Deciphering The Icons On The Oven Panels

Deciphering The Icons On The Oven Panels

The designations on the oven in the form of icons or icons help the hostess to choose the appropriate operating mode for the occasion. The decoding of the designations must be present in the operating instructions.

Modern ovens delight their housewives with an abundance of useful modes and functions. But understanding them is not so easy, especially when you have to read not advertising brochures, but small icons on the control panel. The pictograms around the knobs, on buttons, and even on touch screens are numerous and varied – so the first time you can’t remember all of them, and even less understand what they mean. Of course, you should first read the instructions for your oven model, but sometimes it may not contain the answer to this simple question.

The designations often differ depending on what type of control is implemented in a particular model. Therefore, we will divide them into groups according to the same principle to make it easier to navigate.

Mechanical control panel symbols

Conventional rotary knobs are most often found on inexpensive ovens with a small number of modes, as well as on gas models, since they also do not have rich functionality. The number of icons here is usually small and it will be easier to deal with them. The easiest way is to navigate with the indicators of a timer or thermostat, around which the manufacturer has simply prescribed the heating temperature. You will have to get acquainted with other icons.

The most popular designations:

  • “Light” – turn on the backlight in the oven for visual control of cooking.
  • “Snowflake” or “Snowflake with drops” – defrost food.
  • A horizontal line at the top of the pictogram, below or simultaneously in two parts of the square – respectively, heating with the upper, lower heating element or both at once.
  • If the lines are drawn with a dotted line, this is a low-temperature or gentle cooking mode at +160 .. + 250° F.
  • The fan symbol denotes convection mode, that is, blowing hot air into the chamber. As a rule, it is supplemented with a line for the position of the working heating element.
  • The wavy line or teeth represent the grill. The additional horizontal bar above the icon is the Fast Grill mode and the convection icon corresponds to the turbo grill program.
  • Double-sided horizontal arrow with a pair of arches – a spit.

When using convection in an oven, it is recommended to select a heating temperature 70-100 ° F lower than in the case of normal modes.

Sometimes on the oven panels, there are simple and recognizable symbols for specific dishes, for example, for baking pizza, bread, or pastries. It is easy to guess here about the purpose of the selected option, but its characteristics (cooking time and heating temperature) should be clarified in the instructions.

Electromechanics symbols

Electromechanics oven symbols

Such a control panel allows you to more accurately set and control the operating modes of the oven. Therefore, their icons are used here – in much larger quantities. And although different manufacturers may have their own set of pictograms, the largest and most popular brands like Siemens, Bosch, Electrolux, and Hotpoint-Ariston have chosen to simplify the task for their customers and adhere to approximately the same designation system.

  • A horizontal line with a wavy “stream of steam” rising above it (one or three) – maintaining the temperature of ready meals at the level of +140 .. + 210 ° F.
  • A cake tart with three vertical wavy lines – the so-called gratin mode, which creates a brown baked crust on the surface of the food.
  • The same three waves, but by themselves, or the “Sun” icon indicate the drying mode.

In addition, on the panels of multifunctional ovens, you can find icons corresponding to such modes as warming up plates before serving, preparing yogurts and sourdoughs (“Glass”), layering yeast dough, sterilizing canned food.

Today, quite a few additional icons have appeared for various convection modes. The following symbols may appear next to the fan:

  • LTC – slow cooker, which makes large roasted cuts of meat juicier.
  • Three drops – additional processing of products with hot steam.
  • “Leaf” – the so-called eco mode with minimal energy consumption.

Electronic PU touch screen symbols

LED symbols look nice and intriguing on the screen of such a panel. And all because there can be an unlimited number of them here, which is what manufacturers use when coming up with new designations for the introduced cooking modes. In addition, the features of the sensor’s operation allow setting additional options for individual programs, which are also highlighted in the form of icons.

  • “Clock” or two vertical bars with an arrow pointing to the right – indicate that the cooking time can be set for the selected mode. If the arrow is tilted to the left, it means that you are required to set the end time of the oven.
  • “Bell” – sound notification about the end of the program and the readiness of the dish.

The number of all kinds of icons on the touch panels is really large, so it is better to clarify their decoding in the instructions for a specific model of the oven. The first time you keep it close at hand, laying it on the desired page, soon you will get used to the new technique and can remove the “cheat sheet” to the rest of the documents.

Separately, it is worth considering the pictograms of ovens with a steam cooking function. Usually, 4 options are used here:

  • Cloud with three lines – wet steam with a saturation of 100%.
  • One dash and/or Low – low humidity in the chamber.
  • Two stripes, “Med” – medium steam level, ideal for baking.
  • Three dashes, “High” – intense steam generation.

Basic Oven Symbols

What can you see on the oven panels? What functions do these pictures represent?

What is a Defrosting oven symbol?

Deciphering The Icons On The Oven Panels

Its designation is a few drops at the bottom of the square, above which there is an image of a fan. This mode is characterized by the simultaneous operation of the convector with the bottom heating element. This mode is used for:

  • fast defrosting of food at + 80 ° F;
  • maintaining the temperature of ready meals;
  • their warming up at + 100-210 ° F.

What is a convection oven symbol?

These icons look like a 4-leafed flower in a circle. The designations indicate that the heat generated during the heating mode is evenly distributed by the fans throughout its entire volume. A similar purpose is used for the preparation of frozen meals and baked goods at a temperature of + 330 ° F.

What is a Convection and grill oven symbol?

The symbols of this mode of operation look like a 4-leafed flower at the bottom of a square with a zigzag line or a dotted line hovering above it. The oven in this mode turns on the heating element of the grill, which is located at the top of the chamber, while simultaneously activating the fan. This work of the elements helps to level the burning of the upper part of the prepared products.

What is a Big grill oven symbol?

The designation for this function is zigzag or italic at the top of the square. Heating takes place with the help of a grill heating element, which has a large area. In this case, the temperature is set within the range of + 120-430 ° F. But the camera will start working after reaching + 430 ° F.

This function is recommended for cooking dishes such as lasagna, grilled meats, when you need to achieve a golden-brown crust.

What is a Grill and overhead heating element oven symbol?

To depict this feature, manufacturers have chosen zigzag icons in the middle of a square with an arc (straight line) at the top. The oven is heated with a heating element located at the top. This allows the heat to go directly to the grill, helping the food to be cooked on it to retain its juiciness.

What is a Traditional mode oven symbol?

The designation has 2 facing arcs (solid straight lines) located at the top and bottom of the square. These icons indicate that the top and bottom heating elements are operating in the chamber.

At the same time, ordinary baked goods or products that require frying at a temperature of + 390 ° F are placed in the oven.

What is a Heated from below oven symbol?

Its designation is an arc or straight line at the bottom of the square. For the operating bottom heating element, the fan helps to distribute heat throughout the chamber using forced convection. The icons indicate that cooking requires a temperature of + 120-480 ° F, at which the product is baked from below, while the required temperature is kept from above.

Deciphering The Icons On The Oven Panels

Oven icons help you choose the right cooking mode for any dish. Therefore, you should not ignore them so as not to be disappointed in your kitchen appliances. Study the decoding of the pictograms and the characteristics of the corresponding programs. And when you are familiar with all the main functions of the new oven, you will not need any tips.

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