How To Choose The Right Mini Oven For Your Home, Simple Tips

How To Choose The Right Mini Oven For Your Home, Simple Tips

Modern kitchens are full of household appliances, where each appliance performs its specific function. However, to replace them, manufacturers are trying to offer the consumer universal, at the same time compact equipment.

Today we will talk about mini-ovens that combine the functions of an oven and a microwave oven. This compact electric oven can bake, roast, reheat, defrost, grill and toaster. How to choose a mini-oven for a small kitchen or a country house? All the nuances will be fully discussed in this article.

How To Choose The Right Mini Oven For Your Home, Simple Tips

Characteristics of mini ovens

On sale, you can find another name for mini-ovens or compact ovens – a roaster. This appliance serves as an alternative oven, or rather its compact counterpart.

Such an electric furnace has a considerable number of advantages:

  • Compactness.
  • Independence from the hob.
  • Possibility of installation anywhere, however with access to electricity.
  • Taste quality of food is not inferior to cooked food in the oven.
  • Consuming less energy than a standard stove.

When choosing a compact oven, three indicators should be considered at once: volume in liters, power consumption, and available oven capabilities.

Additional features are rarely used. Choose the right appliance, with a set of basic functions related to cooking. In addition, mini-ovens with a wide variety of additional features fail faster.

Apparatus volume. 

Depending on the number of people who will be served by the furnace, its required volume is selected. In stores, you can find stoves with a volume ranging from 8.5 liters to 40 liters.

How to correctly calculate the volume so that it is convenient to cook food in one cycle, the following information will help you figure it out:

  • Furnaces up to 10 liters. Designed to serve 1-2 people. Such a device can easily become a replacement for a microwave. As a rule, ovens with such a volume are suitable for heating small portions of food, making hot sandwiches, and also defrosting food.
  • Volume within 12-20 liters. Such ovens are suitable for full-fledged cooking, baking muffins for families consisting of 3-4 members.
  • Over 30 liters. Universal mini-oven for a company of 5-6 people with a wide range of functions.

The width of the case is in direct proportion to the volume. With a standard of 60 cm, you can purchase models with other widths (for example, 45 cm or 120 cm).

Characteristics of mini ovens

The power of the device.

The volumetric dimensions of the mini-oven and the set of its functionality affect the power of this electrical appliance. The larger the capacity of the furnace and the more diverse the functionality, the more electricity it consumes. For example, ovens up to 10 liters use 0.5-0.9 kW, devices up to 20 liters – 1.5-1.9 kW, devices over 30 liters – from 2.0 kW.

Powerful appliances heat up faster and therefore take less time to cook. The best option that will withstand all loads and fully cook food, the selected volume is 1-1.5 kW.

Internal coating.

When choosing, it is worth looking at the internal surface treatment of the roaster. It is ideal if the surfaces are treated with a special layer that is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and high temperatures. This will allow you to better wash and clean the inside of the oven.

Control type.

The convenience of daily use is provided by the type of control of the device.

  • The mechanical version provides process control with rotary knobs. Such furnaces are easy to operate and do not differ in high price.
  • The electronic version or touch controls the adjustment by means of an electronic system. With the touch of your fingers, the necessary parameters are selected. Caring for the touchpad is a simple wipe. However, in the event of a breakdown, such a system is difficult to repair.

Ways to open the door.

There are two options for opening the mini-oven door:

  1. folding;
  2. side.

The hinged door works in a similar way to a conventional oven, i.e. opens on itself. With the high location of the device, it is inconvenient to use this option. It is important not to place the baking sheet on the door. The device can tip over onto a person.

The side method involves opening the door to the side. Such doors are inherent in microwave ovens.

Shelf guides.

There are two options for the execution of the guides at the baking sheets: trellised or telescopic. In the first option, during the installation or removal of the baking sheet, you can get burned. In the second case, the risk of burns is minimal due to the extension of the baking sheet at the same time as the door is opened.

Operating modes.

As a rule, mini-ovens are equipped with one or two heating elements. Of course, the latter option is more functional, as it provides more options for cooking:

  • Simultaneous use of the top and bottom heat allows you to enjoy the properties of an electric oven since both heating elements are in operation. In such conditions, fish and meat dishes are prepared, vegetables are baked.
  • The operation of the top heat, where only the top heating element is involved, is similar to the function of a grill. It is essential for baking dough, pizza, and toast.
  • Bottom heat operation where only the bottom heating element is turned on is a delicate mode. It is used for a variety of desserts, cooking wings, and legs.

Also, rosters may have additional functions and modes. They expand the capabilities of the oven and simplify the preparation of a particular dish. But the price will be corresponding to the possibilities.

Convection system

Convection system.

The properties of convection are the uniform distribution of air inside the cabinet, thanks to the built-in fan. This allows food to cook 20% faster.

In roasters, the need to install a convector arises only if there is one heating element. Dual heating independently copes with the correct distribution of heat. Therefore, in such models, the convector is not relevant.

Additional features of mini-ovens

An electric compact appliance may have additional features and functions that make such a stove an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. They belong to:

  • Existence of the timer. Counts down the set time for cooking the dish. It can automatically turn off the device or signal with a sound about the expiration of time.
  • Anti-children. To limit the access of children, it is possible to block the door of the mini-stove.
  • Backlight. It allows you to control the cooking process without opening the mini-oven.
  • Thermostat. A convenient function to control the favorable temperature for cooking. You can set an individual temperature for each dish, which will prevent burning and evaporation of water.
  • Removable or pull-out tray. It helps to collect accidentally dropped pieces of food and liquid, which makes it easier to clean the oven.
  • Removable top cover. Provides a way to cook barbecue-like dishes using bottom heat.
  • Metal detector. When metal appliances get inside the furnace, their inclusion is blocked.
  • Lack of door heating. The door is equipped with an overlay with heat-insulating properties, which protects against burns. This property is very valuable in families with young children.
  • Self-cleaning. It can be carried out using heated water in a pan or through the use of high temperatures.

Useful tips for mini ovens

Do not trust unknown manufacturers of equipment. It is better to give preference to trusted brands. They guarantee top quality.

  • The stability of the instrument is very important. At the time of purchase, you need to make sure of this.
  • Wire shelves must be firmly fixed in the grooves. Such a precaution will prevent the shelves from tipping over if they are carelessly pulled towards you.
  • The length of the cord should be such that the mini oven can be plugged directly into an outlet. The use of extension cords is undesirable due to the possible fire hazard.

How To Choose The Right Mini Oven For Your Home, Simple Tips

When choosing a compact stove, you should use the points discussed in the article to focus on the ideal model with the best characteristics for a particular family.

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