Can An Integrated Fridge Be Freestanding And What Is The Difference Between A Built-in And A Freestanding?

Can An Integrated Fridge Be Freestanding And What Is The Difference Between A Built-in And A Freestanding?

The built-in refrigerator can be used as a freestanding. But in this case, he will not look very pretty. After all, furniture panels should be hung on the refrigerator doors. It will be ugly without them. Although, of course, there are models that look very beautiful as free-standing ones.

Can An Integrated Fridge Be Freestanding And What Is The Difference Between A Built-in And A Freestanding?

What is the difference between a built-in and a freestanding refrigerator?

Before buying a built-in refrigerator, you need to carefully study and analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution. In some apartments, it is more advisable to install conventional models. Especially in cases where the family is large and you need to store a lot of food at once. Here are the main pros and cons of built-in refrigerators versus free-standing ones:


  1. It is easier to make a choice. When buying a device with a built-in structure, you do not have to worry about the choice of design, texture, coating color, as well as whether it will suit other household appliances and kitchen furniture. Since the refrigerator is built into the closet, it will not stand out from the overall interior. The main thing is to find the right size.
  2. Energy saving. Decorative panels improve thermoregulation by maintaining the required temperature in the chamber, which means that they have less energy consumption.
  3. Soundproofing. The panels add extra thickness to the walls of the refrigerator, thereby muffling the noise from its operation.
  4. Saving space. Built-in models are considered more compact than conventional ones and take up less space in the kitchen. You can safely put a microwave, multicooker, or other large equipment on them to save space.


  1. Cannot be moved. If the refrigerator is part of the kitchen furniture, it cannot be rearranged. But a free-standing device can be moved.
  2. Small size. A characteristic feature of built-in refrigerators is the small size of the chamber. Such appliances are not suitable for people who like to store a lot of food.
  3. Do not defrost. Defrosting can damage decorative panels. This is especially true of a wooden covering, which is difficult to bring back to its original form.
  4. Higher cost. Built-in models differ from conventional refrigerators in their high price. This is due to the complexity of manufacturing and installation. In addition, it is not always possible to find a box that matches the color, and an individual design costs a lot of money.

Features of built-in refrigerators

Initially, only washing machines and dishwashers were built-in, but their unprecedented popularity among housewives prompted modern manufacturers to create similar refrigerators. These devices have several features at once.

Can An Integrated Fridge Be Freestanding And What Is The Difference Between A Built-in And A Freestanding

  • First of all, it is a universal design. Regular refrigerators tend to be light in color. It can be milky, beige, white, silver, etc. Naturally, it will stand out strongly from the kitchen interior. A refrigerator in any color will break the overall harmony and will differ from all cabinets installed in the kitchen from one headset. If it turns out to be built-in, then the owner of the lung technique will be able to avoid imperfections and make his kitchen truly cozy, beautiful, and modern.
  • Some users decide to cheat and install a regular refrigerator in one of the cabinets. But this is a bad idea since in this case the life of the discussed device will be significantly reduced. In such conditions, the refrigerator will not be able to fully work. Built-in models are created in a special way and feel great even in a closet or special box. This arrangement does not in any way affect the life and functionality of the device.
  • The dimensions of the built-in refrigerator are usually smaller than usual. But its special interior arrangement allows it to fit all the necessary products.
  • Modern built-in models can be installed not only at home or in an apartment, but also in office premises and even in a car. The latter option is especially convenient, for example, for long journeys.
  • You can even create a cabinet or box for a built-in refrigerator with your own hands. This will allow you to make exactly the model that is ideal in design and size, and in all other respects for a particular kitchen.

All these features make the built-in option the most attractive for a wide variety of customer groups.

Built-in refrigerator cabinet

In order for the device to work for a long time and without interruption, it is important to choose the right box for the refrigerator. When buying, you should pay attention to all the features listed below. It is especially important to take them into account when making the box yourself.

  1. The back wall of the structure can be made of a variety of materials, but the use of chipboard should be immediately abandoned. This is the most unsuitable material for this part of the structure.
  2. The parameters of the resulting box or cabinet must necessarily be larger than the dimensions of the refrigerator itself. Width – about 3 centimeters, depth – 12-15, length – 8-9. This will ensure proper air circulation inside the structure and thereby protect the device from overheating and extend its service life.
  3. Facades must be made in such a way that they cover both the device door and the distance left to the box walls. You can attach them using the pantograph system or special durable comfortable runners.
  4. Another need is two shelves. It is located above the main compartment, and the second is below it.

In any chosen place closer to the back wall, there must be a special ventilation hole. It is placed in such a way that the area of ​​the air corridor is at least 200 square centimeters.

These features are important to know for everyone who has decided to choose a built-in refrigerator for their kitchen.

What is the benefit of a built-in fridge?

This device has both advantages and disadvantages. All of them should be familiar to each buyer.

As you can see, there are still more pluses than minuses. Among them:

  1. Low noise level. External panels in the form of a cabinet or box act as additional protection against the hum that accompanies the operation of many refrigerators. As a result, he will be practically inaudible.
  2. Profitability. This advantage appeared due to the additional thermal insulation of the walls of such a device.
  3. Stealth. It is those users who like to carefully consider every detail of the interior of their kitchen, first of all, pay attention to built-in refrigerators. As a result, the device does not stand out in the room at all and fits very harmoniously into its design.
  4. Versatility. It is convenient that such a refrigerator, due to its compact parameters, can be used in any room and under a variety of conditions, including in a very small kitchen.

These advantages every year attract the attention of an increasing number of buyers to built-in refrigerators.


There is only one minus here. This is a higher cost for a refrigerator compared to a stand-alone standard unit. But as the popularity of the discussed models grows and more and more manufacturers appear who create them, the cost gradually decreases.

Should you buy a built-in refrigerator?

Before making such a decision, you need to carefully analyze your needs and requirements for the purchased device.

So, it is worth purchasing such a refrigerator if:

  • in the process of arranging the kitchen, problems arise with the selection of furniture for it. Some owners struggle for a long time to make the interior of the room truly perfect. So, choosing a refrigerator by color and design can be especially difficult. In this case, the built-in model will be an excellent solution;
  • the buyer is ready to accept that the size of the refrigerating chamber will be much smaller in size, but the device will not disturb the harmony in the interior;
  • in the plans of the user – to hide the refrigerator and make it completely invisible. Many also dislike the small selection of colors, shades, and design options for standard refrigerators. Indeed, when installing a built-in model, you can safely turn on fantasies and arrange them in a box of any color and design.

It is worth refusing to buy the discussed refrigerator if:

  • important parameters for the device are such additions as electronic control, the possibility of making homemade soda, etc. You will not find such “bells and whistles” in built-in models;
  • the hostess cooks a lot and therefore needs a lot of space to place food and dishes;
  • the functionality of the refrigerator is much more important than its appearance;
  • the buyer is not ready to overpay for the features of the built-in novelty and the opportunity to save money on the purchase comes first.

A careful analysis of your own needs and expectations will help you decide whether to make such a purchase. If a positive decision is made, you can proceed directly to the selection of the built-in refrigerator. The size of the device under discussion is very important here.

Choosing the size of the refrigerator

Refrigerators in a variety of sizes are available in modern stores. But if it is necessary to disguise it and fit it perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, then the choice of device parameters should be approached with special care.

With a common ceiling height of 2 meters 20 centimeters, you can afford a refrigerator no higher than 1 meter 75 centimeters. Experts in the field of ergonomics claim that the most optimal height is one and a half meters. It is as convenient as possible and allows all family members to easily get food from any shelves.

Many professionals advise opting for small models. It is in low and wide built-in refrigerators that the chambers are much larger, so it is convenient to place any products in them.

If a single-chamber model is purchased, then it is best that its height does not exceed the level of the tabletop. Otherwise, the line of the working surface will be broken, which will create many inconveniences for the owners. Usually, its height is about 80 centimeters. True, such devices do not have a freezer, so they may also need to be installed in an additional cabinet.

The exact parameters of the refrigerator are always indicated in its passport. This information will allow you to choose the right cabinet for the device and accurately fit it into the interior.

It is much safer and wiser to entrust the selection of the size and installation of the built-in refrigerator to professionals. This will protect you from many mistakes and save your technique. After all, built-in models during installation require special knowledge from workers. For all heating units, for example, a condenser, high-quality ventilation must be provided. And above the top of the product – there is a space for air intake of about 5 centimeters. It is often too difficult to do this on your own.

Built-in refrigerator design

It is important for every customer to remember that in the store most built-in refrigerators are presented with a very modest design. This is due to the fact that they acquire their final appearance only after installing decorative panels on the surface. Therefore, you first need to choose a refrigerator that is suitable in function and size and only then takes care of the design of this very part of the structure, which can be made in any color and style.

A refrigerator built into the cupboard, ideally suited to the appearance of all kitchen furniture, will be a great addition to it. The cost of the discussed models is slightly higher than that of the standard ones, but this moment is compensated by the convenience, noiselessness, and high ergonomics of the model.

Can a regular refrigerator be built-in?

There may be several reasons for refusing to buy built-in appliances in favor of self-embedding of a conventional model:

  1. An embedded model is always more expensive;
  2. All other things being equal, the built-in device is inferior in volume and capacity;
  3. It’s just that the house already has a great old refrigerator.

On the other hand, from a technical point of view, it is much safer and easier to build in a built-in refrigerator, and the appearance of the entire structure, from fittings to facades, is ideal in this case. The built-in refrigerator does not overheat, it makes less noise and vibrates.

But if you are still true to the idea of ​​integrating a refrigerator into a kitchen set, we suggest considering two ways how you can do this:

Can a regular refrigerator be built-in?

Method 1. Install the refrigerator in a box (pencil case), designed according to its dimensions, and hang the doors on the front of the cabinet.

Disguise the refrigerator using staining or self-adhesive material

Method 2. Disguise the refrigerator using staining or self-adhesive material.

Attaching a magnetic chalkboard. It is not suitable for every interior, but such a decor of the device will also bring practical benefits – it will be possible to leave notes and draw on it.

Can An Integrated Fridge Be Freestanding And What Is The Difference Between A Built-in And A Freestanding?

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