Features Of The Built-in Oven With Steamer

Features Of The Built-in Oven With Steamer

Ovens with a streamer are a technique appreciated even by the chefs of famous restaurants. It’s time to take a closer look at the new product and choose a super functional oven for your kitchen.

A multifunctional oven alone can replace many useful appliances in the kitchen, facilitate the process of preparing food and even enrich your diet with new dishes. A striking example of this is ovens with a streamer, where incredibly tasty and healthy food is so easily and quickly obtained, which can be consumed even by people on a strict diet.

Features Of The Built-in Oven With Steamer

Features of the combined technique

Ovens, which have an additional steam cooking function, are capable of supporting several modes that give different results. Here you can combine the work of heating elements, an infrared grill, and water steam at your discretion to receive the most delicate dishes with an appetizing golden-brown crust on top.

In such ovens, it is convenient to cook meat, fish, and even sweet pastries. And if the model also provides for the convection mode, even bakery masterpieces will be within your power. There can be several modes of vaporization:

  • +200 ° F – this is the so-called wet steam, which creates the same conditions in the chamber as a standard electric steamer or a boiling pan with an installed grid.
  • +250 ° F – intense steam plus hot air blowing (convection). In this mode, food is quickly defrosted and cold food is warmed up. Experienced chefs advise raising the recommended heating temperature by about +85 .. + 95 ° F so that the process goes even more actively.
  • +450 ° F – this function is used in ovens with a grill. Thanks to her, all cooked products are very tender and juicy on the inside, but ruddy on the outside.

A prerequisite for such ovens is the presence of a child lock. A steam burn is far more dangerous for babies than just touching hot surfaces.

By the way, smart technology removes steam from the chamber by itself 5 minutes before the end of the cycle so that you can avoid injuries when opening the door.

Types and designs of the built-in oven with steamer

There are several types of ovens according to the method of steam supply.

  1. Fully automatic – they require connection not only to electricity but also to water supply and sewerage. As a rule, these are professional combi steamers with a huge range of modes and functions.
  2. With a front compartment – here water is simply poured into the steam generator into a small pull-out container. From there, it is sent to the bottom evaporator or a special circuit with nozzles brought out into the chamber. If the water runs out, the device will signal this, and you can easily add it without opening the door.
  3. With a pipe – an unexpected and not very versatile solution. This oven comes with a special oval casserole, into which you can lead the feed tube directly from the steam generator.

For home use, if you really plan to actively use such a multifunctional oven, it is better to choose a model with a front compartment.

Is an oven with steam worth it?

Is an oven with steam worth it

  1. Steam is needed to enhance the taste of food. In a steam oven, meat and vegetables are soft and juicy, and baked goods are fluffy.
  2. There are two technologies for getting steam – Soft Steam and Full Steam.
  3. Cooking with Full Steam for steam implies the supply of steam throughout the cooking process using a special steam generator. Allows you to cook almost all options on one device, more tasty, healthy, and juicy.
  4. With the Soft Steam function, water is steamed from water, which is poured into a special niche in the lower part of the chamber. This function is active for 15–20 minutes of cooking. Soft Steam is ideal for baking.
  5. Steam ovens do not require any special maintenance, but Full Steam ovens must be drained of water after each use.
  6. Steam can be used to clean the oven – it will quickly loosen grease and other contaminants.

Built-in steamer

Features Of The Built-in Oven With Steamer

Striving for perfection, the experts have equipped their ovens with another function that consumers have appreciated at its true worth – streamer. Steamed ingredients retain their shape, color, and almost all vitamins, so purchasing such a technique will be an excellent choice for those users who prefer tasty and “healthy” food.

What kind of meals can you cook?

The electric oven with steamer function allows you to prepare a range of delicious meals. Lush baked goods, homemade boiled pork, stuffed duck – this is not the whole list. You can steam cutlets, vegetables, fish, and even a side dish. In addition, steam in the oven, in combination with a vacuum dispenser, makes it possible to cook unique dishes using the Sous-Vide technology – juicy meat that literally melts in your mouth.

What are the pros and cons of a steam built-in oven?

Like any modern model, such ovens have their own advantages and disadvantages that everyone who plans to purchase a similar appliance for their kitchen needs to know about.

What are the pros and cons of a steam built-in oven

The main advantage of such a device is that the process of preparing your favorite dish will be quick, easy, and, as a result, the products will retain their benefits as much as possible. This is a great solution for those who are accustomed to dietary meals and adhere to the principles of healthy eating.

Due to the fact that such ovens are equipped with various cooking modes, you can easily combine several modes, which will allow you to cook healthy and tasty dishes. In addition, the cooking process is significantly reduced thanks to steam, which saves you time.

Combining the advantages of traditional heating and steam cooking, ovens significantly expand the range of dishes that can be prepared at home. In addition, they also save space, which is especially important for compact kitchens. The oven, which has a standard volume, fits perfectly into any setting, and at the same time becomes a multifunctional assistant for every housewife.

These ovens are very easy to clean without the need for special cleaning agents.

Thanks to the steam, the inner chamber will not get very dirty and traces of grease can be easily removed.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then perhaps the most important of them is the high price of such models. In addition, not all ovens with a steam function have a variety of additional functions, and this can also be a significant disadvantage.

Features Of The Built-in Oven With Steamer. An oven with a streamer has a great future. And if you do not want to feel in a couple of years that your kitchen is seriously “behind the times”, you should take a closer look at modern multifunctional models.

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