Choosing A Multi-Cooker For Kids, For Baby Food

Choosing A Multi-Cooker For Kids, For Baby Food

For many modern families with small children, the children’s multi-cooker has become an indispensable kitchen appliance. It is able not only to simplify the process of preparing meals for young family members but also to preserve all the nutrients in food to the maximum, which is one of the important points in the nutrition of children. In addition, such devices have special functions that are not always found in traditional multi-cooker.

Choosing A Multi-Cooker For Kids, For Baby Food

What are the features of children’s multi-cooker

The purpose of such devices, as in conventional multi-cooker, is to prepare food. But how, then, do they differ from standard models?

  1. The size of the main bowl. As a rule, its volume does not exceed 3 liters – these are small multi-cooker. But this is enough to prepare even several servings of children’s meals.
  2. Special programs and modes. In addition to standard programs, such a device has additional modes and functions that are adjusted for baby food, for example, “Milk porridge”, “Cottage cheese”, “Yogurt”, “Steam cooking”, “Sterilization/pasteurization”.

Of course, models with a large bowl volume, designed for a large family, can also have similar functions. But in children’s models, thanks to small portions, dishes are prepared much faster, while using a minimum amount of electricity.

Benefits of multi-cooker for kids

During the cooking process, you do not need to stir the food or adjust the power of the heating element. It is enough to put all the food in the bowl and set the required mode. The convenient delayed start function allows you to prepare fresh meals at any time. To do this, you just need to set the time by which the multi-cooker should cook, for example, milk porridge or lunch soup.

Due to its compact size, such an assistant does not take up much space and is suitable even for a small kitchen. At the same time, the volume of the bowl allows you to cook not only a portion of porridge for a small child. Making the most of the volume, you can easily feed a full-fledged family of 3-4 people with breakfast. In addition, it is very convenient to take a children’s multi-cooker to the dacha, a picnic, or on a trip.

If necessary, it is quite possible to cook simple dishes in the car by connecting it to the cigarette lighter through an adapter.

Benefits of multi-cooker for kids

  • Saving time. Every mother knows that with the appearance of a baby, free time disappears without a trace. The multi-cooker allows you to save precious minutes, and even hours, significantly simplifying the cooking process: it is enough to put the products indicated in the recipe into a container, and the device will extinguish or fry them on its own.
  • The non-stick container of any modern multi-cooker is easy to clean: nothing burns in it, so it is enough to clean the walls and bottom with a soft sponge and wipe the entire surface with a dry towel.
  • The Delayed Start mode is remarkable in that the food can be put into the device in advance, and the preparation of the dish will begin at the right time. During this time, you can sleep, go to the shower or play with your child.
  • The Auto Warm feature keeps food warm for as long as needed, so you don’t have to reheat dinner.
  • Saving money and space in the kitchen. A multi-cooker for children with a set of the necessary options will eliminate the need to buy a sterilizer, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, and bottle warmer.
  • Baby food mode allows you to quickly prepare food for your baby. However, the multi-cooker will also provide healthy and tasty food for nursing mothers who are forced to adhere to a fairly strict diet.

Varieties of multi-cooker

  • There are two types: conventional and pressure cooker. The multi-cooker-pressure cooker has a steam valve that allows you to regulate the pressure and maintain the temperature up to 240 °F. As a result, the cooking speed is significantly reduced.
  • Also, devices are divided according to operating modes. But, as a rule, the functionality of any multi-cooker is much wider than can be understood from the labeling of the buttons or a short technical description on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Today on sale you can find both the so-called children’s multi-cooker and ordinary adults. The differences between them lie in the volume of the bowl and the power.

The main functions of multi-cooker, which are useful for young parents:

  • “Rice” – allows you to cook pasta, dumplings, pilaf, dumplings, potatoes, and vegetables;
  • “Buckwheat” – suitable for cooking any porridge;
  • “Steam cooking” – the mode is convenient for heating ready meals;
  • “Baking” – suitable for grilling meat, vegetables or fish;
  • “Stew” – can be used for stewing meat and vegetables, making baby soups, jellied meat, and baked milk.

Many devices have additional functions for milk porridge, yogurt, baby food, etc.

How to choose a children’s multi-cooker

  1. The volume of the bowl. This criterion should be selected according to the number of people for whom it is planned to cook in it. Modern models of children’s multi-cooker have bowls from 1.5 to 3 liters.
  2. Cover the bowl. It must be, firstly, non-stick, secondly, it must have high heat resistance, and thirdly, it must be resistant to mechanical stress. It is better not to use Teflon-coated utensils for cooking, especially for children. It not only has a short service life but also at high temperatures emits harmful substances that can even change the taste properties of food. The best option is a ceramic or another permanent non-stick coating.
  3. Availability of necessary programs for cooking and management. As mentioned above, such devices differ from traditional models by the presence of special programs adapted for baby food. In particular, the yogurt preparation mode is very popular. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the most successful control and the necessary functions for himself. If it is planned that a schoolchild will use the multi-cooker in the absence of parents, then the Russified menu and an intuitive interface play an important role.
  4. Availability of special modes. These include: “Delayed start”, “Automatic heating”, “Sterilization / pasteurization”.
  5. Power. Low power consumption is an indisputable plus of children’s multi-cooker. Since the volume of the thicket is small, cooking power requires much less than in traditional models. But do not choose too economical option – 250 – 300 watts. In such a device, it is unlikely that it will be possible to cook more complex dishes or bake a delicious cake. To prepare any culinary masterpieces using such a kitchen appliance, it is better to choose models with a power of 500 – 750 watts.
  6. Complete set and additional accessories. In addition to the main device and a bowl for preparing food, the kit may include special spoons, a measuring cup, oven mitts or a removable handle for easy removal of the bowl, a recipe book, a steaming basket, cups for making yogurt, a bowl lid, etc. …
  7. Security system. A reliable multi-cooker for children should be equipped with a sealed valve to prevent scalding.

Children’s multi-cooker today has become an indispensable kitchen appliance for many housewives. With its help, you can not only prepare a tasty and healthy dish but also diversify the child’s daily menu. In addition, it significantly saves young parents’ time. Additional modes “Delay start” or “Auto heat” greatly simplify the cooking process.

Choosing a good multi-cooker for baby food

If your family has small children, the multi-cooker becomes an indispensable kitchen appliance. It allows you to cook a fresh new dish every time. Multi-cooker for baby food retains the maximum amount of nutrients, you can sterilize baby dishes, and much more.

What to look for when choosing a device to quickly and easily prepare healthy meals for little family members?

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Features of a multi-cooker for a child

The multi-cooker for preparing baby food is not too different from standard appliances, but there are still differences.

First of all, it is the size of the pot. If the bowls of “adult” multi-cooker most often have a volume of 5–6 liters, children’s models rarely exceed two liters. This is enough to cook several bowls of delicious baby porridge at once.

Another important difference is the special programs and functions that can be used to prepare dishes from the children’s menu. These include:

  • “Cottage cheese”;
  • “Steamed dishes”;
  • “Milk noodles / porridge”;
  • “Yogurt”;
  • “Pasteurization / sterilization”.

Of course, an “adult” multi-cooker can be equipped with the same functions. But since baby models are so much smaller, you can prepare food much faster. In addition, you will spend much less energy and you will be able to save money.

Features of a multi-cooker for a child

Advantages of multi-cooker

Multi-cooker for baby food is a significant saving of time and effort. Every mother knows how difficult it is to cook a full meal when a child is always nearby. It requires your attention all the time and there is no time left for cooking. Now you won’t have such problems. You will be able to load the products indicated in the recipe even in the morning when the child is asleep. It is enough to set the “Delayed start” mode and the multi-cooker will prepare a nutritious soup for lunch or fresh milk porridge for breakfast by itself.

The children’s menu in a multi-cooker will allow the kid to eat the most useful and varied dishes. The unit will do a good job for nursing mothers. More often than not, they are also forced to follow a special diet.

A good multi-cooker for children has a non-stick coating. In this case, it does not have to be washed with detergents. Simply rinse the bowl with water and wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth.

The Auto Warm mode will keep food warm for as long as needed. You don’t have to warm up your dinner many times. In addition, many of these units are so compact and convenient that you can take them with you on trips. Most often, such a multi-cooker can be connected to the car battery through an inverter. Even outdoors, your child will have warm porridge or nutritious vegetable puree for dinner.

Using the modes “Yogurt”, “Homemade cottage cheese” or “Pudding” you can diversify the children’s menu as much as possible. Also, you do not need to purchase a bottle sterilizer or warmer. Such functions are also available in the children’s multi-cooker.

How to choose a good multi-cooker

Before choosing a multi-cooker for preparing baby food, try to think through exactly how you are going to use it. Going to the store, pay attention to the following parameters:

Multi-cooker pan volume

Aggregates for a children’s menu most often have bowl sizes from 1.5 to 3 liters. It all depends on how many people you plan to cook for at the same time. Please note that there is practically no difference in size between these options. Both three and one and a half liter multi-cooker will take almost the same place in your kitchen.

Multi-cooker bowl cover

Do not use Teflon-lined bowls for preparing baby food. Better to give preference to ceramic, marble, and other bowls with a neutral layer. When heated, they do not emit any harmful substances, and the food for the child will be as safe as possible.

Although all small multi-cookers do not “eat” too much electricity, you should not purchase super economy options with a power of 200 watts. You cannot cook anything good with it. The optimum power level for a children’s multi-cooker is 600–800 watts. Such indicators will allow you to diversify your child’s menu quite a lot.

Intuitive and simple operation of the multi-cooker

If it is planned that the device will be used not only by you but also by a child of school age, make sure that the menu of the unit is as simple and understandable as possible, in a language familiar to the child.

Special modes and functions of the multi-cooker

We talked about their presence in sufficient detail above.

Adequate multi-cooker safety system

The system must have a special valve to release steam and protect against accidental burns.

Optional accessories for the multi-cooker

The set of equipment for a children’s multi-cooker most often includes various measuring spoons, cups for making pudding or yogurt, a grid for steaming, tongs, potholders, and handles for safely removing the bowl, recipe collections.

Choosing A Multi-Cooker For Kids, For Baby Food

Of course, multi-cookers for baby food are incredibly convenient. They make the life of a young mother much easier and allow her to devote more time to communicate with her child. But only you can choose whether to give preference to a small “children’s” model or to purchase a full-fledged device for the whole family. Enjoy the shopping!

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