Is It Safe To Stick Magnets On Fridge

Is It Safe To Stick Magnets On Fridge

People love to decorate their homes. Traveling around the countries, many without fail acquire beautiful magnets depicting views and attractions. However, experts do not recommend placing magnets on household appliances. Let’s figure out why it is impossible or not recommended to hang souvenir magnets on the refrigerator.

According to research by scientists, ordinary magnets can destabilize the operation of an electronic pacemaker if they are leaned close to each other. The myth that such products can somehow harm the internal parts of the refrigerator does not make any sense and real confirmation. This is due to both a small magnetic field and an impressive top layer of the refrigerator surface.

Is It Safe To Stick Magnets On Fridge

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Fridge Magnets

According to the rules of Chinese art, numerous decorative ornaments should not be hung on the door of the refrigerator. Magnets depicting human faces and animals are especially contraindicated.

This is due to the fact that bad energy passes through them, which is transferred to products, and in the future negatively affects people’s health. It will be correct to hang images of fruits, vegetables, berries, and other products.

Such images even have a positive effect:

  • increase appetite;
  • excite joyful emotions.

This version is popular among people who are fond of feng shui. In their opinion, miniature decorations in large quantities have a negative effect on the aura of the home. To prevent this from happening, it is allowed to limit yourself to only a few magnets on the refrigerator.

Why You Shouldn't Keep Fridge Magnets

According to the Chinese, bad energy passes to products and affects people’s health

According to scientists, miniatures made of boron, neodymium provoke the breakdown of electrical appliances. More often this applies to refrigeration devices with electric panels. However, in practice, everything is not so scary. Perhaps the only negative is the possible scratches from magnets on the surface of the refrigerator.

To prevent damage to the door of the device, it is unwise to hang decorations on it. You can place souvenir items on a special metal board, hanging them anywhere in the kitchen.

Are refrigerator magnets harmful to health

Even from the school physics course, we know that magnetic fields negatively affect any equipment, including household ones. It was from this fact that the myth was born that you can’t hang magnets on refrigerators. But those who believe this claim are overlooking several important factors.

Firstly, such accessories are so small that they simply cannot emit a strong magnetic field, even if you hang the entire refrigerator with them. Secondly, all the important elements for the operation of the refrigerator are located in the back cover, and it is difficult to get there for a small magnetic field from objects on the door.

Are refrigerator magnets harmful to health

Door magnets can cause scratches

Old refrigeration devices, which do not have additional protection, pass magnetic fields directly to the products. Although modern household appliances have a different design, there is no such threat.

However, when the jewelry is in the same place for a long time, light spots remain after them. After a while, the door turns yellow from the influence of such external factors as:

  • fever;
  • soot;
  • dirt.

To avoid problems, the magnets on the surface are sometimes moved from one place to another, and the door itself is often washed. Another reason to abandon magnets is the scratches that form with strong pressure on decorative ornaments.

The Real Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hang Fridge Magnets

  1. Their magnetic field is not enough to disable the refrigerator. But they can interfere with the operation of small devices such as a pacemaker. Keep this in mind when expressing excessive love for them.
  2. These accessories can both close a scratch on refrigerators and make a new one, especially if you rearrange them inaccurately.
  3. Poor quality accessories can leave dark spots on the surface of the refrigerator or even rust. To prevent this from happening, at least once a month it is necessary to carefully remove the magnets and wipe the dust.
  4. For a child, such a decoration on a household appliance can also be dangerous. Children often get to know the world by tasting it, so if you place magnets that are too small, the baby will be able to swallow them and harm his health. Heavy figurines should not be hung either, they can fall and hit the little fidget painfully.
  5. If you like to bring such accessories from your travels, then buy them in trusted stores and make sure that they do not smell of anything. Poor-quality products can exude an unpleasant odor and toxic substances, and there will be food nearby.

Advantages of fridge magnets

Advantages of fridge magnets

Despite the negative attitude of some people, high-quality vinyl magnets are completely harmless to humans. Moreover, they are often able to cheer up and improve their overall emotional state. After all, pleasant memories of a successful trip to warm countries will make your pastime in the kitchen even more pleasant. Sitting with a cup of coffee, you can at least for a moment plunge into those wonderful moments.

Also, magnets can have very useful functions. For example, a notebook on a magnet will always be at your fingertips and you can write down something important at any time. What’s more, a magnet can hide a dent or damage to your refrigerator.

In other words, high-quality fridge magnets have a lot of advantages, so you can always use them to good use. If you need such magnets, our company will help you get them. An abundance of design ideas and a reliable production system will speed up the realization of your desires as much as possible.

Is It Safe To Stick Magnets On Fridge

As for the souvenir, the alloy it consists of is taken into account when buying. The most dangerous elements are neodymium and boron, which in theory can harm the health of the cores. Safe elements include iron, ferrite. Their influence will not affect the well-being of a person, since these elements have a weak magnetic field. The safe magnet is dull in color.

Of course, a couple of magnets brought with you as souvenirs from warm countries are unlikely to cause serious harm to your equipment or health. But if there is no “living place” left on the refrigerator, the consequences can be disastrous, so do not neglect the potential danger of a magnetic field, and it is better for people with any medical devices in their bodies to stay away from magnets.

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