Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of A Microwave?

Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of A Microwave?

Saving kitchen space worries many. And it’s not just a small area. Modern technology is often not designed for the size of the old kitchen, but I want to buy a new device and simplify my life. Today, many are wondering whether it is possible to put a microwave on the refrigerator, on a windowsill or a second microwave? The answer to this question depends a lot on your needs.

Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of A Microwave?

If you decide to install a microwave oven next to other household appliances, then be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to use it often. The abundance of electromagnetic waves will interfere with the operation of the devices and may lead to their untimely breakdown.

Who is suitable for installing a microwave on another microwave?

Of course, you can put the microwave on her sister. The question is whether such a solution is necessary. There are several cases where such an arrangement would be relevant:

  1. If you need to place any ovens in the shared kitchen. This situation can arise in a communal apartment or a workplace.
  2. If you have acquired a new technique, and your hand does not rise to throw out the old one.
  3. If your table top is at an uncomfortable height and you are using an old appliance as a stand.
  4. If you want to use spoiled appliances as an additional kitchen cabinet.

It is possible and, in principle, not difficult to install a microwave in this way, the main thing is to monitor the distance between the ventilation holes. In addition, the legs of the stove can puncture the thin skin, so it is recommended to use a more durable interlayer.

Life hacks for microwave placement

It is truly possible to talk about the need for a microwave oven for a very, very long time. But figuring out where to install it is not easy at all. It is important not only to comply with safety rules, but also to ensure that the location of the equipment is comfortable.

Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of A Microwave?

If you cannot decide on the location of your stove, then use the following tips:

  1. As a standard, microwave ovens are located on the work surface of the table. If you want to protect it from dirt, install protective panels around it.
  2. The device, placed in the cabinet, will noticeably clear the space. True, you will have to come up with holes for the exit of the cord.
  3. If you are the proud owner of a spacious kitchen, then when installing the microwave, be guided by your comfort. Perhaps your technique will be appropriate near a cupboard with dishes or a sink. Some people prefer to put it near the refrigerator.
  4. The microwave can be built into another kitchen appliance, such as an oven (2 in 1 model). This symbiosis is quite common and has many benefits.
  5. You can place the appliances on a hanging shelf, the main thing is that the dimensions are suitable and the fasteners are strong (for more details, see the article on how to properly hang the microwave on the wall).
  6. Modern kitchen interiors are designed so that no appliances are conspicuous. In this case, you can place the microwave in a closed cabinet.
  7. If all the upper shelves are occupied, or you do not want to drag out a bowl of hot soup, you can place the appliance in the lower cabinet.

But installing a microwave above or next to the stove is not at all worth it. This placement will not do any good, and your microwave will often get dirty and break quickly.

The secret sides of the microwave

Fully using the microwave oven has recently begun. Many people even today use it only for heating food, while the functionality of this technique is much wider. In addition to the built-in functions, there are several secrets for using the oven:

  1. You can reheat a dried pizza slice by placing a glass of water in the chamber.
  2. If you put it in the microwave for half a minute before cutting the onion, then you will forever forget about tears in the process of cutting it.
  3. To get rid of the skin on the garlic, heat it for 20 seconds.
  4. To ensure your food is heated evenly, do not heap them in the center. It is best to place them around the edges of the rotating plate.
  5. If you love boiled corn, you can cook it in the microwave in just a few minutes.
  6. If you want to cook potato chips, place the thinly sliced ​​food in the oven for 3 minutes. Reduce the power during cooking.
  7. Making a delicious omelet has become quite simple. Place the beaten eggs in the cooking compartment for 45 seconds, then stir and cook for another 45 seconds.
  8. Drying herbs using a microwave can be done in just a few minutes. The main thing is not to forget to constantly turn the grass.
  9. For the fruit to give more juice when squeezing, reheat them for 20 seconds.
  10. To remove the skin from the tomatoes, just place it in the oven for 30 seconds and let it stand a little longer. The peel will come off easily and easily.

Can you put appliances on top of microwave?

Unfortunately, when buying such equipment as a microwave oven, which has long become necessary in our kitchens, we least of all pay attention to such an important point as the location of the ventilation holes.

Microwaves can be structurally different. This household appliance is equipped with a ventilation system.

The same ventilation holes can be on the side of the case,

Can you put appliances on top of microwave?

back (on the back) as well as on the top

Can you put appliances on top of microwave?

where they planned to put something.

If in your microwave the ventilation openings are located on top, then you cannot put anything on such a microwave oven, because it is impossible to close the ventilation openings. Through these holes, air is injected into the microwave oven chamber, plus cooling. If you close the holes, the microwave will overheat and fail very quickly.

If the ventilation holes are only on the side, they are not on the top panel, then you can install a bread bin, but I do not recommend installing an electric kettle on top of the microwave in any case.

There is water in the kettle, which can get on the electrical part of the device and, at best, short circuit and breakdown of the microwave.

Plus, kettles often break down, one of the breakdowns is the failure of the button after boiling water. The kettle does not turn off, boiling water gets on the microwave body, and it breaks down.

Also, you cannot put some vases of water, pots of flowers on the microwave (because they are watered), etc.

Is it safe to cover microwave?

The answer to this question can be roughly understood from the answer above: Can you put appliances on top of microwave?

Can You Put A Microwave On Top Of A Microwave?

Remember that your microwave oven needs regular maintenance (cleaning and removing unpleasant odors). To make the cleaning process easier, before starting it, preheat the oven with a glass of water, into which you need to squeeze a lemon.

There are many ways to use modern technology. When installing the device, it is very important to observe safety precautions, otherwise the microwave oven will not serve you for long.

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