Features Of Narrow Built-in Electric Ovens And The Correctness Of Their Choice

Features Of Narrow Built-in Electric Ovens And The Correctness Of Their Choice

Nowadays, built-in appliances are very popular in design solutions for kitchens. It takes up less space, does not violate the stylistic concept, visually expands the space, and is convenient to use.

Recently, compact versions of ovens are in special demand, which is not inferior to standard models in absolutely nothing, except for dimensions: in the same way they can boast rich software and good technical characteristics.

Many at first treated them with distrust, but after all, not every housewife in the kitchen constantly fully uses the full potential of a large oven. So why overpay for unnecessary options and reduce kitchen space?

Features Of Narrow Built-in Electric Ovens And The Correctness Of Their Choice

Features of narrow ovens

Most manufacturers that produce ovens make them in widths ranging from 60 to 40 cm. The most popular among narrow ovens are models with a width of 45 cm, they fit perfectly into kitchen sets for small kitchens.

With their compact size, such ovens have the full functionality of this type of device, sufficient software, and a set of protections, and have the same power.

The difference lies only in the smaller volume of prepared dishes, but it is quite enough for a small family.

In appearance, everything is the same with narrow ovens as with ordinary ones, they look very beautiful, harmoniously fit into the kitchen, and due to their small dimensions, there are fewer difficulties with their installation.

If necessary, you can pick up models made in a certain design style, for example, loft, modern, Provence.

Basic functions of narrow ovens

The main tasks of narrow ovens are identical to conventional models, the devices are designed for preparing a variety of dishes – roasting meat and fish, vegetables, pastries, and much more. Thanks to the extensive list of modes included in the software, you can cook not only familiar dishes but also some exotic ones.

Electric ovens make it possible to adjust the temperature up to 1 degree, they can change it themselves if this is provided for by the cooking recipe. In such ovens, it is much easier to bake complex baked goods that require strict adherence to the temperature regime.

All narrow electric ovens have a standard feature set.

  • Bottom Heat – Normal for most dishes, warming is provided from the bottom. The main disadvantage of this model is the burning of food if the cooking time is not exactly observed.
  • When using top heat, the temperature is applied from above, ensuring optimal baking and the formation of a golden-brown crust. Great for a variety of baked goods.
  • The grill, thanks to special heating elements installed in the walls of the oven, evenly fries food at a very high temperature. Allows you to achieve excellent results when cooking meat or fish dishes, they have an indescribable aroma.
  • Convection – the mode of forced circulation of hot air using a built-in mechanical fan, which ensures the most uniform temperature distribution. In some models, it is possible to divide the working area of ​​the oven into two for cooking two dishes at the same time.

Also, some manufacturers add other functions – microwave oven mode, steaming, auto defrosting, frying, barbecue, spit. Thus, the electric oven reduces the number of kitchen appliances and performs these tasks on its own.

Pros and cons of narrow ovens

The main advantage of narrow ovens over conventional ones is, of course, their compactness. Otherwise, they have all the advantages of full-size electric ovens.

  • Precise adjustment of the temperature regime, which is extremely important when preparing complex dishes or baked goods. Sensitive temperature sensors show the temperature in the oven with an accuracy of tenths of a degree.
  • There is a large list of cooking programs. Many dishes are originally included in the software. It will be enough to select the required mode, and the oven itself will notify you about the end of cooking with a sound signal.
  • The presence of a timer and the ability to set the time at which the oven must independently start cooking according to the specified mode. This is convenient if you are busy with something and are afraid of not having time to prepare food.
  • The fast heating function makes it possible to preheat the oven as quickly as possible thanks to the simultaneous operation of all heating elements.
  • After cooking with the preheat option, the oven will ensure that your food remains hot and aromatic for a long time without losing its flavor.
  • Thanks to the special Easy Clean enamel coating, the oven is very easy to care for. The composition of this enamel includes a special catalytic element, which, when a certain temperature is reached, accelerates the process of lagging fatty spots from the surface. At the same time, the coating looks quite aesthetically pleasing.
  • Fully electronic control mainly realized with rotary and retractable toggle switches. More expensive models have touch control using the display.

Pros and cons of narrow ovens

Of the shortcomings of narrow ovens, one can single out, as in large-sized models, a high price, which, by the way, is fully justified by the operation of the device. It is also worth noting that the assembly of some manufacturers is not of the highest quality and has an unpleasant smell during the first preparations (in this case, you can run a little oven idle so as not to spoil the food).

What kind of narrow ovens are there?

Electric narrow ovens differ from each other in design, functionality, power, finish, the material of manufacture, thermal insulation, different types of protection and control. All these factors are extremely important when choosing a built-in oven.

  • You can choose any design, manufacturers make some models specifically for popular styles or in different colors. After all, it is important for every housewife that the built-in oven is visually suitable for the kitchen set and the interior of the kitchen.
  • Functionally, the models differ from each other in the number of preset modes in the software, in the possibility of cooking certain products, in the presence of a grill. The more expensive the model is, the wider range of functions is implemented in it.
  • Not every housewife needs a lot of power, in this case, you can purchase a less powerful electric oven and reduce the purchase price.
  • The coating is now almost all manufacturers have the same – it is heat-resistant enamel Easy Clean, it is unpretentious in maintenance, durable and aesthetic.
  • The level of reliability of the thermal insulation of an electric oven directly affects the durability of both the oven itself and the kitchen unit in which it is built. Most manufacturers provide certificates of compliance with international standards for thermal insulation of the productive workspace.
  • Ovens can be mechanically controlled using rotary-recessed toggle switches and with touch. In the newest models, control is mainly provided using the touch panel.

The list of security features built-in by manufacturers is growing every year. All of them are aimed at protecting the person working with the oven, fire safety, and the durability of the equipment.

The most common types of narrow ovens are:

  • protection from children and careless handling – blocking the touch control panel or toggle switches and the oven door during cooking or when the equipment is idle with a special button;
  • from voltage surges and emergency shutdown;
  • from overheating – automatic shutdown if overheating of the electrical elements inside occurs (meaning the shutdown of the equipment is not due to the high temperature of the oven).

About the functionality of electric ovens

Nowadays, ovens have a variety of functions that facilitate their operation:

  • Timer – allows you to control the cooking time, and the device can either turn itself off when the dish is ready or notify it with a signal about the end of the cooking process.
  • Mode of rapid heating of the oven to the required temperature.
  • Automatic selection of the required cooking mode, taking into account its weight.
  • Sensor for automatic shutdown of the device in case of overheating.
  • Parental control (child lock for switches and keys).
  • Inexpensive models: microwave oven, double boiler, drying fruit, defrosting food, heating dishes, etc.

About the functionality of electric ovens

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How to choose a narrow oven?

When choosing a narrow electric oven, certain factors must be considered:

  • tasks assigned to the equipment;
  • a set of functions in it;
  • design;
  • warranty and service;
  • price.

A narrow oven is most suitable for the equipment of a small neat kitchen, for embedding in compact headsets.

Its main difference from the large model is the volume of the chamber, but if you do not need to cook food for a large family or you rarely use the oven, this is the best option. The vast majority of manufacturers make ovens with a variety of designs and color variations so that they can harmoniously fit into the interior.

When buying such equipment, you need to pay special attention to the warranty period, the availability of the manufacturer’s service center, or an authorized service point in your city.

It should be noted that now, in most cases, a long-term warranty and support of the device are provided for the entire period of its operation.

The price depends on the relevance of the model, the number of various functionalities and protections, the power of the equipment, the quality of the assembly, the warranty period, and the availability of service centers, as well as the brand. The broader the list, the higher the cost and class of the device.

Features Of Narrow Built-in Electric Ovens And The Correctness Of Their Choice

It is worth paying attention to these factors when choosing a narrow oven for your kitchen because the most expensive equipment is not necessarily the most optimal for you. Before buying, it will not be superfluous to read the reviews for your equipment, since the Internet has provided a huge number of responses and reviews on narrow ovens from various manufacturers.

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