All You Need To Know About Horizontal Refrigerator Features, Pros, And Cons

All You Need To Know About Horizontal Refrigerator Features, Pros, And Cons

Some home appliance users consider horizontal refrigerators to be a practical piece of kitchen decor. Thanks to these preferences, manufacturers have organized the release of designer refrigerators.

All You Need To Know About Horizontal Refrigerator Features, Pros, And Cons

Features of the horizontal refrigerator

They have a presentable appearance. Engineers have created models that look similar to furniture from the kitchen. The popularity of this technique is gaining momentum.

The principle of operation is structurally not much different from the classic – with a vertical arrangement of cameras. In trade, a horizontal refrigerator can be called a chest. Visually similar to large plastic containers.

The horizontal arrangement of the chamber in the refrigerator is very convenient. With the constant opening of the lid, the loss or leakage of the generated cold is minimal. Models available without the top cover. Created specifically for the hall in supermarkets, where the buyer can easily put the required freeze into his set of products.

Horizontal refrigerator device

Horizontal refrigerator device

Chamber volume. It’s not about the area, but about the ability to quickly access any corner of the container or camera. Choosing between horizontal and vertical, find out the exact dimensions of the area on which the refrigerator will be installed.

Sometimes the area of ​​a kitchen or retail space does not fit a refrigerator, the doors of which are opened classically.

Models designed specifically for small areas have been created. Among them are vertical doors with an ergonomic arrangement. Also, refrigerators with a horizontal arrangement of chambers are credited here.

The volume of a horizontal refrigerator or freezer is measured in liters. Varies from 100 to 600 liters.

Among modern refrigeration units, the horizontal refrigerator “chest” reliably keeps cold. Maintains temperature even on hot summer days. The generated air sinks to the bottom of the “chest”. The space inside remains steadily cooled. Even without the top cover, the cold level is stable in a warm room.

The working volume of a horizontal and vertical refrigerator is the same. The occupied area of ​​the horizontal is always less. It is for this characteristic that it is installed in retail outlets.

The class of electricity consumption is significant. It is designated by abbreviations in which the “A” level is the most advantageous. The levels under the abbreviations “A +” or “A ++” are the latest innovations. The energy class has been established by the European Trade Commission.

They are divided into two categories: electromechanical and electronic.

The device with electromechanical control is based on the control of the device by means of a thermostat. The thermostat knob is required in the cooling regulation.

Electronically controlled units are equipped with a special display. This function helps to set the desired temperature for the refrigerator, adjust the speed of the fan and compressor. The display allows a visual check of all indicators and operating functions.

Refrigerators and chest freezers, in terms of their functionality, have different temperature criteria for freezing and cooling. Freezing functions from -0 °F to -11,2 °F.

For economical use of the freezer, it is better to purchase a chest with a shallow freeze function down to minus 18 degrees Celsius. This condition will keep food fresh and save energy.

Refrigerating and freezing chambers with a low-temperature effect have been created for a specific type of product. They do not guarantee long-term storage or freezing of food.

Pros and cons of horizontal refrigerators

Pros and cons of horizontal refrigerators

A horizontal refrigerator will save the most important meters in the kitchen to the maximum. Any model of a vertical refrigerator, in comparison with it, will take up an extra piece of the working area.

The disadvantage is the height of this household appliance. It is inconvenient to bend over for content. This is especially true for elderly people or patients with sciatica.

Appliances of this type are equipped with weak insulation. Because of this, the optimal degree declared by the manufacturer is lost. Respect for technology is a guarantee of long years of service without loss of quality.

Horizontal refrigerator operation

Placed, as a rule, under the work surface. In a place where it is more convenient and faster to move for quick access to fresh food.

The most important rule when installing a refrigeration appliance is to place the refrigerator away from heated elements. The stove, which is installed next to the refrigerator, will shorten the life of any device in a short time.

This type of device does not fit into the usual understanding of a modern refrigerator.

They fit perfectly into any modern headset. Sometimes guests are not immediately able to locate a small refrigerator, which is intelligently built into a shared kitchen cabinet.

Precautions for a horizontal refrigerator

When storing food, there are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Do not keep food for a long time in iron or aluminum containers, as well as canned food that has already been opened in cans.
  • The bottom-most area of ​​the appliance must not contain liquid food without lids. Otherwise, the upper part of the refrigerator will receive an excess of condensation.

To preserve food and technology, it is necessary to pack each type of product in cellophane, polyethylene, or foil.

  • Storage of medicinal products that are not intended for cooling chambers causes a reduction in the shelf life and a loss of medicinal properties.
  • It is strictly forbidden to install temporary or permanent heat sources in the neighborhood. This can cause interruptions in the system, leakage of working gases.
  • Sometimes, unknowingly, a new refrigerator is installed next to the radiator and underfloor heating. This is prohibited. You shorten the life of the refrigeration equipment because the constant heating of the refrigerator device from the side or bottom has a negative effect.

With such a load on the compressor, operation at maximum will be around the clock. It will take him two days or more to stop working due to the careless layout of the space.

Installation of heated floors, taking into account the space for refrigeration equipment, is best done with a site for it. The place where there are no heated floor parts is suitable for the installation.

  • This type of refrigeration equipment must be kept clean. Before starting the cleaning, be sure to turn off the device from the outlet, then remove the food.

Pay attention to the material that covers the refrigerator. If in doubt that the housing parts are susceptible to deterioration by chemical cleaning agents, read the instructions for use. It describes in detail how and with what to clean the surface of this household appliance.

Horizontal refrigerator malfunctions

Horizontal refrigerator malfunctions

  1. The light turns on, the refrigerator itself does not turn on.

In this case, the sensor may be defective. It’s easier to replace it with a new one.

  1. The compressor is running, but there is no cold.

No cold air movement due to capillary piping. Recycled engine oil sometimes clogs the system. It should be thoroughly cleaned by pressing with a solvent. After cleaning, make sealing and filling with freon.

  1. No cold, the bottom is covered with oil droplets.

A common cause is a breakdown of a part of the engine of a refrigeration device. This is a serious problem, so you need to make a diagnosis first. She will show the required level of capital repairs, give a specific assessment of the working parts, inform about the need to replace the motor with a new one.

  1. There is water or condensation on the bottom of the device.

There is a possibility that the drain hole in the refrigerator compartment is clogged. It is designed only to remove excess moisture or liquid from the cooking compartment. It is imperative to clean it with your own hands or ask a master to repair such equipment.

  1. The chamber works continuously, the cold supply is increased.

These conditions are typical for the wear of the rubber seals installed on the doors between the compartments. Warm air, getting inside the chamber, forces the devices of the refrigeration unit to work with a vengeance. This causes the tops of the chamber to turn over and condensation builds up. Replacement of the seal is required for the device to function properly.

  1. The freezer is working too hard.

This is possible if the program with which the Control Unit is equipped fails. Or a malfunction in the module itself. The refrigerator engine does not receive a signal at the start of cooling the main compartment of the refrigerator. Instead, it feeds air into a separate freezer, creating hypothermia. In the event of this malfunction, a mandatory replacement of the working control module is required.

All You Need To Know About Horizontal Refrigerator Features, Pros, And Cons

A refrigerator is a household appliance that is purchased for a long time. That is why you should not rush in the process of choosing it. A horizontal refrigerator can be an excellent and functional addition to a small kitchen or for those who like to use space to their advantage.

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