Is A Microwave With Convection Worth It?

Is A Microwave With Convection Worth It?

Technological progress develops so quickly that it is not always possible to keep track of new products that appear on the market. So it turns out that when buying consumer electronics, many do not even know what exactly the functions of this or that device have, and, therefore, do not use the purchase in full. Today we will look at what convection in the microwave is and what it is “eaten” with.

About the principle of the сonvection in the microwave

Microwave convection is based on the principle of uniform distribution of heat fluxes throughout the chamber. Water or steam particles move in a circle, transferring heat to each other and forming a closed system.

The convection mode, as many people mistakenly believe, is not an integral part of the microwave grill function. However, due to its presence, the microwave oven works much more efficiently.

Is A Microwave With Convection Worth It?

A microwave oven equipped with this function can be placed on a level with a conventional oven. The main difference from other models is:

  • Bigger size and higher electricity consumption.
  • Possibility of complete replacement of the oven.

The convection microwave is good because you can cook in it. Dishes cooked in such an oven do not come out burnt or soggy. They are baked evenly on all sides, you can also achieve an appetizing golden-brown crust.

What are the pros and cons of сonvection microwave ovens?

Advantages of convection mode in the microwave:

  1. You can select several cooking modes at the same time.
  2. Substantial savings of your time and effort.
  3. Most of the nutrients in the dishes are retained.
  4. Ability to select automatic mode.
  5. Availability of a varied menu.

What are the pros and cons of convection microwave ovens?

Disadvantages of convection mode in the microwave:

  1. Such a microwave is inferior to a conventional oven in size, that is, you cannot cook a large amount of food at the same time.
  2. It is allowed to use only certain containers.
  3. Consumes a lot of electricity.
  4. High prices for quality goods.

The last novelty that you can see in the store is a model that combines conventional microwaves, steam circulation of air, and the grill function, and convection itself.

Can I bake a pie in a convection microwave?

If you are interested in how to properly cook a pie in the microwave, then you probably already know that in this regard, the microwave oven is practically in no way inferior to the classic oven. With it, you can bake muffins and casseroles, puddings and muffins, pies with apples, cabbage, cottage cheese, fish, and more.

Of course, they will not acquire a ruddy crust, but they will be very delicate, soft, and lush.

Well, the main advantage of using a microwave oven is the speed of cooking. It will take you a matter of minutes to prepare any cake, which will significantly save time.

In addition, you can open the microwave door as much as you like and check if the pie is ready without fear of the dough sinking.

If desired, the dough can be kneaded in advance and kept in the freezer. This will allow you to quickly bake the cake at the right time and immediately serve it hot.

By the way, you can keep the prepared pies in the freezer and just reheat them in the same microwave before use.

Basic rules for making a pie in the microwave with a сonvection

If you are thinking about how to make a delicious pie in the microwave, there are a few rules to learn. They should be adhered to during cooking.

  1. Pies should only be cooked in special dishes and containers designed for use in a microwave oven. They should have high edges, as the dough rises more in the microwave than in the oven.
  2. Do not sprinkle flour on a baking dish. It is enough to line it with greaseproof parchment.
  3. When baking pies in the microwave, stir the dough thoroughly, as sugar lumps, for example, can easily burn out.
  4. When mixing the ingredients for the dough, add a little more liquid than is indicated in the recipe. The calculation should be as follows – a tablespoon of milk or water per egg.
  5. Many people know how to quickly cook a pie in the microwave, but they do not know how to check if it is ready. The fact is that the cake may look damp on the outside, but already dry on the inside. An ordinary toothpick will come to the rescue in such a situation.
  6. After cooking the cake, do not rush to remove it from the mold. Let him stand in it until it cools down a little.
  7. When cooking a cake in the microwave, there is no need to bake each cake separately. You can make one wide crust and cut it lengthwise into two or three pieces.

The microwave allows you to cook absolutely any baked goods. Therefore, if you need a quick pie in the microwave, the recipe will not be a problem.

Choosing a new microwave with a сonvection

If you are thinking of updating an old model, then it is important to understand what parameters of modern microwave ovens you should pay attention to. Before you go to the store for a new stove, you should know:

  1. How much do you need a sophisticated model, and will you use all its modern functions?
  2. If you have an old oven, then you can bake your favorite dishes in the microwave thanks to the convection mode.
  3. A heating element or quartz heater will be in the new model. Microwave heaters with heating elements are cheaper, and quartz heaters are more expensive, but they consume less electricity.

Do not worry about not being able to cope with the cooking process. A modern microwave oven is equipped with automatic modes for many familiar dishes. And over time, you will adapt and be able to cook your own masterpieces.

What you need to know for сonvectional microwave cooking?

To prepare a delicious dish, you must not only understand what convection is in a microwave oven but also follow a few rules:

  1. Use only glassware made of fireproof glass.
  2. Cook in small portions to achieve as even baking as possible.
  3. Before starting work, it is worth placing the container on a special stand. This ensures that the circular streams are completely distributed and your food is baked on all sides.
  4. To obtain a crust, turn on both the convention mode and the grill function at the same time.
  5. Before baking complex dishes, preheat the microwave.

What you need to know for сonvectional microwave cooking?

Existing myths about the microwave

Modern technological benefits are not to everyone’s liking, and there are those who do not trust electronics. The most common misconceptions are:

  1. Microwaves can change the structure of the food. This is impossible since the waves only serve to heat food and have nothing to do with radiation.
  2. Such food is harmful. Another misconception, that it is the microwave that allows you to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients. This is possible due to the fact that the cooking process is more like a steamer than a frying pan.
  3. The oven emits hazardous radiation. It is important to understand that all the waves that the oven emits are in an isolated space, which means they do not cause any harm to the human body.

Is A Microwave With Convection Worth It?

If you love baked food, then a microwave oven with a convection function is exactly what you need. You can please yourself and your loved ones not only with delicious meat but also delicious pies. Thanks to this mode, you can forget about your old gas ovens.

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