All You Need To Know About Ovens From The Smeg Linea Collection

All You Need To Know About Ovens From The Smeg Linea Collection

Smeg Linea household appliances – elegance and functionality. Linea ovens and hobs have been designed with the latest trends in interior design in mind, while cutting-edge technology provides the perfect environment for creating culinary delights.

The LINEA series, developed by Smeg’s design studio, is characterized by ergonomics and simple shapes.

The new design of the LINEA series has become even more perfect. In addition, new models with many useful features have been added to the range of the collection. The updated LINEA series of household appliances harmoniously fit into any interior, elegantly reflect the light and optimize the working space in the kitchen.

All You Need To Know About Ovens From The Smeg Linea Collection

Smeg Linea ovens: style and comfort

Smeg Linea ovens are available in three colors: black, white, and silver. The tempered glass surface is easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage, which contributes to the preservation of the aesthetic appearance of the device throughout its service life.

Smeg offers two versions of Linea ovens: with rotary switches that are equipped with a backlight function for ease of use (SFP130S-1, SFP130N-1, SFP130B-1, SFP130-1), and with a color touch display (SFP140S, SFP140B, SFP140N, SFP140).

EasyGuide touch control allows you to set the mode, temperature, and cooking time manually or select one of 50 automatic recipes. The Smart Cooking option automatically determines the optimal operating parameters of the equipment, depending on the type and weight of the product specified by the user.

Linea collection appliances are equipped with 7 to 18 heating modes, including “Eco” for energy savings, “Turbo” for even cooking, and “Grill with convection” for juicy dishes with a crispy crust. A distinctive feature of the SF122PZ oven is the Pizza function, which allows you to cook a real Italian pizza in 3-5 minutes.

Premium models are equipped with special programs, namely: “Defrost” for quick and accurate thawing of food, “Dough rise” to save time when baking pies and bread from yeast dough, and “Warming dishes” to preserve the taste and aroma of ready-made dishes.

Eco-Logic technology limits power consumption to 3 kWh. In the fast heating mode, all heating elements turn on at maximum power, which allows you to reach the desired temperature in a matter of minutes.

The design of Smeg Linea ovens provides for two types of cleaning – pyrolytic and steam. Steam softens dirt, which makes it easier to clean. Pyrolysis turns impurities into ash, which guarantees ease of maintenance.

Smeg Linea hobs efficient and economical

Smeg Linea hobs: efficient and economical

Smeg Linea gas hobs harmonize with all household appliances in this collection. The instruments are made in a glass-on-metal design: under a layer of tempered glass, there is a layer of stainless steel. Even if the glass breaks, the adhesive backing between the two layers will prevent the hob from breaking, increasing durability.

The Smeg Linea collection includes hobs with 3, 4, and 5 burners, which allows you to choose the model that is optimal in size and functionality. Cast iron pan holders with aluminum legs emphasize the aesthetic appearance of the PVS750, PVN750, PVB750 models and ensure a stable position of the pan on the work surface.

Illuminated rotary switches in the same design as the ovens. Automatic electric ignition allows you to ignite the burner without matches and a lighter, and gas control shuts off the gas supply if the flame accidentally goes out, which guarantees comfort and safety of operation.

Linea gas hobs feature ultra-low burners that generate a vertical flame, which ensures maximum heat transfer to the bottom of the cookware and optimizes gas consumption. Water on such burners boils faster and with minimal energy consumption.

The PVS750, PVN750, PVB750, and PX140 hobs are equipped with a “Double Crown” burner, which ensures fast and even heating of large pots and pans with thick walls. For ease of use, these models can be supplemented with a Smeg WOKGHU cast iron ring (sold separately), which allows you to cook Chinese and Japanese dishes at a professional level.

Style and comfort of updated ovens

Style and comfort of updated ovens

Only three colors dominate the SmegLinea collection: black, white, and silver. The classic is complemented by a mirror glass surface, which is easy to clean from any dirt and is resistant to mechanical damage. The appearance of the oven will delight kitchen owners for many years.

In total, the SmegLinea line includes two main options for ovens:

  • Models SFP 130 S-1, N-1, B-1, SPF 130-1 are equipped with illuminated rotary switches.
  • The SFP 140, 140 S, B, N options are complemented by color touch displays.

Easily set cooking mode, temperature, cooking duration with EasyGuide touch controls. With it, you can turn on one of the 50 programmed recipes. Automatic determination of operating parameters depending on the type and weight of food specified by the user is available thanks to the SmartCooking function.

All appliances of the new collection are equipped with a large number of heating modes (from 7 to 18), including the option to save energy (Eco), evenly bake (Turbo) and create a crisp (Grill with convection). The SF 122 PZ oven has a separate “Pizza” option, which directs the heat to the oven stone to cook pizza in 3-5 minutes “like from the oven”.

Premium models are additionally equipped with defrost programs that allow you to quickly and efficiently defrost various products. As well as the option “dough rise” and “warm dishes”. All of them are useful for creating culinary masterpieces in the home kitchen.

Maximum energy savings come with the Eco-Logic mode enabled. Electricity consumption is only 3 kWh. And in the fast heating mode, all heating elements work at full power, quickly heating the oven to the desired temperature.

There are two types of cleaning in the design of ovens: pyrolytic and steam. The steam softens the impurities so they are easier to remove. Pyrolysis – turns fat into ash for easy cleaning.

Smeg’s LINEA range originally included electric ovens, compact appliances, microwave ovens, hobs, coffee machines, sinks, and hoods.

The updated version has added appliances that will give the space the status of a professional kitchen:

  • Smeg blast chillers – for rapid cooling of hot dishes and quick freezing of products. The special freezing technology allows you to preserve the taste of fresh products.
  • Vacuumer – ideal for long-term storage of frozen and fresh products.
  • Smart Steam Oven – Combining steam with traditional convection cooking enhances the flavor of your food. Also, the oven has a pyrolytic cleaning function, which greatly facilitates maintenance.
  • Wine cellar with touch control and glass door with UV protection. The cabinet can be combined with a sommelier drawer, where the necessary accessories are located.

All You Need To Know About Ovens From The Smeg Linea Collection

All models of the updated LINEA collection are characterized by the use of materials such as glass and metal, which creates a bright reflective effect in any space, adding luxury to every interior. The aesthetic harmony that unites the various elements of the series allows the user to create a solution that best suits their needs.

SMEG offers the updated LINEA series to create beautiful and timeless Made in Italy kitchens that the Italian manufacturer cultivates throughout the world through its designs.

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