Can a dishwasher be installed anywhere and how to install it?

Do not mount the dishwasher under the hob. It is forbidden to install the dishwasher close to the oven. Different manufacturers indicate different figures for the minimum distance between two types of equipment, as a rule it is 15-40 cm. It is best to put a cabinet or cabinet between the devices, at least a narrow pencil case. For example, according to the recommendations for the correct location, the dishwasher should be located as far as possible from the stove and, naturally, as close to the communications as possible.

Can a dishwasher be installed anywhere and how to install it

Freestanding cars

Yes, with this option you will not have to look for a car holder or install a kitchen unit with a dishwasher niche, but there are also disadvantages. For example, according to the recommendations for the correct location, the dishwasher should be located as far as possible from the stove and, naturally, as close to the communications as possible. Agree, it is not always possible to do this. Moreover, free-standing models, as a rule, are not small-sized. If there are compact models, then these are only narrow but tall units. A high dishwasher is also not always convenient.

Tabletop dishwashers

Tabletop dishwashers are the most compact option. First, it is easy to carry. That is, if you wish, you can either install the unit at any moment, or remove it, rearrange, move, etc. And you won’t have to think about the difficulties with communications. ü  Draining is done through the kitchen sink.ü  Water is drawn in through the tap.ü  You can put it on any table or kitchen cabinet, as convenient. Some even put such a dishwasher under the table, which saves space even more.

Important! The main disadvantage of this type of installation is the small dish compartment. A model of this design is a kind of mini dishwasher. At the same time, standing on the table, it will still take up a decent amount of space.

Built-in devices

As a rule, such a model is either partially or completely built into the kitchen set and plays the role of a dining table. In the first case, the dishwasher is selected by color, but has its own facade (you can see what it is), and in the second, it hides behind the doors of the bedside table, as if it were just a kitchen cabinet. All this is good if there is enough space in the kitchen to install the model, because it is quite large. And again, the problem with connecting to communications. But since there is demand, there is supply. The market is now replete with compact built-in units. It is convenient to install them, there is always a place and it is not so difficult to connect such a machine to electricity and sewage.

Size-to-capacity ratio

Many people believe that the external parameters of the dishwasher do not affect its capacity in any way, but this is a misconception. Most of the volume is just the tank for loading dishes. Thus, the smaller the machine, the less cutlery you can wash in it. How to understand the ratio of the unit’s dimensions and its capacity?

As a rule, the average parameters of the largest washing machine are 60x60x85cm (Width – depth – height). These are the dimensions of a full-size freestanding model. Some cars may differ by a few centimeters, but rarely. A similar unit has the most capacious tank, where you can wash in the range of 10-12 sets.

Small cars. We are talking about built-in models, which, as a rule, are smaller than stand-alone ones. Their average dimensions are 45x60x85. Despite the slight difference in dimensions, the capacity of the washing chamber is almost two times less and is only 6-8 sets of dishes.Compact cars. They do not pretend to have huge download volumes (4-6 sets). Dimensions – 45x55x45.

A set is a set of cutlery for one person. Relatively speaking, a plate for the first, a plate for the second, a fork, a spoon, a knife and a mug. What is considered a kit in a particular model is spelled out in the instructions.

Finding a place in advance

Of course, it is much easier to competently plan the kitchen space and correctly install all the furniture and household appliances before the completion of the main repair. Then you can decide in advance where it is more convenient for you to put the unit, bring all communications to this place. In the case of the built-in model, the kitchen set is designed taking into account the location of the dishwasher and its communications.

But if you decide to purchase a dishwasher regardless of the repair, when everything has been arranged a long time ago and has been functioning for several years, you will have to try hard. It will be difficult to organize such a place where there would be no problems with the connection, the stove was at a decent distance, and so that all this would somehow fit into the interior of the kitchen. Here are some guidelines for installation.

  1. In case of remoteness of the installation site from communications, pipes can be extended. But if this is not possible, install the unit closer to the sink. After all, without connecting to the necessary networks, it simply will not work.
  2. Make sure that the floor under the dishwasher is perfectly level. Slopes and bumps can lead to smudges and breakages.
  3. If by chance you have to put the dishwasher near the stove, leave 15-40 cm between them, otherwise the device will overheat and fail.

The mount should be as rigid as possible. It is better to place appliances between kitchen cabinets.

Finding a place in advance for dishwasher

  • If you have not used the oven for a long time and have replaced the electric stove with a multicooker or other gadget for cooking, in this case it is possible to put a dishwasher instead of outdated appliances in the kitchen;
  • You can stack the dishwasher on top of another household appliance, such as a small refrigerator, freestanding freezer, or washing machine. But, in this case, the kitchen will look somewhat cluttered;
  • you can equip the dishwasher in the space under the sink;
  • perhaps there are some pieces of furniture in the kitchen that have been gathering dust unnecessarily for a long time. In this case, it is possible to dismantle the unnecessary part of the headset and put a dishwasher there;
  • the most popular installation method is to place the appliance in one of the floor-standing cabinets.

Of course, before installing the dishwasher in the finished kitchen, it is worth remembering that it has its own dimensions, which may not fit into the spaces you have intended. Also, the dishwasher must have a close distance and free access to communications: sewerage, electrical network, water supply system.

How to integrate a dishwasher into a pencil case

How to integrate a dishwasher into a pencil case

To save kitchen space, the owners of small-sized apartments find different ways of rational placement of household appliances. We will learn how to install a dishwasher in a pencil case and what are the options.

 Options for installing a dishwasher in a pencil case

The smaller the kitchen, the more careful its planning. On a few square meters, you have to fit so many necessary things that you have to save every centimeter. One of the solutions is to place household appliances in a sectional case.

A pencil case is a closet that is used in a confined space. It has a lot of shelves that you can place anything you want. As it turned out, and built-in appliances.

 There are two options for embedding: ·

Horizontal. With this solution, a wardrobe of 3-4 sections is placed against the wall. In each of its sections, household appliances are installed – a dishwasher, an oven, a washing machine, etc.

  • A classic pencil case saves 50-100 cm of free space. Savings are achieved due to the fact that the equipment is not installed on the floor, in a row, but is placed one above the other. The dishwasher is placed in the lower section of the pencil case.

How to embed dishwasher?  To embed the technique, you need to stock up on a jigsaw, chisel and mallet. And also with a screwdriver, drill, ruler, pencil. A drill is necessary for drilling holes – for self-tapping screws.

Necessary materials:

  • Laminated chipboard – in accordance with the color of the furniture.
  • Metal corner.
  • Fasteners – for fixing the body of the device.

Step-by-step instructions for embedding dishwasher:

  1. Measure the dimensions of the niche in which the dishwasher will stand. Compare the dimensions obtained with the dimensions of the PMM. In order for the device to fit comfortably in the section, you need to know its exact dimensions, down to a millimeter. There may be small protrusions on the body – they must be taken into account.
  2. Determine the exact location of the apparatus in the section. Note where the inner walls will be.
  3. Saw through the grooves at the bottom of the niche. Their width should be equal to the thickness of the inner walls. Adjust the walls to fit – they must match the depth and height of the section. It happens that the role of the second inner wall is assigned to the side wall of the niche, then it is enough to make one cut. There should be 2-3 cm between the walls of the niche to the door of the pencil case.
  4. Install the inner walls. Secure them at the top with the inner corners.
  5. Hang the facade onto the dishwasher door.
  6. Enter dishwasher into the section. Secure it if necessary.
  7. Turn on the device. Before that, of course, it must be connected to the water supply, drain, power supply. Check it out.

The result is both practical and aesthetic. The advantages of this solution:

  • Saves kitchen space.
  • The dishwasher is hidden behind double walls and behind two doors – this makes it virtually silent.

Neighborhood dishwasher with household appliances

There is a lot of controversy about the relative position of dishwashers and other household appliances. Some argue that they do not see obstacles for the close proximity of the devices, while others believe that they should be placed at a considerable distance. Let’s find out how things are in reality.

The subtleties of the location of the dishwasher next to:

  • Microwave. A distance of at least 7-10 cm should be maintained between the microwave oven and other devices. Such a gap can be created when the PMM is built into a vertical pencil case. The gap between the two devices is created by installing an additional internal shelf. The microwave should be placed above the dishwasher – it is raised up 10 cm.
  • Oven. dishwasher is allowed to be placed under the oven. The reverse order is prohibited – you cannot put a dishwasher on top. This is associated with the risk of leaks. If water flows from above, then both devices may become unusable. PMM from such an arrangement can also suffer – due to steam, which, rising up, negatively affects its electronics.

It will not work to put a washing machine and a dishwasher in a classic vertical pencil case at the same time – both devices should be installed only at the bottom. But with a horizontal arrangement, the proximity of this technique is possible.

When placing a washing machine and dishwasher next to them, their side walls must be separated by a partition.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in integrating a dishwasher into a pencil case. The main thing is not to rush, measure and calculate everything accurately and, armed with a tool, implement the plan.

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