All You Need To Know About ASCOLI Kitchen Appliances In Retro Style

All You Need To Know About ASCOLI Kitchen Appliances In Retro Style

Vintage style in the interior is always in fashion: pleasant colors, cozy shelves, often rounded and artificially aged details. This is to the liking of many lovers of retro style in the kitchen. Today, the antique Italian design of ASCOLI appliances is surprisingly combined with the latest trends in technology and design. From this brand, you can pick up both built-in appliances and refrigerators from vintage collections.

The retro-style technique is becoming more and more popular every year. Even some 5 years ago, there was nothing on the market except Italian SMEG at exorbitant prices. Now the choice is much richer. In this article, we will look at Ascoli ARDRFB375 and ARDRFB250 and try to figure out if it is able to compete with its compatriot.

High quality and elegant design at the best price – this is the formula for a successful refrigerator on the market. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are ready to adhere to it.

Refrigerators of the Ascoli brand in retro style have proven themselves just at the expense of an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look at the equipment and talk about the quality of the products.

All You Need To Know About ASCOLI Kitchen Appliances In Retro Style

ASCOLI refrigerators in retro style

Refrigerator Ascoli ARDRF375

The retro refrigerator is the most outstanding piece of vintage cuisine. Retro is always strong, colorful, and nostalgic. Model ARDRF375 in rich red color (black, turquoise, blue) with voluminous handles for the top and bottom doors will surprise you with its originality and functionality.

The useful volume of this equipment is 305 liters, and the height is almost 2 meters. High-tech equipment with 1 compressor consumes minimal electricity and belongs to class A +. Model of precise electronic control type. 

Multi-air flow cooling systems provide uniform distribution of air flows inside the refrigerator chambers due to forced air circulation through many air channels. This results in faster cooling and longer shelf life of the food.

There are shelves made of durable tempered glass, shelves on the door, a drawer with a constant level of humidity for vegetables and fruits, compartments for 2 l bottles in the refrigerator compartment, and 3 drawers in the freezer compartment. By the way, the freezer can freeze up to 4.5 kg of food per day. There is an LED display and an antibacterial coating inside the device.

You can adjust the height of the legs. R600a refrigerant is used to cool food. It is a non-synthetic isobutane gas with a warranty period of more than 20 years. The noise level compared to analogs is quite low and is only 42 dB – like a quiet conversation at a distance of 10 m.

Retro refrigerator ARDRF375, like all ASCOLI refrigeration and freezing equipment, does not need to be defrosted.

Refrigerator Ascoli ARDRFB250

Designed for products and medicines. The total volume of the model is 252 liters, which allows you to store supplies for a long time. The shelves are made of high-strength glass. They can be rearranged to your liking. The product has a manual defrosting system.

Thanks to LED lamps, the interior space is optimally illuminated. The freezer with a volume of 66 liters is equipped with three transparent drawers. It can freeze semi-finished products up to 3 kg/day. Fruits and vegetables are recommended to be stored in a specially provided dry-type freshness zone. Due to the low noise level (40 dB), the Ascoli ARDRFB250WE refrigerator can be installed in the living room.

The class A+ model is characterized by low power consumption, so the user can save on utility bills. The function “Autonomous preservation of cold” allows you to keep the freshness of products in case of a sudden blackout. The handle has an ergonomic shape that will allow you to comfortably open the product. 

Refrigerator Ascoli ARD RFB250 stylish black (red, turquoise, blue) color and compact size, so fit almost any kitchen. To maintain the original appearance, the product must be wiped with a cloth with detergent as it gets dirty.

Consumer opinion

Italian kitchen appliances have been leading sales positions in many regions of the world for many years. Refrigerators Ascoli ARDRFB375 and ARDRFB250 have established themselves as reliable and stylish helpers in the kitchen.

There are really a lot of positive reviews about them on the websites of large online stores. Basically, buyers note quiet operation, capacity, affordable cost, and, of course, an unforgettable design. Of the minuses, they note that the handles are made of plastic.

In a cozy apartment and in a country house, this technique will bring a lot of positive emotions to the owners and their guests. Ascoli refrigerators in retro style will suit the owners of a boring kitchen, for whom both functionality and design are equally important.

ASCOLI built-in appliances in retro style

Ivory-colored ovens and gas hobs belong to this aesthetic appearance. High-quality workmanship and modern technologies have made it possible to create kitchen appliances that are in high demand all over the world.

Oven Ascoli retro

Oven Ascoli retro

Brass-colored metal swivel levers are an incredible addition to a classic kitchen. A double-glazed door in the shape of a Russian stove will emphasize the retro style of the kitchen. This oven has a classic-style timer that measures the desired cooking period and notifies you with a sound when the dish is finished cooking.

The oven is easy to clean thanks to the special enamel coating. Inside chrome rails, 1 baking sheet, and 1 wire rack. The equipment consumes minimal electricity and belongs to class A. The volume is 76 liters.

Gas hob Ascoli retro

Gas hob Ascoli retro

Made of tempered heat-resistant glass with brass-colored metal switches on the right. Lattices classical pig-iron, very strong. There are 4 burners in total.

The left one with a “triple crown” in front, means the presence of three rows of flame for even heating of dishes and quick cooking of the dish. It is also perfect for WOK dishes. Surface dimensions 100*580*500 mm.

Both models of built-in appliances perfectly complement each other in kitchens in Provence, classic or retro styles, and create a unique atmosphere of a vintage kitchen.

All You Need To Know About ASCOLI Kitchen Appliances In Retro Style

ASCOLI cares about your comfort and the beauty of the dining room annually releases many new functional models and monitors the quality of goods.

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