Food Scale That Can Count Calories

Food Scale That Can Count Calories

A kitchen scale with a calorie-counting function is the cherished dream of any person who is zealous about their diet. Counter scales are especially popular among women. Because it is lovely ladies who tend to control the calorie content of their diet.

Food Scale That Can Count Calories

Features and Benefits of Calorie Scales

There are many ways to calculate the energy value of food, but the only way to be completely honest with yourself is to get a calorie-counting kitchen scale. Variations, shapes, colors, and companies of manufacturers on the market are in abundance. It remains only to choose the most suitable device.

What functions are available with the calorie calculator model in your kitchen?

  1. You will know exactly the energy value of all consumed foods.
  2. The device will clearly show how much fiber, salt, sugar, and cholesterol are contained in a particular food.
  3. You can easily determine the glycemic index – this is the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed by your body.
  4. And of course, if you just cook according to a recipe, high precision weighing is the basic purpose.

Food Scale That Can Count Calories

In addition to the basic set, there are some additional features, for example, the scales can be with the function of automatic on / off and automatic collection.

Some models offer you a choice of convenient units of measurement, others come with a built-in timer or with a very useful sequential weighing when you do not need to remove one ingredient to weigh another and you can calculate the calorie content of a dish or portion as a whole.

Types of Calorie Weights

There are two main types – mechanical and electronic. The first class is used for the usual calculation of the mass of food and will not help you find out calories, unlike the second.

Flat scales or devices with a built-in bowl. In the first case, only non-liquid components are subject to weighing, or you will have to use dishes, the weight of which will need to be subtracted. In the second case, you can find out the mass of even ready-made meals or food that is in the process of preparation, for example, dough.

There is also a difference in the materials of manufacture. As for the case, it is usually made of plastic, but the top cover or bowl is made of stainless steel, glass, or even artificial stone.

There are variations regarding the location of the scales. They can be desktop or wall-mounted. Keep this in mind when choosing.

How does a calorie counting scale work?

In principle, calorie-counting scales do not differ much from their conventional food counterparts. Likewise, take the raw product, put it on a plate, and weigh it.

Before weighing, you need to find out the weight of the empty plate and subtract it from the final total figure.

Next, you should select the desired type of product in the menu and see what calorie numbers the device gave. That’s the whole simple scheme of functioning scales with a calorie counter. Most of these devices have the function of saving frequently used products. Because, as a rule, people prefer a few favorite foods, and the rest are eaten from time to time.

How does a calorie counting scale work

The device has controversial, from a practical point of view, settings. For example, the model for recording the total weight for seven days: only works if the scale is used by one person. But if more than one person uses the calorie counter, the information becomes inaccurate and useless. Especially if these people have completely different views on nutrition.

It is better to start a special notebook or file on the computer and write down the consumed calories there. Also for these purposes, there are special programs on smartphones.

Some scales can be connected to your electronic gadget, but, unfortunately, not all models. Most devices do not support this function. In addition, the ability to synchronize will significantly affect the cost of the device.

In the case of sharing, there is another option – for each household to buy their calorie-counting scales.

Some models “see” products only after entering a special code. It’s like weighing a product in a self-service store. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the decoding of the code is in the instructions.

Of course, you can rewrite the data on a sheet, but this is also not the most convenient way. The kitchen is the place where you should be comfortable, you should not create additional difficulties for yourself. The only plus is that such scales are much cheaper than other models.

Please note that the calorie counter is designed for lightweight. You can not use them for cooking, where we are talking about kilograms.

It is also important to remember that this technique has a certain error, usually, it does not exceed 2 kg, so you do not need to consider the numbers given out as the most accurate data. 

Much depends on other products that leave behind, such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates. The devices described do not include vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

The main options of the scales and recommendations for their selection

This kitchen scale with a calorie counter is equipped with many functions. All of them are unique and make the device as functional and convenient as possible. See for yourself, here are the main ones:

  1. Calorie counter. As mentioned earlier, several hundred types of food are loaded in the memory of the scale and their caloric content is calculated in advance in 100 grams. Over time, the need for constant weighing disappears, since a person begins to remember how many calories in which product. It is especially pleasant to use the scales the first time after purchase, when you start weighing everything, check the operation of the device, and much more;
  2. Subtracting the tare weight. There are two types of scales – with a bowl and without it when there is only a platform. In the first case, there is no need to deduct the container, since it simply does not exist. But when a plate with certain products is placed on the scales, in this case, the correct result needs to subtract its weight by pressing the corresponding zeroing button, then select the product code and get the required result;
  3. Display of bread units. Diabetics need to calculate the carbohydrate intake in terms of bread units. Each person needs a certain amount of calories, which he should not exceed. This feature is available on some calorie counter scales.

Rules for the use of scales with calorie counting

When using the scales, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and read the instructions carefully. Here are some simple rules to protect your device from damage:

  1. Do not spill liquid on the balance. Do not wash them under the tap.
  2. Do not place the balance near appliances that give off heat or leave them in direct sunlight.
  3. Protect the device from falling.
  4. Do not leave the balance near microwave ovens, telephones, tablets, or other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Do not press hard on the buttons: this will not improve the result, but the rubber gaskets will damage.
  6. Do not overload the device over the specified rate.
  7. In the event of a breakdown, you should contact the technician, and not try to eliminate the malfunction on your own.

What to look for when buying a calorie scale?

What to look for when buying a calorie scale?

  1. The accuracy of the calculation should be very high, up to 1 g (and it varies from 0.1 to 50 g).
  2. The maximum possible weight. Standard parameters allow you to measure from two to five kilograms.
  3. The principle of nutrition. Some models “live” on batteries or accumulators, while others are powered by the mains. Considering you’re choosing a kitchen scale, it’s safer to use wireless devices that don’t have direct access to electricity. Even a careless drop of water can cause trouble.
  4. Buttons. Choose those devices whose control panel does not require special marksmanship. Keep the buttons small, as while cooking you have a lot to do besides training accuracy.
  5. Price. Not always a high cost is a guarantee of a good product. Read the product reviews before buying, do not overpay for the brand.

Diet Assistant

Naturally, many people are worried about the question: will the acquisition of such weights help to lose weight? The very fact of the purchase is not. And even weighing and accurate consumption of the required caloric intake will also not lead to the coveted results. A person can continue to eat improperly and harm their health. And at the same time console himself with the fact that he controls everything and knows his norm. However, if the user of a smart scale understands proper nutrition, knows what foods the body needs, calorie counting will help to create the right menu.

Food Scale That Can Count Calories

An electronic scale with the function of calculating the calorie content of products is a convenient thing for every housewife. In principle, you can always independently calculate the kilocalories in one hundred grams of this or that product, and over time you will automatically start to remember this. Therefore, to buy such scales or not is a personal matter for everyone. On the other hand, do not forget that with their help it is more convenient to cook since you can keep the proportions as accurately as possible.

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