All You Need To Know About Food Processor With The Meat Grinder

All You Need To Know About Food Processor With The Meat Grinder

A food processor is a household appliance for grinding food: meat, fish, vegetables, berries, and fruits. The device is intended for daily use. One of its functions is the grinding of meat products.

When choosing a combination with a meat grinder, you need to pay attention to the power of the motor, the number of revolutions per minute, and the presence of at least three-speed switching modes.

All You Need To Know About Food Processor With The Meat Grinder

The device of a food processor with a meat grinder

The operation of the food processor is based on the basic principle for many household appliances: the motor is powered by electricity and causes the coil to spin, on which the nozzle with knives is installed.

With the help of a push-button or touch control unit, the mode and speed of rotation are set. For convenience, the nozzles change, increasing the functionality of the device.

The kit includes bowls of different diameters and heights for additional operations. The meat grinder is the main function. In this mode, the meat is ground to a state of minced meat, and high engine power is required for it. Additionally, models with a meat grinder have the functions of food processors with cutting discs.

The basis of the functionality of the device is nozzles for different types of products. Manufacturers produce their own set for each individual model: the more diverse it is, the wider the capabilities of the combine.

For the preparation of minced meat, a special nozzle is included in the kit, and a standard bowl is used. Give preference to models with a capacity of 1 to 5 liters.

Choose models with a wide range of shifting speeds:

  • the bird is grinded on a slow mode so that the minced meat does not spread during cooking;
  • beef requires chopping on medium mode so that the meat gets the right consistency;
  • pork and mutton are cut at high speeds, at which tendons, fatty film, and cartilage are crushed;
  • to prepare minced fish, you need the “pulse” function.

The combines differ from each other only in motor power, the volume of the working bowl, and functional additions (juicer, blender).

Features of a food processor with a meat grinder:

  • cutting vegetables into pieces of different shapes and sizes – the function of the grinder;
  • food processor for mashed potatoes;
  • extraction of juice from citrus fruits, berries, and fruits;
  • dough preparation;
  • mixing of ingredients;
  • culinary cutting of ham, sausage, and cheese.

The advantage of food processors with a meat grinder:

  • Equipped with a set of nozzles;
  • Controlled by a button block, sensor, or mode switch lever;
  • Save electricity consumption;
  • Allow saving time in the preparation of culinary dishes.

When choosing a combine, pay attention to the price category of the goods and the power of the motor. They are the first criteria for a successful purchase.

A meat grinder is also used to prepare the dough of the desired consistency. The device is exposed to a lot of pressure, so give preference to models with environmentally friendly and strong materials.

The price range of a combine with this feature is always above average. Chopping meat requires high engine performance, if you purchase a model with minimal performance, you risk wasting money.

The operational life of a high-quality combine exceeds the mark of three years. Pay attention to manufacturer warranties and reviews from previous buyers.

Basic characteristics of a high-quality meat grinder for the kitchen:

  1. Motor power exceeds 500W.
  2. The bowl is made of high-quality food-grade plastic or organic glass.
  3. Meat chopping and twisting attachment are made of stainless steel.
  4. The control box is equipped with a minimum of three-speed switches. Choose models with a “pulse” button.
  5. The body of the device is equipped with rubber pads on the legs, which prevent sliding on the surface in active mode.

Give preference to models with a working bowl of 1.5 liters. This will speed up the cooking process. It is optimal to choose bowls made of organic glass, which is not harmful to health.

A transparent container will allow you to monitor the progress of work without interruptions for checking. Professional models of combines are equipped with bowls up to 5 liters and are designed to prepare meals for a large number of people in a short time.

Pay attention to the throughput of the combine. This is productivity – the number of operations per hour – for example, 5 liters of juice, or 2 kg of meat. Throughput depends on the volume of the bowl, the size of the nozzles, and the power of the motor.

Manufacturers do not standardize these indicators, for one it can be 3 kg of meat per hour, for another – 5.

The control unit can be touched or push-button. The latter type is cheaper but has its drawbacks. For example, if the buttons are not protected from the inside with a silicone layer, then over time, grease and dirt will clog in them, which will prevent them from being turned on.

Some models have two modes of operation: mechanical and electronic. The combination allows you to cook in different conditions, even when the device is de-energized.

Functions of a food processor with a meat grinder

Functions of a food processor with a meat grinder

Important: purchase models that are originally designed for twisting meat. This detail is immediately visible in the instructions, where the first sections list the functionality available for work.

The basis for choosing a combine with a meat grinder is the speed switching function. The more diverse the indicator, the more convenient it is to select a mode for a certain type of meat and product processing. It is recommended to purchase models with 3-6 speed modes.

A useful feature is the “pulse”. This is a maximum-speed food processing mode that works as long as you hold down the button. The standard duration of one session is 3-6 seconds.

It takes only three clicks to grind chicken meat for cutlets. The function is not used for twisting products, but it shows the level of manufacturability of the device and is used instead of a meat grinder when it is necessary to reduce the cooking time.

Types of food processors with a meat grinder

The meat grinder in the food processor is a separate attachment. It has the shape of a pipe and a built-in funnel where pieces of meat are placed ready for processing.

Give preference to models in which the funnel is equipped with an additional bowl, which helps mechanize the process of feeding meat.

Structurally, all nozzles have a similar appearance and one task. Please note that not all devices are sold in a set with a meat grinder.

Some manufacturers produce basic devices, to which you can later purchase the nozzles you need.

The advantage of the most complete models, the price of which includes a nozzle for a meat grinder. Give preference to models that prescribe the function of twisting products in the instructions.

Since the design of the meat mincer remains similar between manufacturers, pay attention to the materials from which they are made. Metal parts must be made of hardened stainless steel.

This is a prerequisite, check according to the instructions which knives and coatings the parts have.

The second indicator is the performance of the device. It depends on the ratio of engine power and displacement of the working capacity.

The classic ratio, from which it is worth building on:

  • 300 W and 1 l;
  • 500 W and 1.5 l;
  • 700 W and 2.5 l;
  • 900 W and 3.5 l;
  • 1000-1200 W and 4-5 liters.

It is not recommended to break these proportions in the lower direction.

Professional meat grinders built into the combined work productively if the indicators are a power of 900 W and a 2-4 liter working bowl. The standard device has indicators of 500 W and 2 liters of capacity.

When choosing between them, rely on your cooking needs. If you regularly cook kilograms of minced meat, you should pay attention to professional models.

To use a meat grinder every few weeks for 1-2 kg of products, standard devices are suitable.

The advantage of a professional device in the productivity of minced meat preparation, a motor with a power of 900-1200 W allows you to speed up production in an hour. The disadvantage is the amount of electricity absorbed.

Some models are designed with the function of saving electricity, but they are more expensive.

The standard models, which combine 500W of power with a 2-liter bowl, make it easy to prepare everyday meals in regular quantities. They are not suitable for regular use.

How to use a food processor with a meat grinder

How to use a food processor with a meat grinder

The basic operating rules are common for different manufacturers. Before using the food processor, it is enough to read the instructions and follow the rules.

  1. Before turning on, make sure that the nozzle is fixed correctly and firmly, the cord is not bent or pierced, and the device is not standing in water.
  2. Do not wash the device if the plug is plugged into an outlet. After each use, you need to separate the nozzle, bowl, and working unit. The first two are washed in the sink, and the device itself is only wiped with a damp sponge.
  3. Use modes that are consistent with attachments. To prepare minced meat, use the attachment for a meat grinder, and for grinding fillets, use knives that are installed inside the bowl.
  4. Before starting work, read the recommended procedure time. Do not exceed the allowable usage limit of the device by operations.
  5. Make sure that the bowl is not filled with more than two-thirds of the volume.
  6. When finished, turn off the appliance and disconnect the plug from the socket.

Following the standard rules, you will keep the device working. If you violated the recommendations in the instructions, you may be denied free service when the product is under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Precautions for a food processor with the meat grinder

For your safety and the safety of the food processor, please be careful. Follow the rules for working with electrical appliances.

These include:

  1. Check before turning on: make sure that the buttons are at zero marks.
  2. Close the bowl lid before starting the treatment.
  3. Do not use fingers or foreign objects to push food pieces during processing. Use only non-metallic kitchen utensils and attachments that came with the food processor.
  4. Do not completely fill the work bowl with products, leave one-third of the space for the processing process.
  5. It is forbidden to install on a wet surface near the sink, even if the housing is protected by a waterproof material.
  6. Make sure you have fully attached the attachment.
  7. Do not exceed the allowable processing time, motor overheating will cause damage.

If there is any problem with the appliance, do not repeat the operation and do not plug the cord into the mains. The best solution is to contact the service center to find out the cause of the problem.

Malfunctions of the food processor with a meat grinder

A typical malfunction is the curvature of the knives. If the nozzles are used incorrectly, the cutting part becomes dull. There are two options for correcting the situation: sharpening and buying a new part.

To prevent malfunction, make sure that no foreign objects get into the machine during the recycling process. Do not try to sharpen knives yourself, you risk damaging them.

The second problem is engine failure. If the recommended operating time is exceeded, the engine will overheat. If the device does not start, the starter may be damaged – the adapter between the motor and the start button. The breakdown is fixable only in the second case.

If the motor breaks down, repairs are possible in some cases if the cost is cost-effective. A separate spare part can cost half the price of a new instrument. In case of any malfunction, please contact the manufacturer’s service center.

All You Need To Know About Food Processor With The Meat Grinder

The appearance of a food processor with a meat grinder in your kitchen will definitely facilitate and speed up the cooking process, as well as expand your culinary possibilities. If you cook a lot and often, replenishment is expected in your family or cooking is your hobby – you will never regret buying a food processor with a meat grinder. In addition, the combine alone is able to replace a number of kitchen appliances.

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