How To Choose The Best Manual And Mechanical Vegetable Cutter

How To Choose The Best Manual And Mechanical Vegetable Cutter

We will tell you what parameters to pay attention to choose a vegetable cutter. It is relevant not only in the summer harvesting season, this device can make life easier.

Modern kitchen technology greatly simplifies and speeds up the cooking process. Such little helpers include a device for cutting vegetables and fruits, which allows you to instantly prepare a salad, soup, or side dish. Let’s figure out how to choose a vegetable cutter: types, their main characteristics, and device rating.

How To Choose The Best Manual And Mechanical Vegetable Cutter

Features of the vegetable cutter

The main plus is its compactness. Not every kitchen has a place for a full-fledged blender, while this small apparatus will fit even in the smallest cabinet. In addition, it is dishwasher-safe, which is very important in terms of saving time.

In addition, the cars are economical – they consume a minimum of electricity, are mobile – you can take them with you to the countryside and, indeed, are easy to use.

Two types of vegetable cutters

  • Electrical. They are more expensive, louder, and require a network connection. True, they have higher performance and often more functions.
  • Mechanical or manual ones are cheaper and easier to use. True, for grinding you have to make some effort – it happens due to physical impact.

Today we will look at both types, and also make a rating of the best vegetable cutters: manual and electric.

Types of vegetable cutters

There are several types of mechanical devices.

Mechanical vegetable cutters

Mechanical vegetable cutters

  • Slicers. These are machines with one blade perpendicular to the cut pieces. With their help, you can easily cut into strips and rings, for example, for chips or frying potatoes.
  • With V-shaped knives. You can recognize such a device by the two blades located in the shape of the letter V. Even if they are dull, in most cases, cutting will still be effective. They chop vegetables with strips, rings, and slices.
  • Disk devices. At the heart of their work is a disc with a sharp edge, usually, nozzles of different shapes are included in the kit. With the help of such a device, you can cut not only fruits but also cheeses and sausages.
  • With mesh. One of the most popular devices. These are knives in the form of a grid, of different sizes. With its help, you can easily cut vegetables for salad, okroshka, and any other first course. She chops into slices and cubes.
  • Multi slicer with a cylinder. Outwardly, it resembles a meat grinder. The principle is the same: the products are loaded into the container. The handle rotates the cylindrical knives that grind the food. Usually, several attachments are offered in the kit. Not the most popular type of device, but it is appreciated for its function of grinding into a mess and safety, even a child can handle it. And also neatness – splashes and juice remain inside during operation.
  • Spiral. A small machine that can be used to produce very thin long sticks such as vegetable spaghetti or curls. It will not take up much space in the closet.
  • Alligator. The name speaks for itself. Food is loaded into a container and shredded using a lid that has built-in blades. It is suitable for both raw and cooked foods.

All these machines will help you with your daily routine: shredding vegetables will be much easier and faster. But if you often cook and you almost always need to cut a lot of food, for example, for a family of 4 or more people, or you like to make preserves for preservation, it makes sense to consider an electric appliance.

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Electric models, unlike mechanical ones, can cope with raw vegetables of any hardness, be it beets, turnips, or radishes. But the choice of mains powered models is not so wide. They differ in functionality.

Electric vegetable cutters

Electric vegetable cutters

  • A classic machine can handle shredding shavings and straws, dicing, and slicing. Their price-quality ratio is one of the most pleasant.
  • If simple options are not enough, you can consider devices combined with meat grinders. They are more expensive, but their functionality is wider. Such devices grind not only vegetables and fruits but also meat, crackers, and other solid food.
  • Multi-cutter and shredder are two more types of technique, but they are a little more complicated. The purchase is justified if you want to transfer the cutting of almost all products to the machine. If you are only interested in fruit grinders, you shouldn’t spend a lot of money.

Important characteristics when choosing a vegetable cutter

When choosing the best vegetable cutter, manual or electric, we advise you to pay attention to the following parameters.

Important characteristics when choosing a vegetable cutter

Vegetable cutter material

One of the main criteria. The blades should be made of high-quality metal, preferably stainless steel or aluminum. This is the key to the long service life of the device. The fewer plastic parts, the better. The plastic model will not last long.

In good devices, the blades do not wear out for a long time and do not become dull. If this happens, you can sharpen them yourself by gently walking over them with a small piece of sandpaper.

Vegetable cutter complete set

It’s great if you can estimate what kind of blades you will need before buying. It’s not so scary to overpay for unnecessary manual fruit cutter knives, but it’s a shame to miss the choice of a more expensive multi-cutter.

Many manufacturers offer food storage containers, various peeling knives, and other additional accessories in a set with the device.


There are devices with special compartments for storing blades. This, of course, is not the most fundamental moment of the choice, but if there is not much space, you should pay attention to it. In the end, it is much more convenient to store equipment together with its components.

Caring for the vegetable cutter

Not all devices are dishwasher safe. If this is important, be sure to check with the seller.

Some blades will have to be washed by hand, think about how convenient it is to do it, whether certain areas will not be clogged.


The current parameter for choosing a network-powered device. The speed and quality of chopping depend on the power. That is, the ability to process harder food, such as nuts or meat.


This parameter is a matter of taste. But if you want to keep the typewriter openly on the countertop, then the style of the interior cannot be ignored. Although we do not recommend putting small household appliances on the tables, it clutters up the room.

Also, if you are choosing an electrical device, pay attention to the legs. They must be resilient.

It will not be superfluous to read reviews about the model you like, preferably from several sources. Especially if you picked up the device from the rating of vegetable cutters, compiled by one resource.

Bonus: some practical tips

To avoid disappointing results, follow our tips for slicing food with a typewriter.

  • Everything that you are going to cut: sausage, cheese, especially soft, raw, and boiled vegetables, be sure to cool it beforehand. They will be harder and easier to handle.
  • You don’t even have to try to cut the cooked food into pieces in the machine, it is better to do it by hand. In the case of the “assistant”, it is better not to cook it, than to cook it.

How To Choose The Best Manual And Mechanical Vegetable Cutter

Today on the market there is a huge variety of different devices for cutting products, ranging from budget models to expensive premium devices. At the same time, their functionality is similar, and among vegetable cutters of various price segments, you can choose a suitable option

When choosing a vegetable cutter, you should pay attention to the type of device that is suitable for your needs – electrical ones are much more expensive than mechanical ones, but they are not always more needed. Also, an important factor is the build quality (the material from which the vegetable cutter is made must be of high quality, the knives are well sharpened)

At the same time, the appearance, the number of speeds, and the abundance of shredders depend solely on personal preferences, and in fact, do not affect the functionality of the product.

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