Is Homemade Yogurt Healthier Than Store Bought And How To Choose The Yogurt Maker

Is Homemade Yogurt Healthier Than Store Bought And How To Choose The Yogurt Maker

Why buy these yogurt starters? For this, you need a special yogurt maker and a lot of free time. It’s easier to take a ready-made product in the store and not suffer. I thought so. And then I decided to solve this issue, after all, preferring from blind faith and surround myself only with facts. And now I’m ready to share with you everything I’ve learned.  

Is Homemade Yogurt Healthier Than Store Bought And How To Choose The Yogurt Maker

Making yogurt at home is easy

Let’s start with what scares absolutely everyone. “Making yogurt at home is hard.” It turned out that this is not the case at all. Even a child can make homemade yogurt. You just need to take milk, heat it to a temperature of 38-40 ° C, add the starter, mix, cover, wrap with a blanket and forget for 8 hours.

It is best to do this before bed. In the morning you open your eyes and the milk has turned into yogurt. Magic. Refrigerate, throw in everything you love: honey, nuts, granola, jam, fresh or dried fruit. Breakfast is ready. And it’s as easy as frying an egg.

Homemade yogurt is healthier

Next fact. Homemade yogurt is healthier than store bought. Have you ever paid attention to how long yogurt from the store lasts? The bacteria needed by the human body live no more than 5 days. After this period, they die. The shelf life of store-bought yogurts is from 7 to 60 days. Conclusions suggest themselves. Even if the yogurt you bought is only 3-4 days old, there is a chance that it will not be so useful after all.

The composition you can trust

When you prepare yogurt yourself, you are sure of its quality. You know that there is nothing else besides milk and bacteria. If you buy a store, then there are chances to stumble upon dyes, flavors, sugar, milk powder, and taste stabilizers. It’s definitely not about benefit. So please pay attention to the ingredients.

Homemade yogurt is delicious

It’s subjective, of course, but try it and you’ll see the difference. Rich taste with pleasant sourness, some kind of unreal texture. It is thick, tender, the feeling that you eat a cloud with a spoon. Well, no one canceled the awareness of their own superiority. After all, you yourself have prepared this sour-milk miracle.

The benefits of yogurt 10 interesting facts

The benefits of yogurt: 10 interesting facts

One of the main functions of natural yogurt is to maintain the healthy and proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It must include vitamins such as PP, C, A, all B vitamins, as well as potassium, calcium, zinc and iron, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, fluorine, mono- and disaccharides, organic and saturated fatty acids.

It is this list of components that make yogurt a valuable and healthy product that should be present in the daily diet of every person.

Here are ten undeniable facts about the benefits of natural yogurt:

  • Restores intestinal microflora;
  • Struggles with dysbacteriosis;
  • Serves as a preventive measure against the appearance of candidiasis, diseases of the colon;
  • Does not cause an allergy as live bacteria almost completely process lactose;
  • Improves digestibility of food;
  • Prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Low-fat product reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, prevents the development of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction;
  • Fruitfully affects the thyroid gland;
  • Increases immunity;
  • Bifido- and lactobacilli prevent the development of harmful microorganisms.

All of these facts speak about the benefits of eating natural yogurt for food. But is everything called yogurt?

Harm store yogurt

At first glance, yogurt is the result of mixing fermented milk with lactic acid bacteria. But such a product does not have an exquisite taste, and we all love when it tastes better. Therefore, manufacturers go to the trick and add flavors to the finished yogurt – from strawberries and raspberries to prunes and freshly squeezed cactus juice.

Getting your favorite taste is easy – just a few drops of a special essence. However, no one at the same time says that it contains butyl-ether compounds of acetic acid, which is used in the production of paint and varnish coatings.

To give the yogurt a viscous consistency, the following stabilizers are added to it: modified starch E1442, carrageenan E407, xanthan gum E415. And genetically modified E414 starch (even if there is a non-GMO sign-on yogurt) harms the pancreas. Not very appetizing, right?

How To Choose The Yogurt Maker

How To Choose The Yogurt Maker

 Although the product itself is vital for our body. It normalizes metabolic processes, restores the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, and removes excess cholesterol from the body.

In addition, due to its composition, yogurt is suitable even for people with lactose intolerance. And this is not a complete list of useful properties of this product.

Therefore, a homemade yogurt maker is the best gift for yourself and your loved ones. With this technique, you can easily prepare your favorite treat for the whole family. It is worth noting that modern models have a whole set of programs for processing the milk into various fermented milk products, including cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

This type of kitchen appliance has a fairly simple mechanism, so the models in their design practically do not differ from each other. As a rule, this is around or rectangular container, in which 5-8 jars of small volume (approximately 160-180 ml) are installed.

Some models offer only 2 containers of 1.5 liters on average. To maintain the required temperature, the walls of the yogurt maker are thick enough and with thermal insulation.

The device itself is mainly powered. The time for preparing yogurt depends on the desired thickness, acidity, jar capacity, and bacterial culture. In order not to miscalculate with the choice, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The presence of an auto-off timer makes it possible to prepare yogurt at night or when you need to leave. All that is required of you is to drop the products and install the necessary program.
  • Built-in temperature controller (thermoregulator) will help maintain the required temperature throughout the process.
  • Ability to buy additional jars in case of accidental damage to those that come with the kit.
  • Reviews. Despite the subjectivity, reviews will help you get to know the model better and learn about all its advantages and disadvantages.

As for power, this is not the most important criterion for selection. The task of this type of equipment is to maintain a constant temperature, so 40-50 W will be enough.

We decide on the design: jars or a bowl

Yogurt makers can be equipped with jars of 150-200 ml (from 3 to 12 pieces) or only one container for 1-2 liters. The choice of one or another model depends on the availability of space in the kitchen and personal preferences.

Yogurt makers with jars

Such models are larger than appliances with bowls. The more jars, the larger the device.

To make yogurt, you need to pour milk into jars. For some, this process will seem dreary. But this method is convenient because you can quickly get a jar and eat its contents. Also, if the household loves different fillers, it is more convenient to pour supplements into different jars.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the shape of the jars. It is desirable that they be standards, for example, from baby food. So in case of loss of the “native” capacity, it will not be difficult to replace it.

If the bottom of the yogurt maker is even, you can put other dishes of suitable size and height into it. In this case, you can cook kefir (immediately in large volume) or yeast dough.

Yogurt makers with the capacity

Such models take up less work surface of the table. At a time, they allow you to cook a large portion of a fermented milk product (more than appliances with jars).

It is easier to wash such a yogurt maker since it has only one container. But there are some difficulties with the storage of finished products. Homemade yogurt must either be put into portioned jars or left in the same container in which it was prepared. In the second case, it is desirable to take the product with a sterile spoon so as not to introduce bacteria.

In yogurt makers with a capacity of 1.5 liters or more, you can cook kefir, yeast dough, drinks, and even pickles. But, as a rule, no one goes further than sour milk.

Note that multicookers with the “Yogurt” or “Multipolar” mode will prepare dessert in the same way as yogurt makers with a bowl.

We select the optimal model according to technical characteristics


The yogurt maker must maintain a temperature of 36-40 ° C, and all models cope with this task. Do not chase the maximum power – 20-40 watts is enough.

Jar/bowl material

Tanks can be made from three materials:

  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • ceramics.

Plastic containers are cheaper and cannot be broken. But the material must be of high quality, it requires more careful care.

Glass bowls and jars are more expensive but give excellent results. They are easy to clean and do not absorb dirt. In general, such containers are the best option.

Ceramics costs even more, but it heats the milk as evenly as possible, and the yogurt is thick and tender.


You should not chase a large volume if you eat little yogurt. Finished products are still stored for no more than 5 days. Note that devices with jars do not allow you to use all the containers from the set, but for example, only 1-2.

For a large family or yogurt lovers, you need a model with a large number of jars (from 6) or with a capacity of 1.5 liters.

The presence of auto-shutdown

Simple models only allow you to set the time. After it expires, the yogurt maker will loudly announce the end of cooking. You have to go to the kitchen to turn off the appliance.

Models with auto-off are much more convenient. The presence of this function will allow you not to control the process and go about your business without fear that the yogurt will overheat.

Additional Modes

In addition to yogurt, some appliances can prepare cottage cheese, dairy desserts, and drinks. In this case, a timer is provided that regulates the cooking time.

For cottage cheese, there is a sieve or a special perforated stand for decanting whey.

In general, the presence of multiple modes does not play an important role. It is important to pay attention to the volume, number of containers, and the material of their manufacture.

How to make yogurt in a yogurt maker

How to make yogurt in a yogurt maker?

To make yogurt tasty and healthy, it is important to follow a number of rules:

  • Use quality starters. There are many of them, and each of them gives a different taste and texture. It’s best to try a few to find your favorite.
  • You can use ready-made homemade yogurt as a starter, but only 1 time is better. With each new cycle, the result will get worse.
  • Before cooking, it is important to boil (or pour boiling water over) all containers that will come into contact with milk and the finished product.
  • For yogurt, use UHT milk or boiled, pasteurized, and homemade milk.
  • Add fruit, etc. only to ready-made yogurt, not to milk.
  • You can experiment with the cooking time. The longer the yogurt cooks, the thicker it is. But it is important not to overheat, otherwise, you will get something similar to curdled milk, which, however, can be used for pancakes.
  • You can add sour cream or sugar to milk. So the yogurt will be thicker, softer, and sweeter, but this is a matter of taste.

It is not necessary to boil store milk, just warm it up a little to speed up the process. Homemade is better to boil. Next, in a saucepan or bowl, thoroughly mix warm milk with sourdough and pour into dry jars pre-treated with boiling water. Favorite fillers are added directly to the finished yogurt before serving.

The shelf life of the finished product is no more than 3 days.

Is Homemade Yogurt Healthier Than Store Bought And How To Choose The Yogurt Maker

In general, making yogurt at home in a yogurt maker only seems complicated. It takes no more than 10 minutes to prepare milk, the same amount will be needed to transfer the product to jars. But these small efforts are worth it in order to enjoy a delicious treat every day that will bring a lot of benefits!

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