, and then turn itself off. These clever programs are especially useful for busy and forgetful people.

Sound alert

A beep may indicate a shutdown or a network problem. Mechanically operated models usually have a short and ringing tone. For microwaves with a wider range of functions, the sounds are longer and may vary. For buyers with children, there are devices with the ability to turn off the sound alert so as not to wake up the child.

Sensory cooking

Some brands have stepped forward and introduced models with a sensor inside the chamber that responds to steam. The oven controls its operation, allowing users to enter fewer parameters for cooking, defrosting, and reheating.

Microwaves with a sensor have two significant advantages. First, the stove will do everything for you. The second-touch models provide the most efficient cooking or defrosting of food because the device reacts to the state of the food, and not to the preset settings.


It is difficult to compare anything else with grilled dishes. It’s amazing that almost anything can be cooked in this way: meat, vegetables, mushrooms, sausages, and even seafood.

The grill is of two types: infrared (heating element) and quartz. They have their characteristics, so it is recommended to study this point before buying. The quartz grill is economical, and the models with an infrared heater are at an affordable price.


A convection microwave can be considered a full-fledged oven. The built-in fan ensures even air circulation, which allows you to cook cakes, fish and other food. The plus is that the dishes cooked in this mode are tender and airy.


A high-quality coating of the inner walls of the chamber plays an important role in the operation of a microwave oven.

  • Enamel is the most inexpensive coating that is used most often. It can be easily cleaned of grease and dirt, but over time it can lose its hardness, so it is better to take a closer look at models with bioceramics or steel.
  • Stainless steel-coated ovens are more expensive and can withstand high temperatures. However, the material fades and loses its appearance, but this does not affect the quality and properties.
  • Almost all expensive options have a bioceramic or ceramic coating. It is inferior in strength to steel or enamel but has its advantages: easy cleaning and reduced thermal conductivity, which allows you to cook or defrost even faster.


All modern microwave ovens are easy to operate. This is another plus in the piggy bank because ease of use depends on it. Regardless of the type of panel (mechanical, electronic, or touch), you can always set the desired model in a matter of seconds.

An electronic or touch panel is simpler and more functional than classical mechanics. Despite this, many brands produce the lion’s share of models with mechanical adjusters. And this is not surprising, because durability and reliability are paramount.


The disadvantages of a microwave oven are not so many, but they are the ones that repel many buyers.


Many people think that the main and most serious drawback is the microwave radiation itself, due to which the technology works. Manufacturers strive to protect users as much as possible by creating special retaining grilles and updating the protection of the case.

Of course, the radiation is harmful, but it cannot spread beyond 20 centimeters from the switched-on device. If you are worried about your health and are afraid of microwave waves, do not stand close to the microwave – and the problem will cease to exist.


Another negative point is the unusual taste. Microwave food will seem strange after food is cooked in the oven or on the stove. In addition, dishes with a high oil content should not be cooked. This factor can be attributed to both pluses and minuses.


To bake potatoes or meat, the power must be at least 1000 watts. Due to the rather high consumption of electricity, cooking in microwaves can be called an expensive pleasure.


Eggs cannot be boiled in the oven, and cuts must be made in the sausages. Otherwise, get ready for lengthy cleaning and cleaning. You will have to forget about big pies with filling, otherwise, everything will simply flow out.


What’s the best microwave lining? The rating, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages, looks like this.

  1. Bioceramics.
  2. Stainless steel.
  3. Heat resistant enamel.
  4. Acrylic.

IMPORTANT! We draw your attention, in the event that you purchase a model of a microwave oven with modes for which high temperatures are inherent, that is, there is a reason to buy a stainless steel. This is because ceramics can crack if exposed to high temperatures.

Useful Tips

If it becomes necessary to clean the microwave oven, then use only those special detergents that are designed to take care of it.It is permissible to use abrasive products only for stainless steel coatings.

When you need to get rid of dirt in the chamber, put a container of water and lemon juice in it and boil this composition for one minute. After the mixture of dirt and grease has become limp, it can be washed off with a cloth.

There are a lot of different functions that are responsible for ease of use and quick cleaning. The most important parameter is the presence of a grill. If it is not there, then the functionality becomes significantly less. However, cleaning the stained surface becomes easier.

The list of functions that expand the possibilities. 

STEAM GENERATOR. Many dishes can be prepared using steam.

SOUND GUIDANCE. The microwave oven is able to tell in which chronology the actions are performed using voice commands.

STEAM SENSOR. It is necessary to ensure accurate tracking of what the state of the dish is.

AUTOMATIC START. Provides the ability to start the oven when the owner is absent.

An economical miracle device in some cases can be a good substitute in the kitchen and the oven, and the electric stove. We emphasize that the microwave does not take up much space.

IMPORTANT! When buying this device, of course, you need to pay special attention to what material its inner walls are made of. It is important. After all, it depends on how the taste of the cooked dishes and the time of operation of the microwave oven.

If the expediency of buying this device is questionable, correlate the positive and negative aspects of the device and decide what is more important to you. There are no big contradictions and clear contraindications to the use of microwave ovens, most of the fears are myths. If you take the technique only for warming up and defrosting, then there is nothing to think about – with it you will save time and effort. Happy choice!

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