Feng shui kitchen stove position

Before going to a consultation with clients, I ask if they are ready, if it is necessary in Feng Shui, to rearrange the stove, oven, not to use the fireplace, or to remake the stove in the bathhouse. The answer is usually predictable in most cases if the consultation is given after the repair: “This is impossible, everything is already built-in, we will not do this, we will not be able not to use the fireplace.

We are ready to rearrange the bed or outweigh the picture, remove the overhanging shelves, but it is better not to touch the stove, it stands beautifully, we will do without rearranging it. “Or, if it is at the stage of repair, the recommended position of the slab is also often either ignored or the answer is heard: “This is not possible.”

I often refuse to consult with this answer. Why? Is the stove really that important? And is it really possible to put the stove “strange”, i.e. in a non-classical way not in the center of the kitchen wall is it so impossible? In this 1st part of the article, we will talk about what exactly and how the stove affects. In the second part, we will analyze the various options for installing the stove, and you will see that the impossible is even very possible. And in the third part, we will already delve into the theory of Feng Shui and decide in which Feng Shui sector it is favorable to put the stove. This is our plan. Let’s get started!

Feng shui kitchen stove position

How the stove affects children, husband and health.

Has your husband become more irritable? Have you started to quarrel more often? Suddenly you have allergies? Respiratory diseases? Have you ever wondered that one of the causes of illness and quarrels with a loved one may be exactly the stove? What else does it affect and why?

What does the stove affect?

1. Relationships: Irritation, Anger, Quarrels, Hot temper

Has your husband become more irritated, often raises his voice at you or the children? Have you and your husband started to quarrel more often and find it difficult to contain your anger? If so, the position of the slab may be one of the reasons. Why? The stove is primarily an object associated with fire. Even if the stove is electric, it heats up to high temperatures, so it can cause fire problems.

Moreover, we are talking not only about a fire, problems with wiring, but also with a “fire” in a figurative sense – excessive emotionality, irascibility, quick mood swings. Moreover, more often, contrary to the prevailing opinion, the position of the stove (hereinafter under the word “stove” we will always mean the fireplace, and the hob, and the oven, and the stove) has a stronger effect on men, and not on women spending more time with her.

It has nothing to do with the time of use and who exactly is cooking. This is due to the element of fire interacting with other energies of the very location of the plate. And since, following classical knowledge, the man’s element is associated with Metal and Star 6 (Tien), the fire in the circle of control of the elements will “attack” precisely the metal, accordingly injuring it in the first place.

2. Pregnancy: Conception and Carrying

Both me and my colleagues have already accumulated quite a lot of experience confirming the influence of feng shui, when, after implementing the recommendations of feng shui, childless couples became pregnant. Of course, in feng shui we always consider the problems in a comprehensive manner, we take into account everything: both the position of the front door and the position of the bed, but very close attention should be paid to the stove!

I know very well one couple, also students of Master Leiau, who did not have children, since her husband had problems with the reproductive organs as a result of trauma while practicing wrestling. And it so happened that Master Leiau was at the birthday party for the man of this married couple.

Upon learning of the problem with conception, the Master advised the couple to rearrange the stove right at the party. And after 10 months the Master was invited to another party for this married couple – on the occasion of the birth of a son.

At the same time, many think that someone is hiding something and there are super secrets that the Masters do not talk about, however, believe me, absolutely simple methods were applied to install the stove on a good date in a good place from the point of view of only Flying Stars. Of course, no one talks about 100% pregnancy results, because there are more complex reasons, but you must try to apply Feng Shui and take the chance, because it is safe and easy.

3. Children: Mindfulness and Learning

Of course, a lot depends on the child himself, his abilities. However, it is definitely possible to improve his academic performance. And the stove plays a huge role in this!Nobody promises you to make a round excellent student out of a poor student! However, you can “fix” the base of the thought process, calm down or vice versa, stir up, increase interest with the help of a properly installed Feng Shui stove! And together with the application of the “Academician’s Star” formula, you will increase these chances at least twice.

4. Health: Skin (allergies), lungs, nose, heart, blood (pressure)

As mentioned above, the plate is associated with the element of fire. Fire, if not balanced in the house, melts the metal element. In Chinese metaphysics, metal includes the lungs, bronchi, nose, that is, the respiratory organs. For example, if someone has asthma, then 98% of the stove will reflect and aggravate this problem. If there has never been such a problem, but it appeared within 2-3 years after moving to a new apartment or house, then first of all you need to check whether the stove is in the house correctly. This may be the reason.

In addition, headaches can also be associated with the stove. The head is associated with the Tian trigram in Feng Shui. In San Yuan, Tian is Star 6, also metal, so health problems, headaches, and pressure may occur. The problem of pressure is related to blood, and blood is related to the element of Fire; when Fire is overloaded, problems arise not only with the element of Metal, but also with the element of Fire itself.

In addition, Fire harms the skin, which can suddenly start to redden from allergies (as if from burns), peel off (as if dry).Unfortunately, Feng Shui cannot always completely remove the disease, because there are other reasons for its occurrence, but to weaken its manifestations, Feng Shui can undoubtedly be tested in practice.

Conclusion #1

Summing up, the stove affects the human factor in our life, that is

  • on health,
  • children,
  • their learning ability,
  • emotional environment in the house,
  • and can also become one of the causes of fire
  • or wiring problems.

How can you ignore this important element from a feng shui point of view?!

How to put the stove conveniently and beautifully, taking into account the recommendations of Feng Shui

Before that, we discussed why the position of the stove – hob, oven, stove, fireplace is so important. It can become one of the causes of problems with the skin, lungs, bronchi, nose, poor academic performance of children, headaches, emotional stress in the family.

I know that you are anxious to find out exactly where to put it favorably. And I will certainly tell you this. However, if we start discussing this right now, then then you will surely have a question, but how can you put it in this way?

We are accustomed to the fact that the stove “for normal” people usually stands in the central zone of the wall, and based on our calculations, the stove may appear in such incredible places and directions that you would say that it is simply impossible to put it like that. However, believe me, anything is possible! Moreover, you can not just put, but also make it nicely in design.

Therefore, I decided that first I would tell you what options you might encounter for installing the stove, so that later, when you calculate everything, you do not have any bewilderment about the possibilities of installing it in this way. That is, let’s now move on to the topic, how, taking into account the recommendations of feng shui, to put the stove so that it is still convenient and beautiful.

When they tell me the phrase “it’s impossible to put the stove like that,” I usually answer that it all depends on the designer and his creativity. Once we needed to put the bed diagonally in the corner of the room. The designer was very flexible. She so entered the bed into the interior, arranging all the pieces of furniture and the general geometry on a diagonal, that the owners themselves and their friends were delighted with the idea and said that this was the way it should be! And friends unanimously said that they also want such an interior.

How can a feng shui consultant advise you to supply a stove?

For a stove, we need to know two factors: its location and direction. It may seem that these are one and the same thing, but we are talking about different things. The location is the sector against the wall. Sectors can be central and corner.Direction is where our back “looks” when we stand at the front of the slab.In total, we have 8 locations and 8 directions that we will need to dock. Let’s look at some of the possible options for how the stove might stand:

1. In the central zone of the wall, the direction is straight.

In the central zone of the wall, the direction is straight.

This is the standard position in which designers usually place the stove. And if you do exactly that, everything is quite simple. The lucky place for the stove is the center of the kitchen – the luck zone. In feng shui, this arrangement is considered to improve well-being.

2. At the corners of the wall, the direction is straight. 

What does “direct direction” mean? This means that the slab is straight on the wall, not turned diagonally with respect to the wall (yes, yes, this also happens). This position may already be less convenient, but again, it all depends, firstly, on desire, and secondly, on the understanding that the concept of “standard beauty” in our standard buildings often runs counter to luck, health, children. Personally, this is how the stove stands.

At the corners of the wall, the direction is straight. 

Is it more important for you that the stove should be “like everyone else’s” or as you need it for a happy life? For me, I’ll put the stove at least topsy-turvy, just so that my relatives are healthy and happy :). But nevertheless, I also want to bring the concept of beauty into this, therefore we strain the creative hemisphere of the brain :).  Sometimes it is necessary, based on the calculations, to put the stove in such a corner.

There is no other option. What if there is a window on a perpendicular wall? And this happened … What came up with. The 13 cm window was sealed with plasterboard and the stove was installed. A full-fledged one, with a cooker hood, fitting it into the overall concept of the kitchen. That is, even a window will not be an obstacle if you need to put a stove on it.

3. Slab in the corner, diagonal direction. 

Slab in the corner, diagonal direction. This also happens, since it is not only the location of the plate that is important, but also its direction. And we have a very nice corner slab. Directing the slab towards the front door can ruin the family.

In addition, there are several other directions that are forbidden for the stove: it should not face the toilet, towards the master’s bedroom and someone’s bed, as well as towards the stairs.

4. The slab is in the central zone of the wall, but the direction is diagonal. 

The slab is in the central zone of the wall, but the direction is diagonal. And here the difficulties already begin. But they are quite resolved. What does it mean “in the central zone of the wall, the direction is diagonal”? This means that the slab is against the wall, but its favorable direction is diagonal, as it was in point # 2. However, if in point number 2 the plate itself was in the corner, then here we need to think of placing it against a straight wall, turning it 45 degrees. It turned out like this:

5. Stove under the window 

And this also happens. In some books, you may read that it is unfavorable to put a stove under a window. And I also agree with this statement. If it is possible to combine the calculated favorable location of the slab and the ability not to put it under the window, be sure to do this.

However, unfortunately, it is not always possible to combine this, and then you have to choose. Remember, in one of the articles we talked about priorities? In this case, the computational part will take priority, the window can be ignored. However, remember that in this case, the effect of such an arrangement may not be maximal, that is, we will lose something. But! It is definitely better that an unfavorable place for the stove, but not under the window.

Do you understand what I mean? In life, you often have to choose. Put it like that for now. Then build yourself a house that is favorable to Feng Shui and initially design everything so that the stove stands as it is favorable and beautiful and not under the windows. But that later. Now do at least something better than what you have.

  • What if you can’t find a good place for the stove at all?

Yes, unfortunately, it happens. But then the option of placing the plate on the island may come up. However, ahead of your questions, I will say that initially the location of the plate on the island is unfavorable. It is necessary that the slab “rests” on the wall in the same way as we recommend for the bed. Why, then, do I recommend this despite what is described above?

But it’s better than nothing and better than a bad place! Indeed, in this case, out of two parameters – the direction of the plate and its location, we find at least one good one – the direction, because we simply do not have a good location. So why not take at least something good then? This is also a solution. However, remember that this is already an extreme solution. If there is at least one chance to put the stove on the wall, be sure to use it. And the decision to put the stove on the island should be taken only as a last resort, when there is no such auspicious place near the wall in the kitchen.

  • And if the stove is located extremely badly, but now it will not be possible to rebuild and redo everything at once? What to do then?

Then we can just buy an electric portable stove, put it where we need to on the table in the direction we need and use it as a temporary tool, waiting for a major overhaul. It is also an option.

  • Can you put the hob in a favorable place and leave the oven in the same place?

No, both the hob and the stove itself should be in favorable places. And since it is precisely due to the fact that it is often very difficult to find at least one favorable place for the stove, I do not recommend separating the oven and the stove. The risks are doubled.

Conclusion #2 

  1. Regardless of what results of calculations of the favorable location of the slab in Feng Shui are obtained, you need to figure out how to implement it. Well, if it turns out to do it also nicely in design, it’s generally great. It will not work – it means we still rearrange the stove and just plan to find in the future such housing in which it was possible to put everything both favorably in Feng Shui and beautifully at the same time.
  2. Already bought a renovated apartment or a house and the generally accepted principles of arranging objects in the house dictate their terms to us. Do not follow their lead!

Do not do as “a friend said and did at home or on TV in a design program.” How does your girlfriend live? Can’t find a job? Divorced, crying and suffering from the fact that the lover does not want to leave his wife? A teenage child does not spend the night at home, has forgotten to study, smokes and drinks somewhere with friends?

She says feng shui is nonsense? How can this girlfriend advise something?! Do what will improve the quality of your life!Put the stove in the way the principles of feng shui tell you and refine it so that it is as beautiful and comfortable as possible.

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