How do you know what size freezer to get?

How do you know what size freezer to get?

It is very difficult to give any advice here, since the answer to the question of how much freezer to choose, you must give yourself, starting from your needs and wishes. In the catalog of online stores, there are models with different parameters of such a plan in the range of 100-500 liters.

It is very important to clarify for yourself before buying that the concept of “total volume” is not the same as “usable volume”, since the first takes into account all the space in the device, and the second takes into account directly the space that will be used for storing food.

At the same time, according to statistics, an average family consisting of 3-4 people can easily get by with a product with a volume of 150-200 liters, which will ensure that meat and winter preparations are stored at the proper level. Of course, the larger the freezer is, the higher the price will be.

How do you know what size freezer to get?

Freezer loading types

One of the key parameters is the type of freezer that you plan to make your faithful assistant in storing food. Today you can find 2 variants of execution, which belong to free-standing “freezers”:

  1. Horizontal cameras freezer.

Horizontal cameras freezer.


  • Large volume
  • Convenient location of offices.


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Expensive
  • There are fewer built-in models than horizontal ones.

In another way, they are called chests. They are characteristically elongated and open from above. Their dimensions are so diverse that it is difficult to list all the possible options, however, in practice, the useful volume of this type is greater than that of the vertical one. In terms of its properties, a chest freezer is similar to a cellar, and you can link it directly on the balcony. Inside, we provided for the presence of boxes with partitions arranged vertically, forming the branches of manufacturers.

  1. Vertical freezer.

Vertical freezer


  • Large assortment of models
  • Many shelves
  • Large selection of equipment dimensions


  • Expensive
  • Less effective volume than horizontal models

They are also called freezers. They provide for the presence of several freezing compartments, which are designed as drawers and shelves with convenient doors. The compartments, according to their design, can be made of different materials: plastic, glass, or combined material. You can buy both small models with a height of 65-70 cm and tall cabinets with a height of 1.5-2 meters.

In practice, vertical models take up less space in the room than horizontal counterparts.

Thinking about how to choose the right freezer for your home, it is worth considering that the lari is a structurally more economical option in comparison with vertical models in terms of such parameters as:

  • Effectiveness of thermal insulation
  • Well-positioned refrigerant circuit

If the power goes off unexpectedly, they will keep cold for a long time, which means that the food will not deteriorate, and there will be no damage to your budget. Recently, some brands have launched the production of free-standing freezers/refrigerators, which are made in the same style, which allows you to implement a convenient “side by side” combination, placing them side by side, without compromising the integrity of the interior of the room.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that all freezers are divided, in turn, into 2 more types:

  1. Built-in freezers, which are great for arranging small kitchens. In appearance, they resemble cabinets with drawers and shelves inside, easily hiding in kitchen furniture without overloading the interior.
  2. Standing separately – they are usually purchased taking into account the peculiarities of the interior and furnishings.

Service life and warranty of a freezer

It is no coincidence that this item is placed at the very beginning of the review since it is these parameters that people look at when they spend a rather impressive amount on the acquisition of a freezing assistant. On average, the service life of modern freezers is 10-15 years; several manufacturers can make adjustments by indicating their time frames. As for the guarantee, the larger it is, the better.

A little about dimensions

Any freezer should not only perform its basic functions “perfectly”, but also perfectly fit into your interior, so the dimensions matter, because, after the purchase, you need to place the unit somewhere. There are 2 points to consider here:

  • Most of the vertical freezers have a standard width and depth, which are equal (60 × 60 cm), as, for the height, it can vary (80-210 cm).
  • But freezers, that is, horizontal modifications, have, according to the standard, the same height – 85 cm with variable length.

Note to housewives: manufacturers strongly advise against stuffing food to the maximum into the chamber, overloading it, since otherwise the air exchange system may be disrupted in it. With a balanced approach, you can enjoy all the benefits of this household appliance for much longer. If you need to store a large amount of food regularly, it is more logical to think about a model with a large usable volume.

Defrosting method

When studying the question of which freezer is better to choose, you should pay attention to the defrosting system. On sale in our online store you can find 2 variations of models:

  1. Freezers with a manual defrosting system. This means that periodically (usually once a year) the user needs to take care of completely disconnecting the device from the power supply, freeing it from food, and waiting until all the ice formed during this time has melted. The thawed water is subsequently collected and poured out, and the chamber is, accordingly, thoroughly washed and wiped dry.
  2. Chambers with an automatic system are defrosting differently according to the No Frost system. A special fan is built inside, so cold air always circulates inside the freezer, and frost does not form (except for the evaporator, which is not visible). Once every few hours, the fan stops and the heater turns on, as a result of which the water thaws and is directed along the grooves into a sump specially designed for these purposes, from where it evaporates on its own. The No Frost system offers many benefits in terms of camera operation, as food does not turn into ice, even if you store it for a very long time. Among the disadvantages, we note the rapid drying and loss of moisture. In any case, it is worth periodically airing the “freezer”!

Helpful advice: if you nevertheless become the happy owner of a camera with the “No Frost” system, then make sure that before sending it to the freezer, all products are either packed with special care (you can purchase special bags with convenient airtight fasteners), or placed into vacuum containers. This is to avoid dehydration of the food.

Freezer class

The advice would be incomplete if they did not touch upon the method of freezing inherent in a particular freezer. This parameter is called “class” and it is determined according to the ability of the device to create and then maintain a certain temperature. Surely, you saw the asterisks (*) on the body. It is their quantity that will correspond to the period during which the products will be preserved and not spoil.

When you go shopping, be sure to study this classification:

  • * corresponds to a temperature regime of 21 ° F, with it the products can be stored for a week without any negative consequences.
  • ** are already talking about a higher temperature of 10 ° F and the shelf life is increased to a month.
  • *** assume a regime of 0 ° F, and supplies will be under reliable protection for 3 months.
  • **** in this case, the degree drops even lower than in the previous case, which allows you to store food in the freezer for up to a year.

Thus, a convenient and understandable floor system has been built.

Current recommendation: do not forget to arrange food in different compartments, for example, meat should be separated from food with a pungent smell, since then the meat will leave its smell to the “neighbors” during the freezing process.

Fast freezing function

We always choose a freezer according to the parameters that may be useful. In this regard, the question of whether the fast-freezing function is needed, which is present in many modern cameras, is relevant. It guarantees the preservation of the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients in food.

This mode is activated in advance, even before you put fresh food in the device so that the compressor starts its continuous operation to lower the temperature in the chamber. As a result, the food will quickly freeze and will not warm the neighboring stores with its warmth. It is convenient and practical, but it should be borne in mind that this method involves an increase in energy consumption, and the constant operation of the compressor reduces the service life.

Control: mechanics or electronics

Advising on how to choose a freezer: a chest or a cabinet, one cannot ignore the topic of a method for regulating the temperature regime, which can be of 2 types:

  • Electronic. Now it has become very popular to equip ordinary household appliances with smart control technology. It is rightfully considered more accurate and provides more functionality, for example, allowing you to set the highest temperature value. You can often see on panel devices an indicator with a regulator, as well as a key for switching modes with indicators of different colors. “Green” notifies the user that the storage mode is on, “yellow” – that fast freezing is on, well, and “red” warns of too high a temperature or that the door is open (sometimes a sound signal is added).
  • The mechanical type assumes a more affordable price for the unit but requires more manipulation for fine-tuning.

Examining power

The power of the freezer is usually measured in the number of kg of food frozen in it for 24 hours (day). Of course, there is also a widespread here, starting from 5 kilos per day and ending with 25 kg. The choice should be made based on the individual needs of your family.

The more often and more you plan to use this product, the more power should be, respectively. If we start from the average indicators, then for a family of 3-4 people, there is more than enough power of 5-10 kg/day.

Electricity consumption

Since we choose the freezer according to the parameters, it would be strange not to take into account the factor that it is still an electrical appliance, therefore, it will function almost constantly and consume electricity. Given the steady rise in electricity prices, it would be useful to inquire in advance about the level of energy consumption of a particular model of the freezer.

It is easy to do this, since on all freezers, without exception, there will be a corresponding letter (see figure) “A” – “E”, which is the designation of the class, starting with the most economical one (“A” / “A +”). Of course, the price of cameras with a higher energy class will cost more, but this difference, which will pay off quickly.

Choice depending on climate class

For some reason, buyers do not pay so much attention to this parameter, forgetting about it, but in vain. On the territory of the Russian Federation, as a rule, freezers of SN and N classes are sold, which ensure stable and uninterrupted operation at temperatures within 90 °F. If you live where it is too hot, then it is best to select options with a different climate class:

  • ST (+ 100°F)
  • T (+ 109 °F)

Supplements from manufacturers

In addition to the basic functions that are mandatory, almost all freezers in the assortment presented in the catalog of the online store have several additions from the manufacturer that help in everyday life and make life a little more pleasant. Of course, when thinking about how to choose the right freezer for your home, these parameters will not be decisive, but still, they should also be considered. Among the most popular “bonuses”, of course, are all kinds of filters for purifying and deodorizing the air inside the chamber, the presence of a compartment for large-sized products, as well as light and sound signals.

Some functions are optional, but in practice, they make life easier. A striking example of this is the lever handle with a wringing seal, which is designed to help you open doors with ease, since in their absence you will have to make considerable efforts, since there are airtight seals, plus, the air inside is discharged.

Among other useful functions offered to the modern user, it should be noted:

  • fixing boxes in the middle,
  • remote control remote control,
  • the possibility of blocking to protect against little pranksters living in your house,
  • if the freezer compartment is not overloaded at the moment, some manufacturers offer to transfer it to economy mode, while saving valuable energy resources.

How long does meat last in the freezer?

The optimum freezer temperature is considered to be 0 ° F.

How do you know what size freezer to get?

The main condition for the preservation of meat in the freezer is the absence of air in the package. Try to get all the air out of the meat bag and seal it tightly. If you have a dedicated vacuum sealer, great, use it. It also doesn’t hurt to wrap the meat bag in foil.

To prevent large pieces from freezing, wrap each in plastic wrap.

Be sure to sign all packages and containers. This way you will always know how much meat has lain in the freezer.

A whole chicken, duck, goose, or turkey can be kept in the freezer for a very long time – up to 12 months. It is recommended to store individual parts of the bird for no more than 9 months.

Large cuts of beef, veal, pork, and lamb are also stored in the freezer for six months to a year. Small pieces of red meat will last less – 4-6 months.

Game (but not wild bird) can be stored for 8-12 months.

Frozen minced meat will withstand no more than 3-4 months.

Cooked frozen meat retains its properties for 2-6 months.

What parameters does the price depend on?

Thinking about how to choose the right freezer for the home, we most often put the price at the forefront, so it will be logical to summarize which parameters affect its formation:

  • Volume
  • Dimensions
  • Type of
  • Functionality
  • Energy class
  • Brand

How do you know what size freezer to get?

Often, products that are the same in all respects cost differently, and this is due to the demand for the brand in the case of a more expensive model.

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