7 Multi Cooker Functions You Might Not Know About

7 Multi Cooker Functions You Might Not Know About

Today, probably, everyone has heard about such a multifunctional device as a slow cooker, and in many kitchens, this device has long taken pride of place. However, as practice shows, often housewives use only a small part of their functions.

Someone simply does not know about all the possibilities of a multicooker and follows the familiar path, limiting himself to automatic cooking of soups and stewing second courses, while someone probably thinks that mastering unusual functions requires too much time and effort.

In fact, the most important function of the multicooker is to ease the chores of the hostess. The device is designed to help:

  • save time thanks to automatic cooking that does not require constant monitoring;
  • free up space in the kitchen, replacing a large number of monofunctional appliances;
  • balance and diversify the diet;
  • cook more healthy homemade meals instead of store-bought ones with dubious ingredients.

Let’s find out what the slow cooker is capable of, and why it makes the process of preparing complex dishes much easier than it might seem.

7 Multi Cooker Functions You Might Not Know About

1 – Steam cooking in multi cooker

Steaming food is one of the healthiest and most gentle ways to cook food. This method of cooking was used in ancient times, steaming food in wicker baskets or nets, and then in a water bath. With the mass popularization of an active lifestyle, steam cutlets, vegetables, fish, seafood and other dishes quickly entered the diet of adherents of a healthy diet.


When processed with steam, the products retain their natural taste, texture, most vitamins, and microelements. Due to the fact that the dish does not come into contact with a hot surface or boiling oil, carcinogens are not formed during the cooking process. Steam envelops the product, keeping inside all the most delicious and healthy. In this way, you can prepare diet meals that are suitable for everyone: children, the elderly, and those who have been prescribed a strict diet due to health conditions.

How does it work?

With the help of the steam basket, your slow cooker can be easily converted into a steamer. Cooking food in this way is not difficult at all: water is poured into the bowl of the appliance, a container with the ingredients of your choice is placed on top. Water is brought to a boil with the lid closed, the hot steam that appears during the boiling process evenly processes the products.

Usually, for steam cooking, a special STEAM or STEAM program is used, but even if this is not available, you can use the BOOK program to cook steamed dishes if you have a basket. For steamed cutlets, it will take about 40 minutes, fish – 30 minutes, for vegetables – 15-20 minutes.

2 – Simmer and sous vide in multi cooker

This cooking method involves long-term processing of the dish at a low temperature, as a result of which it becomes very tender and tasty. In different cultures, it was customary to simmer porridge, meat, vegetable, and flour dishes in the oven, placing them in tightly closed cast-iron or clay pots.

To date, a multicooker is one of the most convenient devices for cooking dishes by languishing. Moreover, in a multicooker, you can still cook dishes using the French innovative sous-vide technology similar to languishing, in which the products are sealed in special vacuum bags and cooked for a long time in their own juice inside the package.

Simmer and sous vide


Do not forget that languishing is one of the longest cooking methods, but having tried stewed shank or sous-vide beef roll with prunes, you will definitely not remain indifferent. With long-term processing at low temperatures, the dishes retain the most intense taste, they turn out incredibly tender, and the low temperature allows you to preserve the structure of the product, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

How does it work?

When languishing a dish in a slow cooker, you do not have to constantly monitor the process – your device will do everything by itself and call you to the table with a signal of readiness. Use the GROW program.

If your appliance does not have this, the MULTIPOKOVER or MASTERCHEF (lite) programs will help: select the temperature from 140 to 160 °F and the appropriate cooking time. A tender shank will languish in a slow cooker for about 3 hours, meatloaf or salmon fillet – about 2.

3 – deep fryer in multi cooker

French fries, chicken wings, fried fried shrimp are popular dishes in fast food restaurants. They cannot be called dietary, but they are hearty, crispy, and very tasty, and after all, everyone sometimes wants to treat themselves. At the same time, few people know that with a multicooker and a grid for frying, restaurant yummy can be made at home.


Country-style ruddy potatoes or juicy nuggets will be much healthier if you make them at home – in fresh high-quality oil, without industrial additives, flavor enhancers, and dyes.

How does it work?

To enjoy French fries, you need to pour oil into the multicooker bowl and bring it to a boil using the FRY or MULTIPOKOVER program, setting the temperature to 340 °F. Then it remains only to lower the frying grid with the selected product into the bowl and wait a bit. French fries will cook in about 6 minutes, chicken nuggets in about 15 minutes.

For REDMOND multicookers, a convenient metal deep-frying basket has been developed with a secure fastening to the side of the bowl and a removable handle. With it, you can safely cook in boiling oil without fear of getting dirty or burned.

4 – Baking in multi cooker

On the shelves of stores, you can find any kind of sweet muffins, pastries, and bread to your taste. But nothing compares to homemade freshly baked bread made with love by your own hands. Is it possible to bake bread in a slow cooker? Of course, and it’s not difficult at all. If you wish, the multicooker can replace the oven and help you cook a homemade cake, biscuit, muffin, and many other types of pastries.

Baking in multi cooker


Homemade bread or pastries are much tastier than store-bought ones, and besides, they contain only the ingredients that you yourself decide to use. If you want to keep your figure, cook yeast-free bread, replace sugar with stevia, or use oatmeal instead of wheat flour to make a homemade cake. However, be careful – it is very difficult to resist not eating a freshly baked loaf or a magnificent biscuit at once in one sitting.

How does it work?

The BAKERY and BREAD programs have been developed for making homemade pastries. Knead the dough, lightly grease the multicooker bowl with oil and select the desired program. If you are cooking with yeast dough, you can pre-proof it with the MULTICOOK program at 100 °F. In this mode, the dough rises perfectly, becomes tender and lush.

5 – Fermentation in multi cooker

Another device, the function of which can be easily performed by a multicooker, is a yogurt maker. Homemade yogurt is prepared completely automatically, it turns out much tastier than store-bought and significantly saves your budget.


Homemade yogurt does not require thickeners, dyes, or other dubious food additives, which is especially useful when feeding a baby or with a special diet. In addition, you can immediately make several servings for the whole family, providing the household with a healthy and balanced dinner or breakfast. You can also use natural yogurt as a base for dressing salads or sauces.

How does it work?

The base for making yogurt (usually milk) and sourdough are placed in the multicooker bowl. The dish can be cooked on the YOGHURT program or using the MULTIPOKOK program, setting the temperature to 100 °F and the time to 6 hours. Ready-made yogurt can be made fruity, banana, chocolate, garnished with nuts and candied fruits – everything you like!

For storing homemade yogurt, REDMOND has developed a set of convenient jars. They are hermetically sealed and help to preserve the maximum benefit in fermented milk products, and disk markers on the lid allow you to indicate the date of manufacture.

6 – Cheesemaking in multi cooker

With this function, you can make homemade hard or processed cheese in a slow cooker. If you wish, you can add aromatic herbs and spices, sun-dried tomatoes, nuts, mushrooms, pieces of sweet pepper, garlic, paprika, and much more to it. As a result, you will get a stunningly tender and tasty delicacy, for which you would give a lot of money in the store.

Cheesemaking in multi cooker


Now it is becoming more and more difficult to find really high-quality cheese on the shelves of supermarkets. More often come across “cheese products” with a complex composition and not at all milky taste, which must be present in a good cheese. And you have to pay extra for quality products. Instead, you can make homemade cheese with your own hands with a minimum of effort and finance.

How does it work?

Homemade cheese is prepared quite quickly. As a basis, you can take ordinary cottage cheese, eggs, milk, and butter. The dish is prepared in two stages using the MILK PORRIDGE program.

At the first stage, the curd undergoes heat treatment for 15 minutes, and at the second, together with the rest of the ingredients, it forms a cheese mass, homogeneous inconsistency, within 10 minutes. Only half an hour of the total time – and you have on your table a delicate and tasty homemade cheese with a delicate milky taste.

7 – Sterilization in multi cooker

This feature will be useful for both young parents and those who are actively engaged in home preservation. Instead of the old-fashioned struggle with pans on the stove or buying a separate bulky sterilizer, you can process the dishes right in your slow cooker.


Sterilization of feeding bottles will help protect the baby’s immunity from bacteria and microorganisms, and the processing of cans for preservation can significantly increase the shelf life of homemade preparations.

How does it work?

You can sterilize dishes in a slow cooker in two ways at once – using water and steam. The water method, according to the autoclave principle, is suitable for bottles, cans, and other large items. The dishes are filled with water and placed in the water in the multicooker bowl. For processing, the MULTIPOVAR program is used at a temperature of 210 °F for about an hour.

The steam method is convenient for sterilizing small items: nipples, cutlery, teethers. They can be placed in a container for steaming, and pour water into the multicooker bowl. Processing is carried out on the STEAM or STEAM program for 40-50 minutes.

7 Multi Cooker Functions You Might Not Know About

Now, armed with knowledge about your multicooker, you can use its potential to 100% and delight your loved ones with new dishes every day. And if you are just thinking about buying this useful device, you may have more compelling arguments in favor of this idea. With a slow cooker, you can eat tasty, healthy, and varied every day!

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