Cooking Like In Japan Features Of The Electric Teppan

Cooking Like In Japan Features Of The Electric Teppan

The epidemic has deprived people of the opportunity to travel to those countries that interest them. But it is quite possible to cook any Asian dishes at home. And you don’t need to go on a journey for this. You just need to use any model of such kitchen appliances as electric teppan.

Cooking Like In Japan Features Of The Electric Teppan

What is electric teppan?

Japanese teppan panels (or Teppan-Yaki) are often found in specialty restaurants. However, not everyone has it at home. However, those who like to experiment in the kitchen can buy such a panel today. Fortunately, there are quite a few kitchen appliance manufacturers that already make these appliances.

IMPORTANT! What is Teppan Yaki? In Japan, it is a popular cooking method. Food is fried on a special steel panel. It is flat. The panel itself is called the same way. By the way, translated from Japanese it means “fried on a metal plate”.

The specificity of Teppan plates is that they have very high power. And also this device attracts a person’s attention with its appearance. Fast food preparation is inherent in Japanese cuisine. That is why it has become popular and this is the method when food is prepared in front of the client.

It should be noted that heat treatment is carried out intensively and quickly, the products simply do not have time to lose all their useful ones. And the dishes cooked in the teppan are remembered for their taste. He’s unusual.

The hob must be of good quality. After all, this is the main part of this grill. It must have a non-stick coating. Then teppanyaki dishes can be easily moved around. The best materials used for the hob are ceramic and Teflon.

The size of the grill surface is also important. Anyone planning to cook teppanyaki will need a lot of space. Then it will be possible to move all the food that is prepared separately, and not interfere with each other.

It’s good when your grill can be disassembled. Then it is easier to clean. At least the hob should be removed. Only then can the hob be thoroughly cleaned so that the electrical parts are not damaged.

IMPORTANT! Almost all products can be used for this roasting method. Whether it’s fish or meat, fruits or vegetables. Unfortunately, all types of freezing are not suitable for these panels. The problem is that frozen food is full of moisture. Therefore, they will not be fried, but boiled.

Features of the Teppan-Yaki cooking process

Features of the Teppan-Yaki cooking process

If you are going to cook on the Teppan-Yaki panel as provided by the rules, then you must follow the following algorithm:

  • First of all, you need to clean the panel. Professional chefs do this effectively using butter. But you can just rinse the panel well when it is still cold;
  • only high-temperature oils are used for frying, ghee or refined vegetable oil is perfect. Vegetable oil is also good when you need to clean the surface of the stove – this must be done after you have fried the dish;
  • turn on the panel, warm it up, and do not forget that the central part heats up more strongly than the edge;
  • each piece must be slightly flattened, but this must be done so that the juice does not stand out, otherwise, the dish will be dry;
  • each piece lies so that it does not touch others;
  • the product is turned over when it is already easily separated from the hob;
  • before cooking, fish, and meat do not need to be pierced and cut – all the juice must be retained;
  • for the same reason, fish, meat, poultry is not salted since salt draws moisture to the surface;
  • The basic rule of Teppan-Yaki is that the thinner the product, the higher the temperature should be. And then the roasting is faster.

IMPORTANT! Plus, the drainage holes, along with the oil pan in which the oil collects, ensure that the food is fat-free. This is why teppanyaki-style food is actually very healthy. She is good at retaining not only aroma but her nutrients.

When the dish is ready, you can add salt and spices before serving the plate. However, numerous responses suggest that even unflavored dishes are delicious. Teppan-Yaki retains its original natural flavor. It seems to seal it inside. And remember that the meal is started as soon as the dish was prepared.

How teppan developed in Japan?

The tradition of preparing a teppan table dish in front of customers, which came to us from the East, gained popularity in our homeland in the second half of the last century.

Earlier in Japan, classic restaurants became widespread, in which the kitchen and the hall were separated. There were also unusual home cooking establishments in which the visitor had the opportunity to cook himself, say, noodles or okonomi-yaki pizza.

Then stoves appeared in the halls with a solid frying surface – teppan. They were built into the tables at which the visitors sat. Those who arrived at the restaurant sat around the teppan table. The waiter brought drinks and food that was prepared for frying. And the chef talked to the visitors and cooked. He asked, for example, what sequence of serving dishes do they choose?

When the finished teppan-yaki dish is not served immediately, the chef puts it on a ceramic plate and covers it with a heated metal lid. And first, he pours a little water on the hot surface of the teppan.

IMPORTANT! Steam appears. It heats up the space under the hood very quickly. The temperature is very high there. Covered dishes remain hot and will soon be served from the additional teppan surface.

Modern electric teppan and their varieties

Modern electric teppan and their varieties

Modern electric teppan have many modifications. They are desktop, floor. And even built into a sushi stand or a separate table. Original Japanese teppan is produced with tubular electric heaters, which are hidden under a solid polished surface.

For the manufacture of a frying surface, a special alloy is usually used. It is plated with chrome and has a high thermal conductivity. And therefore, it is reliable protection against the sticking of food when frying.

An analog of a teppan is a direct-fry grill, which has a ribbed or even surface. However, manufacturers often call teppan any stove that has a solid frying surface.

IMPORTANT! What makes a quality teppan different? High power. It also usually has a pleasant appearance that allows it to be integrated into any interior.

The peculiarity of oriental cuisine is that the dishes are prepared quickly. This is why the smooth surface of the teppan is much more comfortable for handling finely chopped food than a regular frying pan. And due to the high heating power, you can fry a meat or fish dish in just a few minutes.

The design of teppan plays an important role as they must have a presentable appearance. Teppan from reputable manufacturers is usually of high quality. They are usually trimmed with wood. They are fully stocked and ready to go.

Currently, real teppan tables are produced in European countries, because they meet all the requirements of oriental cuisine. It doesn’t matter what kind of teppan it is: electric or gas.

IMPORTANT! The design and technical characteristics of the European versions are such that they are in no way inferior to the Japanese ones. Their difference is only in decoration. Many models are also produced that are intended for home use.

Japanese minimalism in the home kitchen

Cooking with this method is simple. And you can start with a regular electric table teppan grill.

Let’s say the popular brand Miele offers a teppan-yaki panel that is designed to be installed simply on a table. So you can cook Japanese-style meals at home. And without the use of special dishes. After all, everything is prepared on a hot stainless steel plate.

Everyone knows that the Japanese value austerity in everything. Cooking is no exception. They are led by a high-quality product. And also a simple technology for its preparation, thanks to which the taste and benefits are maximally preserved. For this reason, the style of cooking, where everything is done on a flat iron plate and immediately served on plates, has gained popularity in different countries.

The panel has two zones. They can be turned on and adjusted separately. However, unification is also possible. For example, when you need to fry a fish fillet or a large piece of meat. In other cases, some foods are fried in the first zone and left in the second zone in order to maintain the temperature after the food is cooked.

IMPORTANT! On the electric panel, teppan-yaki bake pancakes and pancakes, make scrambled eggs, stew fruits and vegetables, fry pancakes, sausages, schnitzels, and steaks.

Cooking Like In Japan Features Of The Electric Teppan

The main advantage of teppan-yaki is that the products are cooked in their own juice. For their preparation, if fat or oil is required, then very little. And when you fry a pickled product, you can do without oil.

The panel has touch-sensitive control buttons. There is a Stop & Go function. And thanks to it, you can be distracted, since it provides an opportunity to reduce the power to one and be sure that the dish does not burn. There is also a numeric keypad with which you can set the power level. There is also a timer.

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