All You Need To Know About The Apple Juicer

All You Need To Know About The Apple Juicer

First, decide what type of juicer you are interested in: screw or centrifugal.

The auger grinds the products, extracting juice from the resulting mass due to the rotation of the screw shaft. Such devices are considered the hardiest and durable. They are slower than centrifugal, but thanks to this they process the pulp better, leaving a minimum of waste.

They work up to half an hour without a break, they do not make much noise. However, the drink turns out to be saturated with pulp – and this is already an amateur. Screw juicers are also distinguished by high functionality: they are able to process sprouted grains and greens.

Centrifugal squeezes products using centrifugal force: the pulp is pressed into the mesh walls due to the high rotation speed and releases juice under pressure.

The result: a high spin speed, but sometimes the cake remains damp. However, it is suitable for use in other culinary dishes, so some housewives will not consider this a disadvantage.

Among other disadvantages: the heating of the resulting product in the process of squeezing, because of which it loses some of its useful properties.

All You Need To Know About The Apple Juicer

When choosing, do not ignore the manufacturer: it is reasonable to give preference to well-known brands. In an effort to maintain a positive image of their company, they strive for the optimal price/quality ratio of goods.

Therefore, when buying branded items, you are much less likely to get a juicer made of low-quality material.

In addition, when choosing, you need to remember to decide on the dimensions: for a small kitchen, a large machine will be burdensome – it is better to choose a compact one.

But the main thing is to choose a functional juicer with high power. These parameters require careful consideration.

How to choose an auger juicer

How to choose an auger juicer

The auger juicer can be manual, operating without electricity. But for squeezing apple juice, this is not a suitable option – it is laborious and time-consuming. Choose electric.

The screw-type of devices is divided into three types: single screw, twin screw, or vertical. The first two options can boast of their versatility.

However, the result of a single screw machine is more like a puree, while a twin-screw machine has many parts that require careful maintenance. And the necks of most of these models are narrow.

Therefore, vertical models are suitable for squeezing apple juice: they process fruits carefully and carefully, while the necks allow you not to spend a lot of time chopping apples but load them in large pieces.

In functionality, vertical devices do not lose to horizontal “brothers”.

The power of screw representatives ranges from 400 to 1200 watts. This indicator does not affect the quality or quantity of the drink, but the speed of the device depends on it. The higher the power, the faster the work, and this is important for squeezing large volumes.

Reversibility, i.e. the ability of the auger to rotate in the opposite direction is an optional feature, but useful. It will increase productivity, so include it in your wish list.

How to choose a centrifugal juicer

How to choose a centrifugal juicer

The power of centrifugal varieties starts from 200 and exceeds 1 kW for some models. In this case, the value of power indicators affects performance: more powerful machines produce 30% more juice.

The choice of a separator is also important, the shape of which greatly affects the process and the result. The cylindrical separator will allow you to get up to 95% of the drink, but due to the complex cleaning system, you will often have to stop the process to clean the machine.

Cone separators, on the contrary, do not require too frequent cleaning, but they “steal” up to 40% of the juice from the owner, giving out only 60-70% of the drink.

The speed of rotation of the centrifuge also affects the result: the higher the speed, the more juice comes out of each apple. True, the amount of pulp in it will also increase, but if you do not like drinks with pulp, filtering will help.

Recommended rotation speed: 16000-21000 rpm, but 8000-12000 rpm is also considered acceptable.

The speed controller is not a mandatory thing, but it is convenient and therefore recommended.

By adjusting the speed of the centrifuge, you can set the optimal parameters for any fruit and vegetable. They are described in the instructions, so no difficulties are expected.

This professional approach will allow you to squeeze the maximum benefit from each fruit and vegetable, and also control the amount of pulp in the final product.

What else to look for when choosing a juicer

Internal parts must be made of stainless steel

This is a prerequisite for making tasty and healthy juice. Otherwise, oxidation cannot be avoided: the parts will turn black over time, and the drink will acquire an undesirable metallic taste.

Take a look at the grid. 

It should also be made of stainless steel, be thin, with frequent holes. In this case, you will get the maximum amount of juice, and the grid will not constantly clog.

However, if you do not like juice with pulp, give preference to a mesh with small and numerous holes – they will let a minimum of pulp into the drink.

The wide inlet allows you to prepare juice without cutting apples into pieces – easier and faster.

However, from fruits cut at least in half, the result is better. Therefore, the best option is a hole 65-80 mm in diameter: it will save you the trouble of tediously chopping apples with a knife, but it will also not cause the temptation to put the whole fruit into the juicer.

Capacious containers for collecting pulp and finished juice.

Will provide you with a long continuous process. This is convenient and will allow you to get the job done faster. After all, constantly turning off the juicer to empty the containers is tiring.

Therefore, the recommended volume of containers ranges from 1.5 to 2 liters – this is enough for a bucket of apples. In addition, they must be removable so that the cleaning process takes place without difficulty.

The skimmer removes foam from the juice. 

If its presence annoys you, buy a juicer with a skimmer, and the output will be clear clean apple juice.

Additional nozzles.

Will help you squeeze juices more efficiently from various fruits, vegetables, and even berries. Therefore, if diversity is in your plans, be puzzled by the search for a model with a set of nozzles.

The removable foam separator.

Is able to regulate the amount of pulp in the drink, which is important for the family, where everyone has individual preferences in this regard.

Rubberized legs.

Are a trifle, but they will provide a comfortable squeezing process. Thanks to them, even when working at high power, the device does not slip on the table, does not bounce, and does not risk falling to the floor.

What you cannot pay attention to when choosing a juicer

Nozzles for making puree, minced meat, crushing coffee, or spices. If you already have kitchen appliances for these purposes (meat grinder, blender, coffee grinder, food processor), you do not need the additional functions of a juicer.

A device completely focused on squeezing juice does a better job and costs less than a unit that is designed to replace all kitchen appliances combined.

The color doesn’t matter. Most juicers are neutrally colored (white, black, silver) and fit into any kitchen design.

Advice! Do not wash your juicer in the dishwasher. The juicer has in its design a lot of small and fragile parts that can be damaged during machine washing.

What is the best juicer to buy

What is the best juicer to buy?

Choosing a juicer should be based primarily on your needs. Both auger and centrifugal juicers are suitable for apples.

But if you intend, in addition to apples, to make juice from stone fruits and berries, it’s better to buy an auger model – a centrifugal one with stones will cope worse or not at all.

At the same time, both types of machines, despite the efforts of manufacturers, need periodic cleaning in the middle of the work process, which is tedious, but inevitable – both the auger and the mesh clog quickly.

Rare exceptions are innovative and expensive models. If you are not ready for a generous waste, it remains to choose machines with an easy-to-disassemble design and removable cake containers – these are cleaned faster.

The difference is in the consistency of the finished product: if you like drinks with pulp, choose an auger juicer, if you prefer clean and transparent juice – a centrifugal one.

The richer the equipment, the better: additional nozzles and other devices will make squeezing juice easier and more efficient. The dimensions, material, and color of the case are at the discretion of the buyer, but the “stuffing” must certainly be made of stainless steel.

For large-scale harvesting of juice for the future, for the winter, buy an option with capacious containers and a long time of continuous operation. For daily single use, a compact multifunctional device is suitable.

All You Need To Know About The Apple Juicer

There are many types and types of this device, so you can always easily find a juicer that will fully satisfy your requirements. And if you want to drink really tasty and healthy juice, you should definitely get a juicer.

Each buyer independently determines which juicer is best suited for squeezing apple juice in his case. It depends on the number of apples, their variety, the desired quality of juice, and the amount of money that is planned to be spent on the purchase of the unit.

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