Do You Need An Electric Canned Food Knife In The House?

Do You Need An Electric Canned Food Knife In The House?

A special device such as a can opener is designed to open cans. It cuts thin metal so that it creates an opening that can be used to extract everything in the jar.

Also, the functionality of the knife often provides for the ability to open tin lids on the seaming of glass cans and beer bottles.

Humanity has been able to preserve food for about two centuries. In the past, metal cans were made by hand. And after the products were placed in them, they were closed using soldering. And to open the sealed heavy metal containers, you had to take a chisel and a hammer.

IMPORTANT! By the nineteenth century, the method of making cans had changed. Since tinplate could be used, the engineers were able to automate the process.

At the same time, the first devices were born with the help of which it was possible to open canned food. Currently, consumers can use not only mechanical but also electric can openers.

Do You Need An Electric Canned Food Knife In The House

How the can opener works?

There are a lot of can openers. However, whichever one you take, they will have the same principle of operation.

The device has a cutting part. It provides an opportunity to rip up a thin tin can. The mechanism itself may differ.

If we take the simplest knives, then their principle of operation is very similar to the action of a lever. The user rests against the handle of the device. It picks up and cuts through the metal of the can using the sharp edge of the knife. And there are also options when the cut is carried out by rolling a sharp disc.

IMPORTANT! Canning knives come in many different varieties. They differ in ease of use and reliability. And also on the efforts that need to be made to rip a tin can.

We list the most common opener designs:

  • Manual, which has an additional corkscrew.
  • Manual with a wooden handle.
  • Mechanical hand, which is provided for fastening to the table.
  • Mechanical manual with a wheel.
  • Automatic battery operated.
  • Electrical network.

What is an Electric Can Opener?

A traditional mechanical can opener, if used, requires some skill and human effort. And when using it, there is a chance that you will get injured. It is very common for users to get cuts on their fingers due to the sharp edges of the can.

IMPORTANT! An electric opener can facilitate the procedure for opening canned food, and as much as possible, as well as save the consumer from injury.

The device has a small body. It was equipped with an electric motor, a knife mechanism and a can lock. The models of these devices can vary significantly in size and design. However, the principle of operation is the same for them:

  • fixation of the can is provided with the help of a specially provided holder;
  • the cutting mechanism is started, opening the can;
  • after the can is uncorked, the user can only remove it from the latch.

Let’s note the advantages of electric manual and tabletop automatic machines for uncorking canned food:

  • Banks are opened quickly. It doesn’t require much effort on the part of the user.
  • A special knife system cuts the lid from the inside so that no scratches or nicks are formed. As a result, the edges of the container are even. And therefore cuts are excluded.
  • When you open a can, you do not need to hold it with your hands.
  • The retainer is comfortable. It holds the lid after opening the can. And it allows you to easily and easily have access to the content.

Varieties of electric canning knives

Varieties of electric canning knives

Modern industry produces a couple of types of electrical appliances for canned food.

  1. Battery-operated portable automatic opener. This device is convenient to use if you are in the country or on a hike.
  2. Tabletop electric opener, powered by an outlet.

Taking into account the functionality of electric openers, there are specialized ones. With their help, cans are uncorked, for example. Or there are special wine corkscrews. And then there are multifunctional electric openers.

IMPORTANT! There are such universal can openers with an electric drive, which additionally have a knife-cutter.

When choosing an electrical appliance in order to uncork canned food and drinks, pay attention to what material the body is made of, as well as to the quality of the knife system.

For the manufacture of devices, high-strength plastic is mainly used. More expensive models have a metal case. It is best when the knife system is made of sharpened stainless steel.

If this is a tabletop electric opener, then it is important that it has rubberized feet. The device is safer, which has a hidden knife system, as well as an automatic shutdown and turning on from the button. The weight of the device and the dimensions are important criteria. So is the motor power and functionality.

IMPORTANT! Before buying, there is a reason to look on the Internet at what users write about the device in order to correlate price with quality.

Features of the Battery Powered Electric Canning Opener

Features of the Battery Powered Electric Canning Opener

Users recognize that this is the most practical can opener in everyday life. It is a small, palm-sized, plastic device with a pair of working discs on one side and a power button on top. The batteries are inserted into the device. And then you can put it on a tin can and press the button.

IMPORTANT! The action of such a knife is fully automatic. You can even let go of it and not hold it with your hands. The device will pull up the cutting knife by itself. You don’t have to deal with adjusting it.

After that, the device, cutting through the can, unfolds and passes along the entire circumference. Then the user needs to press the button again. The knives will be divorced. The device will disconnect.

Even a child can pick up and use such a can opener. Its use does not involve any effort at all. In this case, the tool does not cut the cover, but the rolling. The one that is formed at its junction with the walls of the can.

The cut is very neat and even. It is not sharp at all. And the can, which was opened with such a device, looks perfect.

Devices of this type are not intended to be used in catering establishments. After all, they need batteries to work. In addition, the can is opened in an average of half a minute. Most electrical professional devices can do this more quickly.

IMPORTANT! For use in everyday life, it is difficult to come up with something that will be more practical and convenient. However, it should be borne in mind that this device requires the periodic replacement of batteries. It is also somewhat bulkier than a regular can opener.

Features of Networked Electric Canning Knives

Features of Networked Electric Canning Knives

Can openers of this type be the fastest? This is a fairly large household appliance, especially when compared to the size of a regular manual opener. It plugs into a regular outlet and is powered from the mains.

The principle of the knife is similar to the previous design. It is only leaned against the side of the bank and held in the hand, and not lowered during switching on.

There is a large handle with a button. At the end of the handle, there is a reducer. It increases the torque that is transmitted from the electric motor to the wheel. Cut edges look perfect. To cut yourself on them, you need to try.

IMPORTANT! As a rule, for use in everyday life, the capabilities of this knife are excessive. And therefore they have found application in public catering. And in kennels – too. After all, there is a need to often open canned food in order to feed the animals. In a typical kitchen, such a can opener will take up too much space.

Convenient outdoor camping electric canning knives

In order to uncork small canned food, there are compact electrical devices – for example, the One Touch Can Opener brand. This option is safe and convenient on the road or at a picnic in order to uncork canned food just after you press the button on the case.

The automatic can opener requires batteries to operate. They are located in a special compartment of a compact body. The brand’s models have a magnetic lock and an automatic knife system. In order to uncork the jar, it is necessary to correctly place the device on the jar lid. And then press the button.

IMPORTANT! Some models sometimes have additional devices for opening bottles.

The requirements for the uncorking procedure are as follows:

  • put the jar on a flat surface;
  • the device is placed so that the knife can fall on the rim of the can.

Make sure the knife is in the correct position. To do this, press the button “return to original position”. With the correct placement of the unit, the motor will not run under this action. Otherwise, the button must be held until the motor has completely stopped, and then the position of the apparatus must be corrected.

The device will start working as soon as you press the “Switch on” button. After the completion of the process, the device will automatically turn off.

IMPORTANT! The main disadvantage of this solution is that there is a dependence on the battery charge level.

Their capacity is sometimes not enough to complete the work during operation. And then the device hangs on the bank. It is not easy to retrieve the product in this case. Everything must be done carefully. The cost depends on how powerful the motor is and how it is equipped.

Do You Need An Electric Canned Food Knife In The House?

The assortment of can openers on the market is quite wide. The variety of models is distinguished by functionality, ease of use, and mechanism of action. Having carefully studied the features of each type of opener, everyone will be able to choose a suitable device for themselves, with which you can easily and safely open the jar.

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