Bright Household Appliances – Does It Have A Place In The Kitchen

Bright Household Appliances – Does It Have A Place In The Kitchen

In the 21st century, interior design has evolved from a process of creating a functional space into an original way of self-expression. The abundance of repair materials, striking in a variety of colors and textures, allows the most daring ideas to find a material embodiment. Now the house is a mirror of the owner’s soul, a separate world behind a closed door.

Modern designers believe that bright spots are indispensable, because people spend most of their lives in the stone jungle, weaning from the colors of nature. The gray, nondescript design of the apartment negatively affects the psycho-emotional state of a person, and everything falls out of hand. At the same time, both designers and psychologists agree that special attention should be paid to the design of the kitchen – the real heart of the house.

Bright Household Appliances - Does It Have A Place In The Kitchen

Do I need to buy bright household appliances that are in harmony with the color of the walls?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, appliance manufacturers rarely produce red refrigerators or green stoves. To paint the kitchen in every color of the rainbow, design innovators furnish the space with bespoke appliances.

On the one hand, this approach allows you to show imagination, on the other hand, colored household appliances will cost more than furniture. We suggest weighing the pros and cons before answering the question of whether an exotic-colored refrigerator will decorate the kitchen.

Cons of using non-standard household appliances in the design

The color accent in the interior is a bright spot that attracts the eye


The color accent in the interior is a bright spot that attracts the eye. Knowing the basics of chromotherapy, with the help of paints you can change your mood and even control your appetite. Of course, the kitchen should evoke positive emotions so that you want to communicate with guests and cook deliciously.

But colored appliances (such as a green refrigerator) are a very (sometimes too) noticeable detail. The entire interior will have to be built around it, otherwise, there will be no trace of the harmony of space.

If you decide to diversify the room with a blue stove, get ready to pick up a blue kettle and beige furniture for it. Designers recommend buying such a rare (in terms of the color of the facades) technique only if such a technique is an integral and irreplaceable design element of your dreams.


Bright colors get boring quickly. There is a chance that you will want to replace the red plate with a green one, and you will have to re-register the room already under it. Before choosing custom-colored household appliances, think about whether you are ready to spend the coming years surrounded by this color.

A similar argument is often heard by people who decide to get a tattoo: even a well-thought-out drawing can get bored with time, and it is much more difficult to reduce a wearable “painting” than to apply it. So it is with a colored refrigerator: you can buy, as they say, “any whim for your money”, and it is difficult to find a replacement for it while maintaining the overall atmosphere of the interior.

Moreover. Sooner or later, the technique will “take a long time to live.” A red or blue refrigerator is already difficult to find on sale, so in the event of a breakdown, you will have to order a similar model so that the unit blends harmoniously into the room.


Designer household appliances are distinguished not only by their high cost but also by a limited choice of models.

Manufacturers focus on practicality and functionality. It’s one thing to buy an exotic chandelier that will please the eye, and quite another – a stove on which you have to cook dinner. Preference is given to materials and shades that do not suffer from pollution. Therefore, it will take a lot of time to search for a bright unit.

If you are lucky and the coveted red plate is found in the store, the model may not fit into the allotted niche in terms of dimensions. This implies another drawback of colored household appliances.

One of the most common mistakes when renovating a kitchen is ordering (buying) a headset before you have bought the appliances. As a result, the refrigerator or stove simply does not fit into the niche (or vice versa, the gap is too large and you have to close the whole thing with false trims). Dozens of such cases can be found on YouTube. As a result – money spent, time and not the result that you wanted.

brightly colored home appliances remain exotic on the market

Since brightly colored home appliances remain exotic on the market, the choice of colors is rather limited. The difference between dreams and reality can be a significant problem.

The limited choice of bright household appliances also affects the functionality of kitchen equipment. In the manufacture of designer items, the focus is on the appearance, and not on the internal content.

This is appropriate when it comes to evening dress, but the stove is for cooking, not for surprising guests. In addition, fashion trends in 2022 strive for naturalness and practicality, rejecting shocking.

Advantages of classics: why does it never get old?

Why do manufacturers of household appliances still prefer classic shades: white, black, steel?

Why do manufacturers of household appliances still prefer classic shades white, black, steel

The simplicity of the production process, low cost of materials. No need to select dyes that are resistant to temperature changes (for refrigerators and stoves, this issue is fundamental).

Resistant to pollution, functionality. Stainless steel – the most popular material for the manufacture of household appliances – meets all sanitary standards and requirements. The availability of steel appliances makes them optimal for the technical equipment of restaurants, canteens, and cafes.

Wide range of models. A white or black refrigerator of the required dimensions can be found in any store, and a color one will probably have to be made to order. Accordingly, with the replacement of failed equipment, there will also be no problems.

Versatility. Classical colors are called so not by chance: they can harmoniously fit into any interior, regardless of the style and size of the room. Designers advise opting for the classics because a person with imagination can always beat her favorably.

How to color the kitchen interior?

Despite the obvious advantages of traditional household appliances, which do not differ in a variety of colors, the desire to make the kitchen original and colorful remains. There are simple solutions that make the world brighter without any extra effort.

Here are some tips.

Bright kitchen. The interior can be made colorful and bright not due to technology, but with the help of facades. The choice of colors is almost limitless. You can combine different textures and even materials. And in general, a huge field for imagination. The only negative is the high cost. But, given the fact that you still have to order a kitchen with facades (there is no way without them), then the excess of the budget will not be so big and painful.

Many people collect fridge magnets from business trips and vacations. Why not make a map of your travels out of the usual aggregate? If you have imagination, any material is suitable for decorating the kitchen, and hand-made crafts will give the interior your character.

The question of the appropriateness of colored household appliances in the kitchen continues to excite designers

The question of the appropriateness of colored household appliances in the kitchen continues to excite designers. Most agree that a bright accent should not take up much space. The red refrigerator, even when looking at the picture, draws all the attention to itself, and over time it begins to annoy.

You can paint household appliances yourself, using a method that has found many fans among motorists. We are talking about a vinyl film, which is used by owners of car dealerships for body repairs. With the help of this film in Germany, for example, they quickly and cheaply “repainted” taxi drivers’ cars in beige. If you show imagination, you can paint steel household appliances with acrylic paints. But, frankly, we recommend doing such amateur activities.

Bright Household Appliances – Does It Have A Place In The Kitchen

Another option is to decorate the kitchen with small bright details: painted crafts, bright dishes, paintings, photographs, and souvenirs.

Several psychologists believe that the abundance of bright colors in our environment strains our eyesight and loosens our nerves. At the same time, excessive grayness causes depression. The conclusion suggests itself: in everything you need to observe the measure.

And how do you feel about such colorful household appliances in the kitchen? Would you dare to put a bright refrigerator?

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