All You Need To Know About Top-loading Dishwasher

All You Need To Know About Top-loading Dishwasher

Top-loading dishwashers are in demand because they take up a minimum of room space. Today the dishwasher occupies an equally important place in the kitchen. The choice of machines is quite large, but the loading is mostly horizontal. If you want something unusual and compact, we suggest reading our review about vertical dishwashers.

All You Need To Know About Top-loading Dishwasher

Features of top-loading dishwashers

You can buy a regular dishwasher at any online store. But if your space is tight, or if you appreciate an unusual design, you should look at the top-loading technique. Unfortunately, such devices are not very popular in our country. The main consumers are the countries of Europe and Asia. But this does not mean that top-loading dishwashers cannot be found at all.

We have prepared for you an overview of non-standard solutions from dishwasher manufacturers. Sometimes these decisions take on the most incredible shapes.

Advantages and disadvantages of an upright dishwasher

The first and main advantage of an upright dishwasher is its design. The recessed models with top cover are the ideal solution for any interior. The machines are invisible behind the furniture, and the lid merges with the tabletop – so that even a professional cannot find it.

The convenience of loading is an equally important advantage. You don’t have to bend over: flip the lid up, load dirty dishes, press the “Start” button. The cycle is running, and you have time to relax.

Now about the disadvantages:

  1. Small download. Did you want a compact machine? You will receive it. A home helper can hold no more than 8 sets of dishes.
  2. Problems with washing and drying dishes. Vertical stands do not differ in the quality of washing.
  3. Price. An upright dishwasher is expensive. You need to be a connoisseur of this technique and rely on your strength.

Do not rush to refuse a purchase. Perhaps after our review, the cost of vertical machines will not matter.

Overview of models of vertical dishwashers

Consider the models of vertical dishwashers, especially since there are very few of them.

KitchenAid by Briva

This built-in dishwasher is not only compact but also comes with a complete sink. It is easy to install the system on the countertop, after which you can forget that the equipment is located there. The chrome-plated surface of the dishwasher blends into the sink.

KitchenAid by Briva

FlashDry technology automatically lifts the lid after the end of the cycle. During rinsing, the temperature reaches 75 degrees thanks to the SaniRinse function. Your dishes will be disinfected.

The tank holds 5 sets of dishes. Water and electricity consumption at the highest level. The dishwasher uses half the resources of standard models.

Dishwasher Electrolux

At first glance at the technique, you might think that it is a cooker hood. But no, this is a lighting fixture combined with a dishwasher. It is not known what inspired designer Kim Joonmin to create this technical miracle. But using a dishwasher must be convenient.

Dishwasher Electrolux

There is a lighting lamp at the bottom of the structure, and a dishwashing machine with a vertical lid on top. The system does not provide for draining. After washing, water is purified by passing through filters. It turns out the water cycle in the dishwasher.

The technique is resource-efficient and its dimensions are quite compact.


Bored with the sight of a sink full of dirty dishes? Probably, each of us dreamed of a magic sink, which will clean everything itself. Electrolux designers made this dream come true! The sink has two compartments. When the first compartment is filled with dirty dishes, it turns under the countertop where washing takes place. In its place, another department appears, which is again loaded with dishes.


Now you do not need to buy a separate sink and dishwasher, this design saves space.

Dishwasher model Gota

The technique is installed on a tabletop and resembles an alien ship. Stylish and modern solution for a small family. The machine will wash six sets of dishes at a time. The dishwasher is easy to carry from place to place. Thanks to the recirculation system, the wastewater is self-cleaning.

Dishwasher model Gota

Picnic dishwasher

Yes, this dishwasher is also top-loading. The technique resembles a CD player that you can take by the handle and take with you to nature. The machine is autonomous and can handle a small number of dishes. There is no need to lug dirty dishes home, it’s easier to take the dishwasher with you.

Picnic dishwasher

How a top-loading dishwasher works

The main difference is that the dishes are loaded from the top and not from the side.

  • The required washing program is displayed.
  • The washing cycle takes place without human intervention. When the control unit gives a command, the water intake valve opens and the liquid enters a special container.
  • Salt is supplied.
  • The heating coil is activated.
  • The water is heated to the set temperature.
  • If the soak mode is on, the pump feeds a mixture of detergent powder and water into the spray arm in small portions. Sprinkle the mixture on the appliances for 20 minutes. This procedure leads to the drying out of dried dirt on the dishes.
  • This is followed by the first rinse of the dishes. Under pressure, food debris is removed.
  • The dishes are sprayed again. The procedure is repeated up to 5 times, depending on the specified program.
  • The spent liquid is drained, the reservoir is filled clean.
  • A spray arm washes the dishes under pressure, rinsing off the remaining detergent from them. Some programs have two rinses.
  • Drain.
  • Drying.

Top loading dishwasher construction

Cutlery baskets are height adjustable.

Some models use filter systems that clean themselves. Even the smallest sediment is removed during draining.

Modern dishwashers are safe. If a problem is found in the system, the water supply stops.

Holds a maximum of 10 sets of kitchen appliances. Washing modes minimum 3, maximum 12.

Main programs:

  • Daily washing (option in which the water temperature fluctuates in the range of 50 to 60 degrees).
  • Washing for 50-60 minutes. Suitable only for cleaning dishes without dried food residues and heavy dirt.
  • Soak – Suitable for plates with grease or leftover food.
  • Washing with several repetitions. With its help, the most serious pollution is washed.
  • Economical washing. With her, the temperature rises to 45 degrees. In this mode, practically clean dishes (wine glasses, teacups) are washed.
  • The delicate sink is suitable for delicate items such as tableware (crystal, porcelain).
  • System for detecting the degree of contamination of the water after rinsing. If the system considers the liquid to be clean, it will filter it and use it again.
  • Automatic determination of the washing mode depending on the number of devices loaded into the basket.
  • Power-on function. Thanks to the built-in timer, the desired start time of the wash is set.
  • Automatic door closing function. If the top cover of the machine is not closed tightly, the system itself reaches and closes it.
  • Scale recognition function. The system detects the amount of limescale and decides how much salt to add.

The advantage of top-loading dishwashers is energy saving, water saving, spaciousness.

How to use top loading dishwasher

  • Do not load appliances with food leftovers into the basket;
  • If there are burnt food residues before loading, soak the items for a while in warm water;
  • Do not load anything other than dishes into the machine. No towels, sponges, or other items;
  • Do not wash dishes with chips, glass, or wooden handles;
  • Do not use products not intended for washing.
  • The filter must be cleaned at least once a month.
  • Periodically (1 time in 3 months) for prophylaxis it is necessary to carry out descaling and fat removal.

All models of top-loading dishwashers can be built into a kitchen set. To avoid mistakes, the machine should be installed by a specialist.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not sit on top of the dishwasher and place heavy objects on it.
  • Arrange items in the basket so that they do not damage the door. For example, knives should be pointed downward or horizontal.
  • Plastic appliances must not come into contact with heating elements.
  • Do not allow small children to access the dishwashing detergents and do not allow them to use the dishwasher on their own.
  • Do not leave doors open.

Dishwasher malfunctions

  • Poor wash quality.

Perhaps the fact is that the machine does not heat the water to the desired temperature. How can I check this? Turn on the dishwasher, and after 7 minutes open the door and check the temperature of the liquid.

Also, the problem may be in a poor-quality detergent. It should be replaced.

  • The engine does not run.


  1. Switch and fuse.
  2. Connecting to an outlet.
  3. Serviceability of the outlet.
  4. Is the door closed?
  5. It is possible that the pump is seized or the bearings are faulty. In this case, you need to call the master.
  • No water filling.

The valve is checked. It is either clogged or defective. The first thing to do is to clean the filter.

Second, the resistance of the valve coil is checked. If the valve is faulty, you will have to buy a new one and replace it.

  • Engine runs but does not drain.

The first reason is that the drain hose is clogged. It should be cleaned.

The second reason is that a foreign object has got into the impeller of the drain pump. To make sure of this, the wheel is disassembled and cleaned.

  • Water is poured in, but not drained, or the machine does not wash the dishes.

The pump may be clogged or the motor is damaged. The motor or pump is disassembled, and everything that interferes with work is cleaned.

  • The engine makes too much noise during operation.

Debris of rust or glass has entered the pump impeller. The wheel is being cleaned.

Bearings are defective – they are replaced.

It is worth trying to remove the spray arms and thoroughly clean them of debris.

  • The timer is not working.

The defective timer is replaced with a new one. If the problem is in the contact, then you should restore it.

  • Leakage of water on the floor.

The point is the use of low-quality detergent. It creates a strong foam that flows through the seals. The first thing that is done with such a problem is to clean the seals from all dirt or foam.

In some models, the stream is not configured correctly. It hits the seals and leaks. The system is being reconfigured.

If water runs out from under the car, then the pump seals are to blame. Hose or drain valve leaks.

  • Detergent is not rinsed out of the tray.

If the detergent is not rinsed out of the tray, then the valve may be faulty or the tray is clogged with residues from detergents, rinse aid. In the first case, the valve is replaced, and in the second, the tray is washed.

All You Need To Know About Top-loading Dishwasher

You are familiar with the latest in the world of dishwashers. Some models are striking in the scope of design ideas. We hope you have a lot to choose from.

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