All You Need To Know About Cookers With 7 Burners From SMEG

All You Need To Know About Cookers With 7 Burners From SMEG

It would seem that in the world of stoves for a modern person there is nothing unusual for a long time. A weighty appliance that combines gas, electric, or induction burners and a gas or electric oven can be found in at least every second kitchen. The differences between such models lie in the functionality: some are equipped with only basic options, while others provide a set of additional modes and programs.

Nevertheless, SMEG engineers will always find something to surprise even the most sophisticated customer. An excellent example of this is large-sized professional cookers with seven burners, equipped with two or even three independent ovens with a wide range of additional functions implemented for each of them!

What is a brewing center? In what situations will its acquisition become a necessity? Today we will try to answer the most common questions that willy-nilly arise in the average person when they first meet an unusual unit.

All You Need To Know About Cookers With 7 Burners From SMEG

The popularity of embedded technology

SMEG manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances for both home and professional use.

For professional kitchens, we are ready to offer vacuum cleaners, electric ovens, cabinets for storing wine, heating dishes, proofing dough, and shock freezing products, as well as a large selection of small helpers, utensils, and accessories.

Depending on the model you choose, the household appliance may be designed for stand-alone installation or installation in a kitchen cabinet. The stand-alone unit is installed close to the furniture or at any convenient distance from it.

The advantages of choosing this technique will be:

  • the possibility of choosing a design;
  • mobility;
  • simple and budgetary installation;
  • more affordable initial cost.

Built-in appliances are mounted in a custom-made kitchen set for the dimensions of a particular appliance. She has many advantages:

  • compactness;
  • compatibility with any design of the room;
  • saving working space in the kitchen.

At the same time, it is important to understand that built-in units always cost an order of magnitude more expensive than stand-alone ones, and their installation will require calling the installer and additional expenses.

Unique combination models from SMEG

SMEG premium cooking centers, which are freestanding appliances, are designed for the simultaneous preparation of several dishes. For these purposes, they have seven powerful gas burners and two or three electric ovens.

The stove from the Classica series will allow you to cook dishes at a professional level! For your convenience, it provides burners of different capacities:

  • front right – 1.05 kW;
  • rear right – 1.9 kW (used for ducklings);
  • barbecue – 1.6 kW;
  • central front left – 1.05 kW;
  • central rear left – 3 kW;
  • front left – 4.2 kW;
  • rear left – 1.8 kW.

All burners are equipped with an electric ignition function that allows you to ignite the gas with a simple turn of the knob, and a gas control that prevents the leakage of hazardous fuel in the event of a flame failure. On top of them are three reliable stands made of strong and durable cast iron.

There are two electric ovens under the hob. The left one, with a volume of 70 liters, can provide you with:

  • 8 cooking functions;
  • defrost option;
  • sound timer with auto-off;
  • electronic temperature control in the range from 50 to 260 degrees.

Inside the chamber is equipped with metal guides that allow you to cook on four levels. The walls are treated with heat-resistant Ever Clean quick-cleaning enamel. For your safety, a tangential cooling system and three-layer glazing of the door are provided. The right oven, with a capacity of 35 liters, has four cooking functions and the same technical advantages as the left one.

Cookers from the Victoria range have all the same seven burners, but with different power and configuration:

  • left WOK – 4.2 kW;
  • central rear left – 3 kW;
  • central front left – 1 kW;
  • central rear right – 1 kW;
  • central front right – 3 kW;
  • front right – 1 kW;
  • rear right – 1 kW.

Unique combination models from SMEG

As for the Classica series, they are equipped with twin cast-iron grates, electric ignition, and gas control.

There are three ovens at the bottom of the stove. The first one has a volume of 63 liters, provides for the presence of 6 cooking functions, is equipped with an acoustic timer with a delayed start, operates in a temperature range from 50 to 260 degrees, and has the same technical advantages as the ovens from the classic series.

The second oven also has a volume of 63 liters but is equipped with 5 cooking modes, including defrosting – in all other respects, its functionality is the same as the previous one. The third oven with a working chamber of 33 liters is designed for grilling at temperatures up to 300 degrees.

Top build quality

The guarantee of long service life of Italian combined cookers from SMEG is the high build quality. Made of durable steel and heat-resistant glass, the appliances are equipped with durable chrome-plated rails and an extended range of accessories for cooking various dishes, including grills, baking sheets, broilers, and a removable skewer.

The devices are convenient, multifunctional, and completely safe: the double walls of the stove are cooled by built-in fans, the triple glazing of the door and the electric ignition of the burners protect against burns, and the gas control prevents fuel leakage.

Premium Design

SMEG cooking centers with seven burners will become not only a reliable assistant in the preparation of a huge number of dishes but also a complete decoration of your kitchen. For these purposes, the company released two lines at once, made in a completely different style: the universal Classica, which will stylishly fit into a modern interior, and the luxurious Victoria, designed to complement the classic kitchen.

Classica line

The Classica series was the joint creation of the industrial design group SMEG and the architect Guido Canali. The kitchen stove is characterized by strict lines and a laconic design. Constructed from durable polished stainless steel with anti-fingerprint protection and black tempered glass, the case strikes the perfect balance between economy and culture, style, and technology.

Home appliances embodying the Made in Italy formula have become world-famous and have become recognized as design standards at the international level.

Victoria line

The ideological inspiration for the creation of the Victoria collection was the first Elizabeth gas stove with auto-ignition, a timer, and a fuse, which rolled off the assembly line of the SMEG factory back in 1955. Modern stoves with seven burners and three ovens are made in a retro style with characteristic features for it.

Doors with heavy handles made of chrome-plated steel, heavy burners with cast-iron tires and stable grates, as well as reliable antique-style switches add a special charm to the equipment.

Initially, such cooking centers were produced in two colors – black and cream. Today, gray, blue, and burgundy models have joined them, which will take center stage in the interior and, without too much boasting, will become the soul of your kitchen.

Who is SMEG technique for?

Who is SMEG technique for?

The cooking center is professional multifunctional equipment designed for the simultaneous preparation of a large number of various dishes. The width of such a stove is twice the width of a standard unit with four burners, and therefore compactness is not its strong point. Where would such a device fit in? Let’s find out!

Big families

The SMEG oversized cooker is the best choice for large families. If your home boasts a spacious kitchen, such a unit will greatly simplify cooking and shorten the whole process at times! On seven burners, you can cook several dishes at once, whether it be soup, tomato sauce, or compote, while meat, casserole, and tea cake are cooked in the ovens.

In addition, such a device will be indispensable for large family celebrations, when you need a parallel supply of hot appetizers and main courses. What takes up to three hours with a traditional stove can be cooked in a SMEG cooking center in less than an hour! As a result, you will save a lot of time and will be able to fully enjoy a heart-to-heart conversation in the circle of your closest people.


Cooking centers are actively used not only at home but also in the professional kitchen of restaurants, bars, and cafes. The reason is the same: one appliance can do many things at once: grill a steak, roast, stew vegetables, roast duck in the oven, cook pot roast and tender cheesecake, all at the same time.

There is no need to remember where and what dish is being cooked at the moment, because all cooking zones and appliance controls are at hand, and an electronic timer will help you not to miss the moment of readiness, even if there is an emergency in the restaurant.

Blogs and TV Shows

Do you have a food blog on the Internet or TV? Then the cooking center will be a great investment in promoting your program! Using all the capabilities of the multifunctional unit, you can demonstrate to the viewer the preparation of several dishes at the same time, making your program as rich and informative as possible.

Features of large models

SMEG cooking centers from the Classica and Victoria series are not just large stoves, they are versatile equipment for bringing even the most daring culinary ideas to life! For these purposes, they are equipped with seven gas burners of different sizes and diameters, as well as two or three electric ovens, which allow you to cook several dishes at once for serving them to the table at once.

So that you can fully experience the benefits of purchasing such equipment, below we present its key technical features that allow you to turn an ordinary stove into a universal assistant in both home and professional kitchens.

Oven up to 159 liters

The first important difference between the cooking center and the usual stove is the presence of not one, but two or even three ovens at once, independent of each other. Models from the Classica line have two chambers with a volume of 70 and 35 liters.

In the main oven, you can choose one of 8 modes:

  • top + bottom;
  • top + bottom + convection;
  • grill;
  • grill + convection;
  • bottom + convection;
  • bottom + back heating + convection;
  • rear heating + convection;
  • eco (grill + bottom).

In the auxiliary chamber, 4 programs are implemented:

  • top + bottom;
  • bottom;
  • grill + spit;
  • top + grill + skewer.

Cookers from the Victoria series are equipped with three ovens, two of which have a volume of 63 liters, and the third holds 33 liters. The first chamber has 6 cooking functions, the second – 5, and the third is used for cooking only in the “grill” mode.

In total, the device has 8 modes of operation:

  • eco;
  • top + bottom;
  • bottom;
  • bottom + convection;
  • grill;
  • grill + convection;
  • top + bottom + convection;
  • ring heating element + convection airflow.

The unit is controlled by Touch Control sensors and rotary switches. Each working chamber has a sound timer with auto-off.

Models from the Classica series have an Ever Clean enamel interior and require traditional care with mild detergents. Victoria cookers are equipped with a steam generator, which will soften dried food particles and thus greatly simplify the upcoming cleaning.

Gas or electric grill

Gas or electric grill

SMEG cookers can be equipped with a gas or electric grill. The unique Teppan Yaki gas grill is used in the A3-81 model and is a flat steel panel located on top of the burners.

Almost all products are suitable for quick frying: meat and fish, vegetables, seafood, and even desserts! Grilling Teppan Yaki preserves their juiciness and true, natural taste as if sealing them inside and allowing you to enjoy all the shades to the fullest.

The electric grill is installed in the oven and is intended either for short-term browning of almost ready-made dishes (solo grill) or the full preparation of raw ingredients (grill in combination with heating elements and blowing). Grilled dishes can be prepared both on the grill and on the spit – the latter will help you evenly fry large carcasses of chicken, duck, or turkey.

Steam cleaning

Victoria cookers are equipped with a steam cleaning system for internal chambers. The principle of its operation is quite simple: after cooking is completed, it is necessary to pour a little water with liquid detergent into a special container and activate the self-cleaning mode.

Soon the oven will be filled with thick steam, which will effectively soften the fat and dried food residues to a grueling state. After the cleaning cycle is completed, it is necessary to wipe the walls with a damp cloth and leave the door ajar until the remaining moisture is eliminated.

Cast iron grates

Kitchen stoves for home use are often complemented by enameled steel grates. Such clamps are inexpensive for the manufacturer, and the housewives rejoice at their lightweight and the same easy cleaning of contaminants.

However, after a year or two of active use, smooth glossy floors quickly lose their gloss: the enamel burns out, scratches, cracks and absorbs fat, but there is a much more serious drawback – under the influence of heat and heavy pans, the metal rods are deformed, as a result of which the stand ceases to perform its task properly. way.

SMEG specialists have equipped their models with massive cast-iron grates, which are free from all the above disadvantages. An alloy of iron and carbon is highly heat-resistant, not afraid of scratches and chips, does not fade, does not crack or bend under the weight of heavy kitchen utensils, and therefore, with proper care, such coasters have an unlimited service life.

Powerful burners

Cookers of the Classica series are equipped with 7 burners of different power: two of 1.05 kW each, one barbecue of 1.6 kW, another “duckling” of 1.9 kW, a powerful burner of 3 kW, and a double-circuit WOK of 4.3 kW. Models from the Victoria series have the same 7 burners: four 1 kW each, two 3 kW each, and one 4.2 kW WOK.

Burners of different power will allow you to cook in dishes of any diameter and capacity: from miniature Turks to stewpans and professional cook containers with a diameter of 30 centimeters.

Convenient adjustment knobs

Reliable mechanical regulators are responsible for activating burners and heating elements in ovens in professional cookers. The choice in the direction of “mechanics” was made for a reason: such handles are not afraid of overheating, humidity, and voltage drops in the network, and therefore they serve flawlessly throughout the entire life of the device.

All You Need To Know About Cookers With 7 Burners From SMEG

Are you looking for a reliable, versatile, and durable cooker? Then we are ready to offer you SMEG products, which have proven themselves well both in-home and professional kitchens. In the assortment of the Italian brand, you will find cookers from the Classica, Victoria, and Portofino lines for 5, 6, or 7 burners with one, two, or even three ovens of different sizes, equipped with all the necessary functions.

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