How To Use The Microwave Correctly?

How To Use The Microwave Correctly?

The microwave gained popularity back in the 70s. To this day, she remains an indispensable assistant for any housewife, and manufacturers are constantly striving to further improve their models. Despite this, the question of how to use the microwave remains relevant.

Microwaves are essentially electromagnetic radiation. A cell phone works according to the same principle, with the only difference in the frequencies used. For microwave ovens, 2.45 megahertz is used as standard.

How To Use The Microwave Correctly?

Installing a new microwave

How you use your microwave depends a lot on how it is positioned. For example, if you install the equipment on the refrigerator, then it will be possible to use it only for heating food. When installing a new device, it is important to consider some subtleties:

  1. Do not obstruct ventilation.
  2. Observe the rules of the neighborhood. You can not put the microwave next to equipment that emits radio waves. This can cause interruptions in operation.
  3. The instruction warns that it is necessary to find a place for the microwave, where the equipment will not be exposed to excessive heat.
  4. The manual advises that it is possible to install the oven on other appliances (for example, on a washing machine), but you should make sure that the vibrations from the microwave will not harm other appliances.
  5. Do not forget that the installation surface should be as flat and firm as possible.

When moving the microwave from one place to another, remember that the front part is somewhat heavier than the back. It is necessary to correctly calculate the center of gravity, otherwise, you can drop and break the equipment.

Practical tips for using the microwave

Few know how to properly start using the microwave so as not to damage the equipment. By following certain recommendations, you will maximize its service life:

  1. Never turn on the equipment if there are no products in it (the consequences are described in the article what will happen if you turn on an empty microwave and whether it can be done).
  2. When heating the oven before starting the grill function, place a cup of water.
  3. Remember to close the door tightly.
  4. If you are heating foods that are skinned or vacuum-sealed, poke holes in them with a knife or fork before turning on the microwave.
  5. To prevent food from scattering around the chamber, use a special cover.
  6. Do not leave the switched-on device unattended.
  7. After the microwave has finished working, do not rush to grab the dishes. You can get a steam burn.
  8. To clean the microwave, it is recommended to use only soft cloths or sponges.

How To Use The Microwave Correctly?

The average life of a microwave oven is 5 years. But with the right care, your technique can last twice as long. Even though the model may become outdated, the quality of its work will remain unchanged.

How to extend the life of the microwave

Using your microwave oven according to the rules can significantly extend its life. A good stove can serve without malfunctions for a whole five years and even more. If the oven is working properly:

  • she works quietly;
  • no arcing in the chamber;
  • no odors;
  • the door closes tightly.

Important! Remember, stove breakage is dangerous for its owner. If there are any malfunctions, immediately take the microwave to a service center.

The duration of operation depends on compliance with the rules of use: use special dishes and cook, taking into account the recommendations of the developers.

To avoid disappointment for the first time, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s advice. It is prohibited:

  • turn on the device with an empty chamber;
  • turn on the device if the weight of the food is less than 50 g;
  • use metal utensils;
  • exceed a reasonable cooking time – there is a risk of fire;
  • with effort to wipe the protective screen – a plate of mica (it is located in the chamber, usually on the side wall);
  • turn on if there are obvious defects: cracked glass, loosely closed door, etc.;
  • warming or boiling eggs;
  • load tightly sealed containers and cans with food into the chamber.

Dependence of microwave processes on its power

To comply with the rules for using the microwave, you need to figure out what power is needed for a particular process. Many people neglect this knowledge, which negatively affects the operation of their equipment:

  1. With power up to 140 watts, you can soften hard foods such as butter or ice cream, or provoke yeast dough.
  2. With a power of 140 to 280 watts, you can defrost or melt food.
  3. From 280 to 420 watts, you can cook baked goods, cream, or rice.
  4. High-quality heating of products occurs at a power of 420 to 560 watts.
  5. At maximum power, you can boil water or cook your favorite meal in less time.

If you want to not only defrost the product but also cook it, then read the instructions on the label. It may be best to defrost first and then start cooking.

What is important to know about the microwave

Many people believe that they do not need operating instructions, and they will figure it out on their own in the microwave device. This is the most common mistake that leads to the rapid breakdown of equipment. For the correct use of the microwave, you must remember that:

  1. The principle of operation of a microwave oven is such that the waves penetrate directly into the food.
  2. Waves do not affect all molecules, but only water, so only those products that contain it can be heated in a microwave.

If you are heating something that contains little water, place a plate of liquid with the food.

  1. Do not turn on the oven without the turntable. This will cause one side of your food to burn while the other remains soggy.
  2. Remember that you will not be able to interrupt cooking, therefore all spices will have to be added before or after switching on.

How to care for your microwave?

To make your use of the microwave oven as long as possible, it is better to read the rules of use, especially the paragraph in which the care of the equipment is described.

This is necessary both to extend the service life and for correct operation. Proper care will also help to avoid unpleasant odors and excess fat build-up:

  1. Before you start cleaning the equipment, do not forget to disconnect it from the power supply.
  2. Remember to pull out all removable parts for better rinsing.
  3. All the insides of the microwave must be treated separately in warm soapy water and allowed to dry.
  4. It is better not to let water get into the oven itself, so cleaning should be done with a damp sponge.
  5. Do not use any metal brushes to avoid damaging the sensitive device.
  6. It is also prohibited to use products that contain chlorine and alkali.

How to care for your microwave?

If dirt is stuck in places that you cannot clean with a rag, use a vacuum cleaner with a fine nozzle. It is convenient to clean the ventilation holes in this way.

If you have a Samsung microwave

Statistics show that one in five households uses a Samsung microwave. As a rule, there is no difference in care or operation, but Samsung microwave ovens may differ in the control panel, which must be taken into account when buying:

  1. Digital models, which are controlled using buttons.
  2. Analog, which is considered the cheapest, but no less quality than other models. Thanks to completely manual control, you will never have system errors.
  3. New sensor models equipped with many additional functions, including a self-cleaning system.

If you have a Samsung microwave

An important condition when installing a microwave oven of this brand is that the distance from other objects should be about 20 centimeters, and the top panel should always be free.

How To Use The Microwave Correctly?

For your equipment not to become unusable ahead of time, read the instructions before you start using the device, and not after your microwave oven has broken down. This is especially important for new models in which there are a lot of modes and functions. Also, do not forget to clean the device in time, and then your microwave will serve for many years.

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