Features, Types, And Selection Of A Built-in Microwave Oven

Features, Types, And Selection Of A Built-in Microwave Oven

Home appliance manufacturers constantly surprise consumers by releasing completely new devices or combining the functionality of several into one body. Having appeared relatively recently, an oven with a microwave function was liked by many for the opportunity to save the kitchen space, without abandoning either the oven or the microwave oven.

A certain number of people are still ambiguous about the new product. Choosing appliances for the kitchen, they try to figure it out and find answers to their questions to decide whether to purchase combined devices separately or opt for an oven with a microwave. To help learn more about this device, about its advantages, capabilities, features, and disadvantages is the purpose of this material.

Features, Types, And Selection Of A Built-in Microwave Oven


Features and capabilities of a built-in microwave oven

Ovens with a microwave function combine the capabilities of a microwave oven and an ordinary oven. Ease of operation makes the device understandable and accessible for every housewife. Difficulties in mastering the device may arise if the model has a large number of different options. But over time, it will not be difficult to understand them. After all, these are just two familiar devices, which are combined into one body.

As in a conventional oven, you can stew or bake a dish in this one, and thanks to the built-in emitter (magnetron), you can heat food like in a familiar microwave. The microwave oven allows you to heat the dish from all sides. This feature is very useful when preparing baked goods and large meat dishes.

Features, Types, And Selection Of A Built-in Microwave Oven

In conventional ovens, food is cooked due to external heat, which comes from a heat source (hotplate, electric heater). When the magnetron radiation is used together, not the products themselves are heated, but the liquid contained in them. Microwave waves emitted by the magnetron multiply the speed at which water molecules move. As a result of their friction against each other, the temperature rises, which shortens the cooking time.

The waves emitted by the emitter penetrate the food being cooked by an average of 15-30 mm from which the upper part becomes very hot. The food is completely warmed up thanks to the internal transfer of heat in depth from the outside.

For this property, the microwave oven option is mainly used when defrosting semi-finished products or when reheating previously prepared food.

One of the properties of this technique, which is of interest to many potential buyers, is the compact size of the device. They carry both advantages and can cause certain inconveniences. The height of ordinary ovens is 600 mm, in models with microwave function this size is usually no more than 450 mm. This allows, by integrating the appliance into the kitchen furniture, to save space in which you can place additional space for storing various utensils.

This feature is, of course, useful, but due to its smaller size, the volume of the oven is reduced, which can cause inconvenience in cooking. For example, it will become more difficult to cook on two levels at once, and you will have to forget about using the third one. Some reviews talk about problems when cooking tall dishes.

By choosing this technique, you can also save space on the work surface (countertop, table) where the microwave oven would be installed.

Varieties of models of ovens with microwave function

Available models of ovens with a built-in microwave oven are gas or electric. Regardless of the type of energy source used, such a technique is divided into independent and dependent concerning the hob. Many people tend to purchase an electric model of the oven, considering such a technique to be safer and more environmentally friendly. The popularity and feature of longer heating of food do not take away from them. The owners leave mostly positive reviews about these household appliances, calling electric ovens with a microwave function very convenient to use.

The household appliances in question combine two fairly large kitchen appliances in one case, so these ovens are chosen to save space in the kitchen. To save the usable area to the maximum allow compact models, which are distinguished as a separate type of these devices. Compact ovens do not have such a rich selection, usually, one oven with a relatively small size can be found for several dozen models. In the offered options, the main manufacturers do not have gas and dependent ovens.


Basic operating modes and additional options for ovens with microwave function

The microwave ovens found in stores have different operating modes and many options. This makes them more convenient and functional for the buyer, who will actively use all of this. For those who, in addition to the basic oven mode, plan to use only the microwave function, this leads to unjustified costs. Therefore, when choosing this technique, it is worthwhile to clearly define what you want to get in the end.

Many modern models have a defrosting mode, convection, and grill functions. But not all manufacturers of microwave ovens equip their devices with these functions, especially the compact form of models. In this technique, there is no rotating pan, because of this time it will take more time to heat the dishes.

In practice, most users use three oven modes with a microwave function:

  • normal cooking mode using the top or bottom heat;
  • convection;
  • grill, in normal mode or with blowing

In addition to these operating modes, manufacturers equip their models with other capabilities. Certain options can be completed to the maximum. The most common additional options are:

  • temperature probe, allowing you to know the readiness of the dish;
  • self-cleaning systems to help care and keep the oven clean;
  • telescopic guides;
  • tangential mechanism;
  • temperature control;
  • spit;
  • a lot of cooking programs stored in the memory of the device;
  • the possibility of steam humidification, contributing to the even baking of meat and fish.

Basic operating modes and additional options for ovens with microwave function

How do I choose a built-in oven with a microwave?

Considering different options, before choosing an oven with a microwave function, you should remember that any model will have its advantages. Therefore, experts recommend, first of all, to pay attention to the safety of the chosen equipment. When there are small children in the family, it is better to consider models with protection that blocks the modes and functions of the oven.


Some ovens are equipped with special fuses to ensure that the child cannot turn on the appliance.


Another thing that needs to be decided before choosing is from what source of energy the oven will work: from gas or electricity. As a rule, electric models are equipped with a richer list of options. Also, before choosing, you need to decide where and how the oven will be located. This will allow you to determine the appropriate type of oven with a microwave function, that is, it will be dependent or independent about the hob.


If you want to simplify the maintenance and cleaning of the oven as much as possible, you need to choose from models that have a self-cleaning function.


Device size

After you have decided on the installation site, you need to select equipment of a specific size. Make a preliminary decision on which modes you need for cooking – in ovens their number varies from 4 to 15. This will save you from unnecessary expenses that may be associated with unnecessary functions.


Appliance power

The higher the power of the appliance, the less time will be spent on cooking.



This point is especially true if you have small children. In this case, you will need a device that has a protective shutdown that blocks all modes and functions, and the child will not be able to turn them on himself.


Cleaning type

Today there are three types of cleaning:

  • Manual cleaning takes place with detergents and a sponge.
  • Catalytic – special plates are used for it, which are capable of absorbing fat. In this case, you will not need to wash the oven; it will be enough to replace the plates from time to time.
  • The pyrolytic cleaning system is the most advanced method. To carry out cleaning, you will have to remove absolutely everything from the device and turn on the pyrolysis mode. During this, the door is blocked, and fat and small food debris burn out at a temperature of 500 degrees, after which the ashes need only be removed with a damp sponge or cloth.


Additional options

These functions include:

  • retractable pallets;
  • switching off the device in automatic mode;
  • presence of a sound signal when the door is opened;
  • electronic programming and other possibilities.


Features, types, and selection of a Built-in microwave oven

In addition to the listed parameters, when choosing, it is worth considering the power, price, appearance, and equipment of the device. For electric ovens with a microwave function, the power indicator is quite important. Both the speed of cooking and the power consumption of the appliance depends on it. The wealth of choice presented on sale will not be able to confuse a prepared, knowledgeable buyer. Guided by knowledge, it is easy to make a competent choice of an oven with a microwave function and be completely satisfied with your new purchase.

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