All You Need To Know About Ovens From The SMEG Dolce Stil Novo Collection

All You Need To Know About Ovens From The SMEG Dolce Stil Novo Collection

The oven is the heart and soul of the kitchen. Who else but she will cook fragrant charlotte for tea, hearty meat in French style for the holiday, or delicious ratatouille for a family dinner? But that’s not all: Dolce Stil Novo ovens from SMEG can not only bake but also cook with microwaves and steam, eliminating the need for you to purchase several appliances at once.

Stylish modern design, wide functionality, compact dimensions, large capacity, and reliability with the sign “Made in Italy” – that’s what allowed SMEG to quickly win and confidently hold for more than 70 years one of the leading positions in the ranking of the world’s best manufacturers of premium household appliances. -class!

All You Need To Know About Ovens From The SMEG Dolce Stil Novo Collection

SMEG series

One of the secrets of the unprecedented popularity of SMEG household appliances both on the Italian and on the world market was the unique design, developed in collaboration with leading designers and architects. Among them are such masters as Guido Canali, Mark Newson, Mario Bellini, Giancarlo Candeago, as well as the Piano Design studio. Today, all brand products are represented by nine lines:

  • Retro – vintage 50s-style technique, made in bright colors (yellow, orange, pink, red, green, blue, and many other colors);
  • Linea – minimalistic style equipment made of practical brushed stainless steel and tempered glass;
  • Coloniale – a colonial-inspired series that combines soft shapes, pastel colors, and antique brass fittings;
  • Cortina – equipment in the style of the beginning of the last century with elements and decor that creates the effect of rough forging;
  • Classica – characterized by simplicity of forms, a minimum of decor, maximum ergonomics and functionality;
  • Victoria – a retro series of large household appliances in the style of the middle of the last century;
  • Portofino – a colorful collection that embodies the atmosphere of the Mediterranean town of Portofino;
  • Dolce Stil Novo – minimalism with the sophisticated decor in copper and stainless steel;
  • Fiat 500 – A collection of mini-refrigerators inspired by the front of the legendary Italian car.

Internationally acclaimed, SMEG’s design has won dozens of awards, including the Dedalo and Minosse, Wallpaper Design Award, Good Design Award, and Red Dot.

Dolce Style Novo. The play of light and shadow

The Dolce Stil Novo line is beloved by adherents of minimalistic design. Embedded equipment is made from premium materials. The equipment appears before the buyer in a concise black case.

The spectacular gloss of tempered Eclipse glass is complemented by thin horizontal slats of copper and stainless steel. Strict straight lines, smooth fronts, a minimum of protruding parts – this is what makes such coffee machines, hobs, hoods, wine, and oven cabinets the best choice for equipping kitchens in a modern style.

Ovens SMEG Dolce Stil Novo

Dolce Stil Novo ovens from SMEG have become the epitome of a modern, stylish, efficient, and multifunctional kitchen! In our store, you can purchase models with a height of 45 and 60 cm, which will please you with relatively compact external dimensions, spacious working chambers, as well as a wide selection of operating modes and automatic programs.

Models 60 cm

The standard height of Dolce Stil Novo ovens is 60 centimeters. The same measurements have other kitchen appliances – for example, hobs, hoods, and dishwashers. The kitchen, the appliances on which have the same height parameters, looks symmetrical, stylish, and modern.

Ovens with a height of 60 cm are the choice for those who are looking for a roomy unit that will allow you to cook any dish, from stewed vegetables to stuffed turkey or suckling pig for the festive table. In the catalog, you will find the SFP6604 model, which, with standard dimensions, has an amazing usable volume of 70 liters!

Models 45 cm

Ovens with a height of 45 cm will be an excellent purchase for small kitchens. Like standard ones, they are easily built under the countertop or in a column with other appliances at chest level. The useful volume of such units is highly dependent on their width: for example, the 60 cm wide SF4604 model holds only 40 liters, and the 90 cm wide SFPR9604 stove has an impressive 85 liters!

Fans of pizza, lasagne, biscuits, sun-dried tomatoes and other dishes that are difficult to cook in a conventional oven due to their size or could take twice as long to cook in a conventional oven will appreciate the wide ovens.

Cooking method

Dolce Stil Novo ovens are strikingly different from those that you can see in the range of other manufacturers, and it’s not only in design but also in functionality. By purchasing Italian SMEG equipment, you get a faithful, reliable, and multifunctional assistant that saves energy, time, and even space in your kitchen!

In the section on ovens on our website, there are three types of models from the line we are considering: thermo-ventilated, combined with steam, and microwave. Each of the options is good in its way, and now you will see for yourself.


Basic ovens, such as the SFP6604 and SFPR9604, are equipped with a convector, grill, and top, bottom, and ring heating elements. All types of heating can be used both solo and combined: for example, to create crispy pizza sides, the combination of lower heating and convection blowing is optimal, for roasting meat – grill and convector, and for baking casseroles – top and bottom heating with blowing.

These ovens are adjustable from 85°F to 535°F, which means you can do more, such as dry fruits and vegetables, curing tomatoes, simmering roasts, baking pies, frying chicken, or instantly roasting juicy steaks on the lattice, and in some cases even at two or three levels at the same time.

Dolce Stil Novo Combined with microwave

Combined with microwave

Advanced models, such as the SF4604, combine traditional thermal heating with microwave function, eliminating the need to purchase an additional appliance and find a place to install it in the kitchen.

Owners of the combined device can do all the same manipulations – baking, stewing, simmering, frying at temperatures from 85 to 480 ° F, and also defrosting, reheating, and even cooking dishes using microwaves. For this, the design is supplemented with a powerful 1000 W magnetron.

The heating process is carried out due to the friction of water molecules contained inside the products. Under the influence of microwave radiation, they change polarity and begin to move randomly. Movement and friction against each other cause heat.

Microwaves can be used as an independent heating source or as part of auto programs – in the menu, you will find, for example, ready-made combined modes for lasagna, lamb, loin, veal, roast, chicken, tobacco, fish, strudel, and many other dishes.

Combined with steam

Ovens with a steam generator are a godsend for adherents of a healthy diet! The steam cooking system allows you to cook meat, fish, poultry, and vegetable side dishes without oil and fat with minimal temperature influence. As a result, they retain their shape, texture, color, and also up to 90% of vitamins and microelements.

In addition, the steam cooking function is used for quick defrosting, for reheating foods without hardening or drying out, and for desalting salted foods. The Dolce Stil Novo line includes two models with a steamer function at once: SF4604 and SF4604. Both of them have three cooking functions with steam: steam (steamer), steam + static heating + convection, and steam + ring heater + convection air.

Features of SMEG ovens

Dolce Stil Novo ovens offer amazing features designed to make cooking fast, safe and efficient. Special attention should be paid to such pleasant options as a door closer, telescopic rails, fast heating, and high-precision temperature control in one-degree increments.

In addition, the manufacturer has introduced several developments to facilitate cleaning – these include easy-clean enamel and a pyrolysis function. To make the stove safe, each model has a tangential cooling system, “cold front” technology, and automatic shutdown of heating elements when the door is opened. We will tell you more about each of the above options below.

Ever Clean Enamel Chamber

Ovens in twenty-year-old kitchen stoves are covered with the most ordinary enamel. A smooth surface retains its presentable appearance for a very short time: under the influence of friction between baking sheets and stamped sleds, as well as high temperatures and aggressive detergents, it inevitably becomes thinner, cracked, and scratched, becoming unusable after a year or two.

Grease and fumes get into the pores, cracks, and chips, which become almost impossible to clean off. Layer after layer, like a snowball, the inner walls are overgrown with soot, which cannot be carefully removed.

To make the coating of the working chamber less dirty and easier to clean, SMEG specialists have developed an easy-clean enamel. Unlike conventional, it has practically no pores into which dirt can clog. The perfectly smooth glassy coating does not absorb grease, fumes, juices, and food coloring, so fresh dirt slides off it – all you need is a soft sponge dipped in soapy water and a couple of minutes of free time!

Ever Clean enamel is characterized by high thermal and wears resistance, therefore, with regular care, it retains its original appearance throughout the entire life of the oven.

Dolce Stil Novo protective glass

Protective glass

The Dolce Stil Novo oven door window has an unusual design. The fact is that it consists of three (and in some models even four!) layers of tempered glass with an air gap between them. Such a “sandwich” is made to absorb heat as much as possible, making the front panel of the device safe to touch.

The technology resembles the principle of keeping warm in a conventional thermos. The inner glass takes on the maximum heat, then the heat is transferred to the air gap and the second glass, and from it to the third. Even if inside the stove is heated to the maximum, outside the glass will only be warm, and therefore completely safe for children and pets.

Soft-close doors

Another problem that every owner of the “Soviet” stove faced was the sharp slamming of the door. Just remember how often you shuddered from a roar and rattle! The thing is that the design of such a door provided for a conventional spring closer, which worked when a certain opening angle was reached.

Thanks to the shock-absorbing Soft-Close technology, the oven door moves smoothly and silently. One has only to gently pull it towards you, and it will lower, and the upward movement ensures its gradual lifting.

Quick preheat

Almost any dish must be placed in a preheated oven. If this rule is neglected, the meat will lose its juiciness, and the biscuit will remain heavy and too dense.

The heating time depends on many factors: this is the set temperature, the type of heating sources, their number, and the volume of the chamber … On average, the process takes about 15-20 minutes, which there is no desire to spend contemplating an empty oven.

The fast preheat function will make it possible to reduce the waiting time by three times! Just turn on the oven and start preparing the ingredients – in 6 minutes the appliance will reach the set temperature.

Full-extension telescopic slides

The guides in the old ovens were stamped recesses in the sidewalls, the only advantage of which was cheapness. The sliding pan moved in jerks with a characteristic rattle, and regular friction inevitably damaged the enamel. However, this is not the worst thing: it was necessary to push the sheet out very carefully since it was not fixed in any way and could fall out.

In SMEG ovens, instead of stamped guides, removable stainless steel slides are installed. Such structures are securely attached to the walls with screws, and if necessary, they can be easily removed.

Additionally, one set of telescopic guides is provided on the upper level, which ensures smooth and complete extension of the pan without the risk of it tipping over. The container with the dish is securely fixed. Now, to check its readiness, you need to gently pull the edge, and the structure will move outward until it stops, fixing the vessel in a suspended state. “Telescopes” can easily withstand weight up to 15 kilograms, allowing you to safely cook any, even the most large-sized dishes.

Steam and pyrolytic cleaning

Forget about the tedious cleaning of the walls after cooking – Dolce Stil Novo ovens are designed with your time in mind! To simplify cleaning, they provide two types of “independent” cleaning: steam and pyrolytic.

Steam cleaning is implemented in models with a steam generator. In such ovens, there is a special container with a volume of 1.2 liters, into which it is necessary to pour ordinary cold water with dissolved detergent and then activate the self-cleaning function. Soon the liquid will heat up, turning into steam. The combination of moisture and heat helps to quickly soften fat and food particles. After completing the cycle, you only need to wipe the walls with a damp cloth.

Pyrolysis ensures the elimination of any, even the most persistent contaminants due to the extremely high heating temperature. Before turning on the function, the entire contents of the oven, including baking sheets, racks, guides, and temperature probe, must be removed. During cleaning, the oven door is securely locked. Depending on the degree of contamination of the chamber, the duration of the program is from two to three hours – the corresponding settings are set by the user. At the end of automatic cleaning, you only need to collect the ashes. That’s all, the working chamber is again clean and sterile!

Electronic temperature control up to 535°F

As we have mentioned, the Dolce Stil Novo range of ovens delivers temperatures ranging from 85 to 535°F. All models are equipped with an electronic module and a touch control panel, with which you can set any temperature to the nearest degree. Due to the presence of a convector, the desired degree is maintained at all levels and in all corners of the working chamber.

Smart Cooking System

SMEG ovens from the Dolce Stil Novo range offer an amazing Smart Cooking system designed to take the guesswork out of cooking and ensure great cooking results. The menu of such devices provides up to 50 preset cooking options for the most popular dishes. Simply select the type of food you want to cook and its weight from the on-screen menu, then follow the prompts – everything else, down to the level at which you want to put the workpiece, the oven will calculate for you.

Tangential cooling system

Strong heating of the oven causes an increase in the temperature of its walls, which can damage the furniture and the control unit. To prevent this from happening, a tangential cooling system is implemented for each model.

A powerful fan is installed between the internal and external panels of the device. Air intakes are provided at the bottom left and right, through which cool air from the kitchen is captured. Then it is quickly driven along the sidewalls and the top of the stove under the control panel, after which it is removed through the holes on top. The continuous circulation of cool air between the walls reduces their temperature outside. Such ovens do not damage the furniture set and do not pose a danger to your home.

Automatic shutdown when the door is open

A distinctive feature of SMEG ovens is the automatic shutdown of the heaters when the door is opened. Such know-how allows you to reduce energy consumption because while you check the readiness of the dish, pour sauce over it, or grease it with yolk, all heaters will be turned off. As soon as the door closes, their work will be resumed.

Dolce Stil Novo operating modes

Operating modes

The oven menu provides up to 14 operating modes, including convection, grill, microwave, and steam cooking. Also, the lower, upper, and ring heating elements become available to the user, which can be used both individually and in an advantageous combination with each other. An additional advantage is the ECO mode, which is suitable for fast and economical cooking of all dishes on one level.

Personal recipes

In addition to 50 automatic recipes, which are provided by the manufacturer, from 10 to 64 author’s settings can be entered in the device menu. Now, to prepare signature chicken for the holiday and pies for dinner according to your grandmother’s recipe, you do not need to enter all the settings from scratch each time. You only need to select an available cell once, sign it, indicate the sources of heating, the weight of the workpiece, time and temperature conditions – that’s all, now the cookbook will no longer be useful to you!

All You Need To Know About Ovens From The SMEG Dolce Stil Novo Collection

Dolce Stil Novo ovens are a godsend for those. who is looking for a modern multifunctional oven for home cooking! The key advantages of this line are a huge selection of operating modes, including grill, convection, steam, and microwaves, a wide variety of automatic recipes, a unique ability to save favorite recipes in memory, as well as several programs that ensure efficient, economical and safe use of new clothes.

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